R.E.P.O.S.T. (7/31/08)

Disclaimer: As this is fanfiction I claim nothing from the Naruto Universe or such! Expect this plot to have a little taste like The Wedding Planner or Wedding Crashers or any other general wedding movie that I may have seen but can't remember to mention at the moment. And as everyone enjoys a wedding, I hope you will enjoy reading this just as much!

Summary: Hinata a topnotch wedding planner has long since labeled romance as possible for everyone but her. That is until wedding planner meets wedding crasher? But the crasher is now best man to the one man who left Hinata at the altar. Now who's in charge?

Wedding Bells Black and Blue!


Chapter One

Something Old, Something New


Through the mirror reflection, Hinata Hyuuga smiled brightly at the figure clad in white while adjusting the spidery-thin veil. Dark curls framing a blushing bride's nervous face were neatly tucked under the veil's fluttering cover. She sighed wistfully before noticing the bride-to-be's fidgeting fingers wrinkling the satin dress. Her hands caught the bride's wringing fingers in a soothing sisterly grasp.

"Just look at yourself, Miss Karen. You are a beautiful woman who is about to marry the man of your dreams. The same man who dreams only of you," comforted Hinata. These repetitive words rolled off Hinata's tongue like milky honey but no matter how many times she repeated the phrase, it never lost its genuine and sincere hope.

And like always, it had its intended effect as Miss Karen shared a shaky smile with the reflection. Miss Karen's painted lips trembled with emotion as the woman whirled around throwing her arms around Hinata. "Oh thank you Miss Hyuuga! You are an absolute life-saver! I don't think I'd be able to go through with this if it weren't for your kind words," sobbed Miss Karen.

Gently Hinata patted Miss Karen's back. "Please don't cry Miss Karen. Your makeup might run and we wouldn't want to be late for the ceremony," she said.

The bride sniffled a stop to the waterworks. Hinata only sighed once more, taking some blush and mascara from the bulky utility belt around her waist to suffice the damage of tears.

"Thank you again Miss Hyuuga," whispered Miss Karen through the powder and cosmetics.

Another glance into the mirror reflected the smiles of a glowing bride-to-be and the small grin of the wedding planner.

Dabbing a silk handkerchief to her watering eyes, Hinata gazed at the newlywed couple slicing their cake. The nervous Miss – ahem – Mrs. Karen radiated all smiles as she and her husband messily brought the knife through the towering wedding cake. Their chorusing laughter only made the feelings in Hinata's chest swell even bigger.

"I always cry at weddings TenTen," sniffled Hinata. The happy tears soaking up her embroidered handkerchief only proved to emphasize the declaration.

The tall brunette sitting next to her laughingly chided, "You're always so emotional Hinata. Cheer up! You just made some major zeros on your paycheck. I say we hit the mall this weekend."

The dark haired wedding planner laughed at the thought of a shopping spree before turning to her friend with a teasing expression. "So TenTen, when do you think it'll be your turn to walk down that aisle?"

Hinata giggled at the baffled TenTen turning a light shade of pink.

"Wha – me? No! Never!" TenTen denied in a fluster jumping out of her seat. Even her earthly hair seemed to be in a panic as coils sprung from their usual tight buns.

Hinata sneakily leaned in to whisper the next words. "But you do have someone, Neji Hyuuga. My cousin. Riiight?" The name seemed to inflame TenTen's face that Hinata had to bite her lip to keep the bubbling laughter under control.

"That guy!? Never! Neji's too dense to even notice me let alone propose to me!" TenTen adamantly and quite loudly denied. With sudden realization that people were staring at her outburst, TenTen coughed lightly into her hand and slid sulkily back into her chair. She glared at the giggling wedding planner when a sly grin took up her face.

"And what about yourself, Hinata? Do you have a man on your mind? Hmmm?" leered the triumphant TenTen. The smug grin on TenTen's face only grew wider when Hinata found herself stuttering to put together a lucid denial – let alone a complete sentence. Only after another minute of incoherent babble from Hinata did TenTen guffawed at the girl. The silliness of the whole conversation suddenly struck Hinata with a distasteful remnant of the past, but TenTen's boisterous laughter was infectious and she half-heartedly giggled.

It took a few minutes for the laughter to subside but even with the whole issue pushed aside, Hinata still felt those doubtful thoughts linger in her mind.

'Always the bridesmaid never the bride.'

'Spinster for life!'


The depression of such lonely thoughts dragged her head with a withered sigh that Hinata almost missed TenTen's frantic comments on the time and hastily planned appointments. She bolted her head to stare at TenTen incredulously. "You're leaving me TenTen?" gasped Hinata.

TenTen briefly grabbed her things, glancing at her watch once more. "I'm sorry Hinata! I have an appointment and I'm already ten minutes late! I'll make it up to you later!" promised TenTen as she struggled to shoulder on her purse strap.

Hinata, resigned with her abandonment, helped untwist the shoulder strap as TenTen gave her a grateful smile. She gave TenTen a quick hug before the tardy woman ran past her in a flash, her high heels gripped in her hands. The echoing farewell and slightly warm chair beside Hinata were the only signs left of the speeding woman.

But after a moment passed for the dust to settle down, Hinata sullenly fell into her chair. She distractedly watched the guests laugh and dance, enjoy the wedding cake and drink from the overflowing champagne fountain yet, despite the numerous people crowding the whole reception ballroom, Hinata felt quite alone.

And though Hinata loved her job more than anything else, there was always such a raw and unspeakable memory enclosed in her throat and eyes. The thirst grew too parched and Hinata, feeling a bit bored with all the festivities of just sitting, stood up to head toward the champagne fountain when a filter of voices snapped at her attention. Already her wedding planner instincts were tingling as she scanned the ballroom for a large crowd gathering around the commotion.

"The hell you trying to pull!" yelled a gruff, grizzly voice.

A low and seething voice answered the accusation with a retort, "Keep her on a leash then-"

"Bastard! I should kill you!"

"I'd like to see you carry that threat out then."

"The hell I will! This'll teach ya to mess with my girl!"

As fast as her Gucci heels allowed, Hinata ran towards the large crowd. She pushed her way through, muttering small apologies to random people as she struggled to break through. When she finally managed to squeeze herself between a particular robust couple, Hinata's eyes widened at the tension building – a fight promising to break out.

Two men circled each other, fists out front and teethe baring. Already the large, grizzly grayed man had his dress shirt torn, sporting a bloody lip. He wiped the blood on his meaty fist before emitting a growl at his smirking opponent. His opponent contrasted against the grizzly man as much as a bear compares with a prowling feline. The lean obsidian haired man took easy and confident steps to pace around the larger man, circling him closer and closer. A thin busty blonde dressed in a red halter dress swooned off to the side, cheering on for either man to win her heart.

The crowd whooped at the spectacle. Hinata frantically looked around for the bride and groom and thankfully found them preoccupied elsewhere. She turned her eyes back to the spectacle just as the grizzly man aimed to tackle the other who skillfully dodged under his grasp to land a spinning back kick on the grayed man's side. The larger man promptly collapsed hand gripping his side as he moaned, "Argh, my kidney…"

The dark-haired man stepped menacingly closer to the fallen man, knuckles cracking. Seeing the threatening look, Hinata stepped forward and taking a deep breath she shouted, "Stop this at once!!"

Her words like lightning scattered the crowd except for the two fighters and the blonde. The blonde skittered down to her fallen 'grizzly bear' cooing and kissing at his 'warrior wounds' as she wrapped his thick arm around her waist and neck to pull the bleeding man off the floor. She gave Hinata and the other man a dirty look before stalking out of the room, cuddling up to the grayed man.

Hinata huffed at the swaying couple when a deep laughter caught her off guard. She sent a reproachful look toward the grinning man standing a few feet off to her side. "I'm sorry but this is not a bar. This is a wedding and I will not tolerate any fighting here. If you must continue to act crude and barbaric please take it outside," she lectured.

His dark eyes stormed in their sockets with a mixture of anger and amusement but the grin stayed in place. She returned the gesture with a vengeance. Clicking her heels against the marble floor she approached the man. Her lavender eyes sized up the man, taking in his somewhat pale complexion, chiseled handsome face, and devious grin. And yet, it was his eyes that captured her breathe – the gleaning iris the hue of the lurking shadows flickered sheen of crimson. Her own soft lavender eyes blinked in surprise before she blushed in realization of her staring.

Shaking her head and the blush away, Hinata politely spoke. "Sir, I cannot have you causing a nuisance. Will you please leave this area while I fetch someone to clean up the mess?"

He didn't immediately answer but stepped closer toward her. At this proximity, Hinata could smell the faint hint of alcohol and groaned at the thought of dealing with a drunk. His hand slid through his dark bluish hair, ruffling the strands against his intense eyes before his grin grew dangerously wider. Hinata had the strange feeling of a mouse cornered and trapped with a predatory cat when an even odder thought occurred to her.

That's quite odd. I think I've meet him sometime before. There's something familiar about that smirk…

About to broach the subject, the familiar-stranger interrupted her words with an elegant bow and softly took her hand to his lips. His hot breathe flushed a tingle Hinata felt curling her toes. The oncoming blush became inevitable as his lips whispered, "May I have this dance?" against the sensitive skin of her hand.

Mutely she nodded, still stunned at the change of situation.

She lightly squeaked as his broad arms grasped her lithe body closer to his while circling around her tiny waist with one hand resting on the swell of her hip and the other still holding her other hand. He chuckled at her reaction, sweeping them onto the dancing floor with the other slowly swaying couples. Hinata barely heard the slow mellifluous music – too embarrassed to even look the familiar-stranger in the eye. She fidgeted in his grasp when his deep chuckle reverberated through his chest sending the tingles to wreak havoc on her already weak knees.

His musical baritone distracted her from her distraught discomfort as he asked, "What's your name?" Her spine melted at the low puff near the shell of her ear and once again Hinata couldn't help but wonder who exactly this familiar-stranger was. Instead she stuttered, "Hi-Hinata Hyuuga."

He twirled her, "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Hyuuga."

Butterflies filled her stomach almost painfully as she lowered her already soft voice and said, "T-Thank you." They continued to sway around the dance floor before she thought to ask, "And m-may I have your name?"

He led her through the other dancing couples, ignoring her question with an infuriating smirk. Feeling frustration swat down the butterflies, she found the courage to ask her original and pestering question. She brought her eyes squared with his dark sooty eyes and attempted a casual comment. "You seem quite familiar. I think I've seen you sometime before." She noted the slight flickering of crimson in his eyes before asking, "Who are you?"

He avoided her questioning gaze, dropping the playful grin. "Miss Hyuuga, I ensure you that I have not met you till now." His solemn tone made Hinata scrunch her brow in confusion, unconsciously leaning closer to see him fully in the face. Noticing her persistent attempts to look him in the face, he flashed a smirk adding, "And what a pity at that."

A blush exploded on her livid complexion releasing twice the amount of butterflies compared to before. Her eyes instinctively looked down, bangs curtaining her tomato-hued face when she sneaked a peak at his face; the amusement appeared quite clearly in his eyes and that damnable devious smile.

Oh God, who is this man?

Stuck in that euphoric haze of dancing, Hinata jumped when their sweeping movements stopped to an end. Her lavender eyes blinked at the sudden erupting applause from the crowd as she and the familiar-stranger took the grace to bow. He took her hand once more, leading her away from the crowd. "Thank you for the dance Miss Hyuuga. I'm afraid that I must now make my departure though."

A smile masked her disappointment. His dark eyes took a long look at her, drinking in the sight of her eyes while lingering at her lips in that tight smile before darting somewhat guiltily to the side. He turned on his way for the exit and softly muttered, "Sasuke Uchiha." Hinata's heart thudded at the name and silently seared it in her mind.

And on Sasuke Uchiha walked, leaving behind the wedding planner more confused and flustered than ever.

I can already feel an oncoming migraine. Where'd I put that aspirin again?

Rubbing her head, Hinata ambled off with a slight fumble in her walk. And without any real thought to it, repeated the name Sasuke Uchiha smiling.

Sasuke's arm was pulled out of its sleeve as the onset of kisses continued. His mind however was occupied with the flustered face of a certain Miss Hinata Hyuuga. His nose tickled remembering the light perfume of intoxicating flowers she wore. His arms still burned at the sensation of her petite curves resting against his own body. His sensitive hand twitched from the sashaying movement of her long bluish hair that brushed lightly against his hand, reminding him of silk. And her eyes…

The woman beneath him whined at his inattention, tugging at his belt in haste. He scowled, playfully grinding into her. Her moaning shut off the protests before. For now he would push away the troublesome thoughts of Hinata Hyuuga and concentrate on the vixen that lay before him.

And yet the color of lavender seemed to flash in his sight every so often.

The glowing feeling just wouldn't disappear.

It caused Hinata to walk with a light skip straight into her office. Her smile felt goofy and everything seemed perfectly dandy in its own way. She flipped through her report of last night's success with excessive giggling and large loops in her writing, placing smiling faces in any available margin space.

She barely recognized Shizune talking to her until the assistant waved a hand into her star-crossed eyes. "Ah! Forgive me Shizune! I was . . . um daydreaming," Hinata finished lamely. Shizune only smiled sympathetically at the guiltily blushing Hinata.

"No worries, Hinata." Shizune casually replied with a finger tapping lightly on her chin. "I remember seeing that same exact look before." She paused narrowing her eyes before a wide smile broke out across her face. "You're in love, aren't you?"

Hinata's immediate reaction to such a ludicrous claim incurred nonstop babbling, acute hyperventilating, and an exploding blush but no matter what she attempted to deny, Shizune just gave Hinata a knowing look. In defeat, the wedding planner slumped into her plush spinning chair and exchanged a weak nod.

Shizune shook her head with a smile, reorganizing the files she had in hand.

"I haven't seen you this happy in such a long time Hinata. It's good you've met someone. Tell me about him sometime but right now Miss Tsunade is calling for you." Shizune's expression changed to one of thoughtfulness as she continued, "Says she has a major client that she wants you to take care of. She'll give it to you in full details."

Blush gone Hinata fell into the normalcy of business. She rushed to the large double doors and knocked loudly on the oak wood. A gruff, "Come in!" echoed in reply and Hinata slipped through and into the spacious room. Paperwork messily cluttered the giant desk centered in the room. The mossy green carpet softened her steps as she slowly approached her busy boss buried deep within mountains of paper folders and sake bottles.

For a moment, Hinata anxiously fidgeted around her frowning boss wondering if she should courteously wait or interrupt her boss' heavily loaded paperwork. "Sit" came the curt greeting and answer to Hinata's worrisome flittering.

And so she sat.

And then waited. And fidgeted. Along with some more waiting.

After fifteen minutes of the suffocating silence, Hinata was ready to burst. She couldn't quite confront her boss scribbling ferociously into the mounding paperwork or just stand up and leave which left no option but to twiddle her fingers and wait. That is until her chocolate-eyed boss coughed lightly in hand to focus on Hinata and her twirling fingers.

"Hinata, you have been working at my firm for well over 4 years and have, by far, become the best wedding planner anyone could hope for." Miss Tsunade wirily smiled at the blushing girl then continued, "However your next client will be a major event. A personal favor, if I must say. I want your 110 percent effort on this job! Failure is not an option!" she commanded.

Hinata jumped in her chair at Tsunade's pounding fist, her boss's blonde pigtails swinging with her movements. Her boss's eyes were ablaze in fire causing Hinata to visibly gulp in apprehension as she quietly asked, "P-Pardon me Miss Tsunade, but who exactly is my next client?"

Tsunade cooled at the level-headed question replying, "Ah. I was about to get to that." Yet the fire quickly rekindled in her eyes as she leaned across the scattered folders and empty sake bottles to stare narrowly at Hinata's quivering eyes and ask, "But you do understand how important this job is?"

"Y-Yes ma'am," Hinata meekly replied wondering how such a client could awaken such spirit from her usual sleepy drunk boss. From what Shizune had told Hinata, Tsunade only acted this animated when it came to sake and gambling.

"You do understand that if you do happen, in the slightest bit, to leave our clients, specifically my niece, unhappy that something –dare I say– utterly dreadful will happen to you?" warned Tsunade leaning closer to a trembling Hinata. The girl could barely squeak out a "Y-yes ma'am" after a threat like that.

"I'm not sure if I heard you properly that time," said Tsunade faking boredom and indifference. She arched an expectant eyebrow at the fidgeting wedding planner.

With as much enthusiasm as Hinata could muster, she determinedly shouted "Yes ma'am!"

Tsunade smiled at the whole-hearted attempt before rummaging through her desk in search of a specific folder. As she prodded the mountains of endless paperwork, she said "Then you do understand that if everything happens to go smoothly and perfectly, that I will make you the CEO of this wedding business once I retire, but till then, my equal and most high-paying partner in all of the wedding businesses?" She chuckled at Hinata's inward gasp – face gaping like a fish.

When Hinata realized Tsunade wasn't joking she straightened up, positively glowing at the long-awaited offer. With even more force than before she said, "Yes ma'am!!"

"Excellent then." Tsunade's fingers roughly wrenched out the thick folder hiding near the bottom of a particular high mountain of paperwork. Her quick movements sent the mountain quivering but thankfully, the folders obediently stayed stacked on top of one another. "Here is the couple's file." Tsunade leaned precariously over her disarrayed desk to hand the overfilling folder to Hinata. "No matter what it takes Hinata, make this perfect!"

Hinata nodded, clutching the folder opened and holding her breathe in anticipation of such a highly claimed and important couple that her boss was even offering a promotion if the wedding went smoothly. She never did manage to release that breath, freezing at the first thing her eyes caught.

'Wedding of Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki'

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