A/N Okay, a lot of people who commented (18 already, thanks, you guys! I'll post chapter 2 hopefully tomorrow...I'm not at home right now) are asking why Charlie is shooting at Edward. I promise, it will be explained in a chapter to come. Until then, please be patient! Trust me, it will add to the suspense towards the end!

Summary: Charlie POV. His reflections on Edward and Bella's relationship, with a shocking discovery.

"What in blazes...?" My words were lost in amazement. I fired another round, and another, into his chest, and still he stood with no wounds. My gun chamber was now empty, and still he slowly proceeded towards me and my precious daughter. I kept her behind me, ignoring her protests.

"W...W...What are you?" My voice broke as I tried to come up with a logical explanation in my mind on how he could remain standing after I shot him repeatedly at point-blank range. The look in his strangely colored topaz eyes was soft and sorrowful, as if he felt guilty.

I felt something brush up behind me. I turned to look at my daughter walking toward this...thing with trembling limbs.

"Bella, no! What are you doing?" I grabbed her arm and she broke loose. The look in her wide, chocolate eyes as she glanced back told me the fear was not of him...

It was for me.

She walked to him, and taking his hand in hers, turned toward me.

"Dad..." She began, and I could tell she was struggling to find the words.

"Bella...what in the Lord's name is...he?" I spat the last word like venom, and glared at the man who had broken my little girl, my life, into pieces. I made no sudden movements, for fear of her safety as she continued to look at me with more feeling that she had shown in years, it seemed.

"Charlie..." He started, his voice soft and calm.

"NOT ANOTHER WORD FROM YOU!" I roared. I darted passed them and locked the door, grabbing Bella and pulling her towards me.

"No one," I started, looking maliciously from one to the other, "Is going anywhere until one of you tells me what the hell he is."

Tears started leaking from the corner of her eyes.

"Ch- Dad...I think you should sit down..."