Extracurricular Activity

You out there are probably wondering 'What? Another romance drabble series from Rave The Rich?', and I answer 'Yes'. Here's the deal. 'Rule of 132' is very strict in its format. Only the major digidestined or tamers are involved in that series, and there are no crossovers in that series, either. I'm not gonna guarantee crossovers in this one, but what you WILL get are couples that you won't find in 'Rule of 132' due to the minor roles that certain digidestined, tamers, or those that were kinda sorta in that role had.

Expect to see major digidestined and tamers paired with minor players, including (but not limited to) June Motomiya, Alice McCoy (Tamers), Michael (Adventure 02), Willis (Adventure 02), and many others. Here's the first chapter, Mimi and Michael.

DISCLAIMER: Digimon Adventure is not a property of Rave The Rich, and he makes nothing from doing this, either. Please do not flame.

(Chapter 1- American Dream of Mine: Mimi and Michael)

Popping the cork on the bottle of sparkling apple cider, Michael takes two wine glasses out of the cellar and awaits the time on the clock to come up at 9:00 pm, just in time for Fourth of July fireworks.

"Mimi," Michael begins, pouring the bubbly drink, "With your permission, I would like to propose a toast."

Mimi plays along with Michael's giddy attitude and asks "To what or who exactly would you like to propose this toast, Michael?"

"To the 232nd birthday of my home nation and your adoptive nation," Michael answers, "To...us being accepted to Columbia University in the Fall, to our loving families for accepting us as a couple and being nothing but supportive of the love we share. To our fellow digidestined friends all around the world. May they continue to keep the unity that we hold near and dear to their hearts like we do."

"And finally," Michael concludes, "I'd like to toast to the American Dream," Michael smiles, reiterating, "My own personal American Dream."

"You know, Michael," Mimi wonders, "I've been in the United States for something like seven or eight years, and everyone keeps talking about the 'American Dream', and you have to go and seek out your own American Dream. What is it, exactly?"

"Well," Michael starts, "The so-called American Dream can mean different things to different people. It can mean having your dream job and being your own boss. It can mean settling down with a wife, dog, house, picket fence and 2.2 kids. It can even mean preserving your life, health and strength well into old age." Michael again smiles as he gives Mimi her sparkling cider glass. "To me though, the American dream of mine is..." Michael halts his speech to give Mimi a kiss as the first firework is shot up into the air in front of their apartment window.

When Michael releases the kiss, he concludes his definition of The American Dream by saying "Your Love," to Mimi.

Mimi shivers for a moment and then clangs her glass against Michael's, proclaiming "Here, here," as she brings Michael forward for another kiss.

Michael is left a bit overwhelmed, and then declares to Mimi while the fireworks display is in full swing, "If this is an American Dream, then please don't wake me up."

A/N: Pure fluff that you would more often than not expect from Rave The Rich.

I have no problem giving Michael/Mimi the name of BigAppleShipping.

Some things that I'd like to explain about this project that differ from 'Rule of 132'. First off, do not expect me to write a drabble every day for these. As the project title suggests, this is extra activity for me. At the most, expect 25 drabbles, and at the least, expect 12-15. Again, this is for minor digidestined and tamers who will be paired with either each other or the major digidestined/tamers. I may do crossovers, but it's not that likely.

Second of all, because of the erratic style of updating that this project has compared to it's big brother, there will be no guessing as to the next pairing. I will switch back and forth between series (i.e., one pairing could have a couple in Adventure and the next one could have a couple from Data Squad).

But one thing hasn't changed. Read, review, and tell Rave The Rich what you think!