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Summary: Danny knew there was no use in turning back now. It would just hurt more people, including himself. Now, many miles away, he's truly hurt, exhausted, lost, and delirious. In this state, there's not much anyone can do for him, except one girl who is determined and stubborn enough to try and turn his life back around. Dark-ish story. Eventually DxS, EdxBe, EmxR, JaxAl, CxEs, MxJe(?), BenxAn

Chapter One

He took one last look at the town where he use to live. The town that held his family. The town that held his friends. The town that held his first love. The town that held all his memories... Now he was no longer Danny Fenton. He was no one. With a sigh, he turned around and flew at top speed away from his old life.

The lone ghost boy shook his head, bringing himself out of his memories, and then steadying his flight pattern. Although he had only left hours ago, it had felt like days, maybe even months to him. His eye lids began to feel heavy as the need to sleep surfaced. But he forced them open. He couldn't stop now, he couldn't possibly be far enough yet; just a few more miles. No matter how much he wanted to keep going, his body protested and he gradually began to fall against his will. It wasn't a graceful landing either.

As soon as his feet hit the ground, he flung forward and landed roughly on his left shoulder. After that stunt, he knew he wouldn't be able to move for quite awhile. This proved true when he tried to sit up and an intense pain shot throughout his body.

Danny let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding, his being thankful for some oxygen. As he laid, panting, on the ground, he heard some twigs start to break. The teen tried desperately to call out for help or even ask who was there, but all that would come out was a raspy breath and groan of pain. Danny hissed in pain, tensing his body as to not to put any pressure on his injured shoulder. That's when he heard it again, only now he could hear someone or something's footsteps. The way they hit the ground made them sound fierce, almost angry like. Then they suddenly stopped.

The ghost looked all around him, but he couldn't see anything. He could have sworn that whatever that was, was traveling towards him. His eyes shot wide open as he realized he searched everywhere but behind him. Turning his head to look over his good shoulder, Danny took in a sharp breath as he saw what it was.

It was a huge beast, almost like a giant wolf. It started growling and snarling at him. He could see it anticipating it's attack. Danny did the only thing he could do. Closing his eyes tightly, he hoped solemnly it would be quick and painless. But, as always, karma had a strange way of working.

Danny screamed as something sharp ripped across his face. Opening his eyes, red flooded his vision. Eventually, he saw the thing a couple feet away from him, and it looked like it was pacing. No... circling him. Ignoring the pain that drowned his senses, he stood up and ran as fast as possible, then turned invisible and intangible. He watched with tired eyes as the thing came towards him, sniffed a bit, and then ran off in another direction.

Danny sighed in relief after holding his breath again, and then let his intangibility and invisibility fall. As soon as he did though, his shaky knees brought him to the ground and he was aware that he reverted back to his human form. With one big intake of air, he let himself succumb to the darkness of unconsciousness.

Charlie Swan, sheriff of the small town of Forks, Washington, sighed in boredom, setting his head on his hand. Everything had slowly gone back to its normal, slow, boring agenda when those big "bears" eventually disappeared. Oh how he wished for something, anything! Even a meteor shower of all things! Sighing again, he glanced out his window to see a woman sprinting towards it. As she entered, he called out to his backup, Ian Kern, that he had had everything covered. The brunette woman looked panicked and frightened.

"Excuse me, ma'am, is there a problem?"

She caught her breath before she began her story. "I was just out walking when suddenly I heard a scream coming from the woods. I walked in to investigate and I found someone hurt!" she exclaimed.

"Ok, just take it easy--"

"I'm sorry! But I just can't help it! The person whose hurt, he's only a kid!"

At those words, Charlie sprung into action. "Ok, now just tell me where this is and I'll be over with paramedics." As she told him where she found the kid, he wrote it down furiously. "Thank you. Now if you could just wait here, my partner, Mr. Kern, will help you." At these words, Charlie grabbed his jacket and keys off the rack and ran out to his cruiser, where he quickly started it up, turned on the lights and siren to get there faster, and sped off. By the time he reached the exact area, it had already been five minutes.

As soon as he climbed out of his cruiser, he slammed the door and made a mad sprint into the trees. He stopped after going a couple feet in and looked around at his surroundings. He couldn't see anybody. "Hello? Anybody out there?" Charlie shouted. No one replied which made his stomach sink. He ran another couple feet forward and then made a right, slowing down to a walk. While he searched, he saw something white from the corner of his eye.

Turning, he discovered it was a t-shirt; the one of the kid who was unconscious on the ground. Charlie ran towards him and knelt down to get a better look at his state. Three long, deep gashes were on his face going in a diagonal from right to left. Smaller scratches covered his arms. He also noted that the kid's shoulder was badly bruised.

Charlie searched his pockets for and Id or something like that, but found nothing. Very carefully and gently, he lifted the boy up and grimaced while he carried him to his cruiser. He didn't grimace because he was heavy or anything, but the exact opposite. The kid was way too light to be healthy.

As soon as he laid the kid in the back seat, he scrambled to the front and turned on the ignition. The car sprung to life, but didn't move. Charlie looked back and forth frantically. The hospital was too far away; there was no way he'd be able to make it there in time. At that moment, another thought entered his mind: Dr. Carlisle Cullen. It was worth a shot.

The sheriff pulled out his cell phone as he began to drive, almost expertly entering the number. There was only one ring before it was answered. "Cullen's residence; Carlisle speaking."

"Hello, Carlisle, it's Charlie, Bella's father."

He could hear the smile in the other man's voice. "Oh, well what can I do for you?"

"I have a kid. He's hurt really bad. The hospital's too far away and I don't think he'll make it if I try. Would you be willing to please help him?" Charlie pleaded. He looked in his rear view mirror to see the kid. He looked to be moving, like he was waking up. That wasn't a very good sign at the moment.

"I will. Get him over here as fast as possible. I'll be expecting you."

"Thank you so much." He hung up, glancing again at the teen. He was stirring more. And that's when it started. Small yelps and screams of agony escaped from his lips no matter how hard he tried to suppress them. Charlie bit his lip and sped up the Cullen's long drive way. He skidded to a stop, jumped out of his car, slammed the door, opened the back door, and gently got the pained teen out. Charlie winced as the screams increased due to his bruises and cuts being pressed. He jogged as fast as possible to the front door without jostling the boy. Carlisle met him there, and his face grew sullen as soon as he spotted him.

"Follow me." Charlie followed the doctor to his living room where some blankets covered the floor. Both he and Carlisle sat the fidgeting boy down gingerly. Carlisle kneeled down beside him. "He's moving too much. We've got to hold him down." He paused, looking up at the sheriff. "No matter how much it hurts him. Edward, I need your help."

Charlie noted how he didn't even need to shout to get his adopted son to respond. "I need you to hold down his legs and Charlie you to hold down his arms." Everything suddenly went quiet when the teenage boy stopped thrashing and screaming. All three's eyes widened as they noticed he also stopped breathing.

Ok, this is a crossover with the Twilight Saga, starting about where New Moonleft off. Hope you enjoyed the first Chapter which is more like a prologue...Oh well. Anyways, everyone else will come in the next chapter and don't worry, the Fenton's, Sam, and Tucker will all return eventually. At least 5 review please to get me motivated!!