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Chapter Eight

Married in pearl, you will live in a whirl


Sasuke let out a slow breathe, splashing more cold chilly water onto his burning face. He stared hard into his foggy reflection wondering what the hell he was doing cowering in the bathroom. He took another deep breathe before running his fingers through his drenched hair.

Swallowing the slight tremble of fear he walked out of the bathroom door only to come face to face with a wide-eyed Hinata holding a thin golden-leaf frame in her hands.

"S-Sasuke, w-w-what is this?" her voice barely a whisper, she tossed the frame at him. He caught it with a surprise, brow scrunched in confusion at her weird behavior.

"What do you mean– "

The lone and smiling woman in the picture caught his words stuck in his throat. His own dark eyes flickered from the photo of the smiling bride to the frowning confused Hinata of today.

There was no question of the resemblance between the past and present.

"Say something!" she yelled. "Don't just stand there! Tell me you don't know what I'm talking about! Tell me it's just a mistake! T-tell me anything!"

He kept silent, slowly putting the frame down on the side. He took a step forward to her when she lashed out, "N-No! D-don't take another step near me!"

He froze afraid of scaring her anymore than she already was.

"Hinata, calm down. Don't do anything stupid."

"W-what do you mean calm down? No! I won't! You k-know something! Something about me! W-why do you have a picture of my wedding? How did you get this?!"

She was going into hysterics.

"Calm down Hinata. Sit down and then I'll answer your questions."

He pulled a chair from the corner and slowly sat down, watching her look around in doubt. He held a sigh when he saw her finally take the corner of the bed to sit down. He observed her meditatively breathe in an attempt to calm the panic and waited for her to gather her bearings before the interrogation would begin.

"Sasuke…" she sighed his name sinking her head into her hands. "What exactly do you know? About me? About my past?"

He thought for a moment she would cry but he didn't dare move from his chair. Instead he gently picked up the picture frame, tracing her outline.

"You were so happy that day. Your wedding day to that idiot Naruto. You were so… beautiful," he trailed off just staring at her picture.

Hinata watched his face questioningly. He seemed sincere in what he had said and waited for him to continue.

"It's been seven years since that fated day, Hinata. Do you really not remember me?" he questioned turning around to her.

His change in tone caught her off guard and she could only stutter, "N-no, not really."

"Oh. I.. see then."

The underlying disappointment in his voice made something twinge in her heart and quickly she added, "I can't seem to r-remember much of that day at all."

He nodded knowingly, staying silent for quite awhile.


He didn't answer – only continued to stare pointlessly at the ground resting his chin upon his hands.

"Sasuke?" she asked again.

"I was there. I was there at your wedding, Hinata."

"Y-You were?" she asked, standing from the bed. "You were there? At my wedding? W-why Sasuke?"

She made a move to lay her hand on his shoulder but he abruptly stood up. The chair angrily fell behind him. He strolled toward the door and opened to leave yet paused before exiting.

Quietly he spoke, "I was the best man in your wedding."

His dark obsidian eyes bored into her own flickering pale eyes. And just as quickly as the moment had come, Sasuke was gone.

Hinata had stayed silent throughout the whole cab ride, worrying TenTen a great deal. But whenever she asked her friend if anything was wrong, Hinata would just politely smile to apologize whispering that it was only fatigue. The cab slowed to a stop, the drizzle lightly pattering against the window pane. TenTen gloomily looked out to gaze at Hinata's lone apartment complex.

The wedding planner smiled half-heartedly at her friend before opening the door. Before she could step out into the rain, TenTen called out her name. "Wait, Hinata!" She paused glancing at her safe home and then looking back resignedly at TenTen. She hesitantly nodded, closing the cab door.

TenTen released a small sigh. "What's wrong, Hinata? You haven't been yourself since… since we came back from that Uchiha's mansion."

Hinata only closed her eyes tightly, shaking her head.

TenTen's frown deepened. Softly she placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder shushing. "Hey, you know I'm always here for you right? So if ever you just need to talk, I'm here."

Hinata smiled gratefully, blinking back the few stay tears. Her voice sounded raspy in her ears. "I-It's ok, TenTen. I'm…ok, TenTen so please don't worry. It's just that…" She paused balling her hands in tiny fists. "It's just that there are a few things I… have to sort out. And I'm just really, really confused and I think I'm going to go straight to b-bed after t-this. A– an–and – "

Her voice broke into a sob and TenTen gently pulled her crying friend into a warm hug. For a moment, Hinata let herself fall into the desperation and overwhelming sorrow and bawled her heart out. She didn't care that her salty tears would probably stain TenTen's blouse. She didn't care that the taxi driver was uncomfortably fidgeting in the front seat. She didn't care that Tsunade would probably reprimand her for ditching the rest of work today.

Hinata's heart had broken today. And she didn't care. It felt too good to cry sometimes.

After a few more minutes of letting her emotions free, Hinata sullenly hiccupped. Her nose breathed stuffy, her eyes crusted with tears, and her heart swelled too big to fit in her chest, but everything now felt better. With a trembling smile, she pulled away from TenTen's embrace and wiped warily at her eyes. "T-Thank you T-TenTen," her voice shook. "I f-feel much b-better now."

TenTen smiled in return, motherly pushing a lock of Hinata's hair behind her ear. "That's good to hear, Hinata." Hinata smiled brightly before giving a warm hug to TenTen. With a soft sigh, Hinata pulled away once more and exited from the cab's door running in the rain.

TenTen watched the woman run to her apartment with a heavy heart. Under her breathe she cursed, "Damn you, Uchiha. You have better had a good reason for breaking her heart."

Hinata toweled her hair, feeling absolutely refreshed after a steamy bath. The tension and tears had rolled off from her long soak in the tub. The chills had evaporated as did the edge of her sorrows. Hinata felt light as a butterfly as she made her way through her small compact living room, pausing at the blinking messages on the answering machine. She gingerly pressed play as she settled herself comfortable in her couch.

"First Message:

HIIIIINATAAAA! Where are you!? We need you back at the office pronto! Call me back when you get this message!


5:34 PM Today"

Hinata winced at the threatening voice of her boss. It seems that maybe ditching the rest of work after the luncheon had not been a well thought-out plan. She inwardly groaned, dreading tomorrow and Tsunade's chilling murderous aura to greet her early morning. Her fingers twitched slightly as she pressed play for the second message of the day.

"Second Message:

Hey Hinata! It's me, Sakura Haruno? Well I know how Naruto kind of pressured you into the two weeks deadline so I was thinking that tomorrow we could go dress shopping! Or something like that. Well, uh, just give me a call when you can! You have my number and thanks again!


6:14PM Today"

Hinata sighed, a little wistful and a little depressed at the idea of a shopping trip with Sakura. From what little she had met of Sakura, Hinata knew the two would be traveling all over downtown in search of the perfect dress – definitely not a day for heels. With another sad sigh, she reclined in the couch staring at the bland ceiling as her thoughts wandered meaningless around.

"I was your best man in your wedding."

Those words jarred something deep within Hinata. She could detect the painful truth and utter longing in Sasuke's tone and it made her realize something. She couldn't run away forever. Her past memories were still living people and by fate's cruel play, they were coming back to haunt her. With a strange sense of courage and curiosity, Hinata felt like she needed to remember everything, not just the pain Naruto had caused her or heartbroken mess she'd been afterwards.

The man she'd kissed in her pain with crimson pain… Such familiarity…

Her resolve solidified and with a tired pain, she closed her eyes.

The memories were faded and hazy from time, disuse, and mostly her mind's defenses to keep the pain at bay. She felt the fog disappear to focus onto mirror that stood before her. Already the feelings and happiness at becoming a new bride swept over Hinata as she found herself being carried away readily into these small happy moments.

She smiled at the flowing train that stretched out roughly a yard behind her. The embroidered corset material kept her figure looking petite as waves of silk ended at her feet. Her face looked younger having been just freshly out of college when marriage had been proposed. The naiveté and innocence still showed prominently in her brightly lavender eyes. With gloved hands, she unhurriedly pulled the thin vein to cover her face. The breath left her in a whoosh as Hinata stared at her reflection. A tinge of sadness echoed in her tone, "I l-look so much like my… mother."

She smoothed at the veil that had once belonged to such a grand woman as Mrs. Hyuuga and Hinata forced the tears back, not wishing to be sad on such a beautiful and wondrous day as today. She told herself little comforts of how happy her mother would be to see her daughter at the moment when Hinata, for the ninety-ninth time that day, wished her father was less stubborn so as to be with her today. She would have to walk the aisle alone.

But that didn't matter.

What truly matter was that after today, she would no longer be Hinata Hyuuga. Today, she would become Mrs. Hinata Uzumaki.

Her lips tasted the words and smiled at the ringing in her ears. Today would be the happiest day in her life –no, in hers and Naruto's lives.

Ours she thought.

The memories folded unto itself and Hinata's awareness shifted to the walk to the altar. Though she walked the lone path without an arm to link with or a person to give her away from family, Hinata felt a surge in confidence as she waltzed. It didn't matter that her family had disowned her for her weakness. Marriage to Naruto would change all that.

The priest smiled nervously when she arrived looking around as if searching for someone.

Hinata blinked when she notices someone missing. "Na-Naruto isn't here?" Her voice cracked. The priest shook his head sadly, still searching. Hinata only nodded brow scrunched in confusion as her eyes swept the empty church. Silently she waited, smiling briefly at the priest whenever their eyes would catch one another.

Time passed on and Hinata couldn't remember counting the seconds as she diligently waited for her fiancé to come through those heavy wooden doors. Oh, how foolish she was. The longer the ticking of the clock continued, the larger hairline cracks marred her heart. She vaguely heard the priest's pitiful apologies about the time and commitment but nothing echoed loudly than his footsteps walking out of the church.

Hinata wasn't sure how long time had passed, surely only a few minutes in her mind. But the wait was worth it especially when she finally heard the doors opened with a dusty creak. She held in her gasp, heart thudding at the thought of Naruto finally arriving. But when she turned her eyes upon the man, the disappointment could not be masked or lessen through the veil.

This man was not Naruto Uzumaki.

He seemed to detect her unhappiness and the frown grew painful. He was dressed in a torn and bloodied dress suit, sweat clinging to his body. With a ragged and torn voice he spoke, "He won't be coming. Naruto says to tell you he can't marry you. Not anymore."

And with those words, Hinata finally shattered. He would not come. Love and happiness had died in her heart.

The scene changed as the memories folded upon itself again.

Now, Hinata stood teetering on the edge of the church's roof. Her dress spilled out around her body – the moonlight eerily highlighting the fabric's pale silkiness. She dangled her feet above the indescribable height, heels long thrown off. A moment of weakness, the thoughts of suicide tempted her numbing pain. In this darkness she was shrouded in, only mind-numbing loneliness dwelled. If she jumped, would she even feel the pain? Could it even rival the pain from Naruto?

She tossed the bouquet over the edge, apathetically watching as the flowers tumbled through the heights before landing with a soft ruffle on the cold pavement. In her sick deranged mind, she imagined hearing her own neck break in that soft ruffle of dead petals. She peered over, tipping precariously over from her balancing act needing to feel something.




Anything besides this numbing pain,' she prayed.

She was about to choose her fate when a voice shouted her name, a rough arm almost violently wrenching her from the edge. Some delusional part of her had hoped it was Naruto – come back from some silly mistake or misunderstanding. But the face that met her held only an endless hue of crimson pain. The warmth hidden within those eyes though didn't escape her notice as she crumbled tiredly upon this stranger.

Together, they shared a moment of perfect silence.

The moment ended a second too soon for Hinata when she realized they both had fallen onto the floor and struggled to be release from this stranger's warm embrace. Her dry eyes paused as the moonlight was about to highlight her stranger's aloof features. Her eyes widened at recognizing the same man who had brought the dreadful message from Naruto.

She pushed the numbing thought deeper into her subconscious and studied his solemn tense face. Her gloved fingers absently traced the firm and strong line of his jaw before skimming briefly across his quivering lips. His eyebrows seemed to be permanently set in a scowl or frown as dark inky bangs lightly fluttered at her movements. His eyes still held that painful crimson…

And with only the thought of wanting to feel anything, Hinata pressed her lips upon this stranger's.

Fire blazed at the first touch and what at first began as gentle soon turned into something fiercer, more demanding. A heat of pleasure blossomed within Hinata and she relished at the absence of pain. The stranger tasted of blood, black coffee, cigarettes, and ashy smoke. It intoxicated her senses, leaving her breathless and wanting more. She pressed herself closer into his hot hands, wanting to lose herself in this man and his taste.

But when she finally broke from the dizzying spell and took a breath of the living world, the tears ultimately streamed from her eyes. She could only wear the mask for so long. She took a staggering step away from the confused man, breathing hard from what they had just shared. And with a hoarse whisper, "I'm sorry."

Running away was the only thing left to do.

Hinata's eyes fluttered open with a weight in her heart. Her lips ached at the memory that she had just unearthed and she felt the tears well up once more. She slowly crawled unto herself whispering in that same hoarse voice so many years ago.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Is there anyway to forgive me, Sasuke?"

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