Extracurricular Activty

Ready to come back for the spring semester, it's 'Extracurricular Activity'! New chapters of this will be made throughout the year, and the first of the chapters in the year 2008 featuring secondary characters in the 'Digimon' franchise includes the shouen-ai pairing of Tommy Himi and Shinya Kanbara, the younger brother of Takuya Kanbara. Enjoy another 'rarest of rare' pairings from the Rave Master!

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(Chapter 9- Schoolhouse Roll: Tommy and Shinya)

"Himi, Tomoki?"

"Here, Katarashi-sensei," Tommy calmly answers as he puts the finishing touches on his note to the person who sits directly in front of him during class, Shinya Kanbara.

"Kanbara, Shinya?" the instructor drones.

While Shinya can't help but gloss over the fact that he and Himi-chan's names are next to each other in the roll, the teacher just asked if he is in class or not. While he clearly is in class, the instructor only accepts verbal consent. "Here, sensei," Shinya unconsciously answers as he feels a tap on his shoulder. Turning around carefully so as not to draw any unwanted attention to himself or Tommy, Shinya looks at the folded sheet of notebook paper in the boy's hand and takes it without saying a word, and turns back around in his seat to read it.

As he reads through the first sentence talking about how boring the sixth grade has been for them since starting it six weeks ago, a stern calling of his full name jolts Shinya Kanbara back to reality, which apparently looks a lot like his sixth grade teacher, Katarashi Minami.

"What was that...thing that was just passed to you by Himi-san?" she asks.

Attempting to play dumb, Shinya covers the refolded document with his notebook and asks his teacher, "Wha-What thing, Katarashi-sensei?"

Growing extremely impatient with Shinya Kanbara, Ms. Katarashi points to Shinya's notebook and answers, "That note under your notebook. The one you seem to want to hide like a skeleton in the closet, when you know that note passing is very much forbidden--Dear god." Ms. Katarashi face palms when she sees Tommy directly behind Shinya with his signature orange tam-like hat. While the teacher walks up to Tommy, it bides Shinya enough time to destroy the evidence by tearing up the apparent love note while Tommy hears from the teacher, "Himi-san, what have I told you time and time again about wearing that mushroom cap that you call a hat in my classroom? Take it off, now!"

Wasting no time, Tommy removes the hat, knowing that his boyfriend's note will not become anyone else's business. Sure, they can be a handful at times, but loving each other didn't mean they couldn't have some harmless fun.

"Now," Katarashi-sensei speaks, believing she has regained control of the class once more, "Where is that note, Kanbara-san?"

Again, Shinya asks the teacher, "What note?" Losing her patience, she lifts Shinya's notebook from his desk to find absolutely nothing. No longer having the heart to push the issue any further, Katarashi-sensei walks back to her desk and continues to call the roll.

While the teacher is occupied once more, Shinya thanks Tommy for running interference while he disposed of the note. Shinya also tells Tommy, "Tell me what it said during recess. Meet me in the bathrooms as usual?"

"Okay," Tommy reluctantly answers and then devilishly thinks, 'but it's no fun unless you read it, and I can see you blush in embarrassment.'

A/N: Like I said in the author's foreward, you've probably never thought about this pairing before, as the only times that we see Shinya are at his birthday party, which is around the same time Takuya and the others got their cryptic text messages. For the record, I can't find any Shimoki (Shinya/Tomoki) fics out there on the web.

A tam is more like a cap than a hat, and it's knitted. You'll often find Rastafarians, especially those with dreadlocks, wearing tams, and Tommy's hat always reminded me of a tam, even though it isn't knitted.

The title comes from the old ABC Saturday morning microseries 'Schoolhouse Rock', where three minute shorts used animation and music (not necessarily rock) to teach and entertain elementary school kids in their various subjects.

Shinya and Tommy will get the name of JoyShipping, for their happy dispositions.

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