1 week later

Temperance Brennan stared down at the little piece of plastic she held between her fingertips in horror. She began to tremble slightly, and carefully she placed it down on the counter.

Well, this certainly explained a few things, she thought ruefully, rolling her eyes.

"Oh God…." She whispered, and leaned against the wall, tipping her head back against the wall and closing her eyes, as the realization dawned on her what this meant. One was enough. But two? She was content with one, but she couldn't even begin to imagine doing it all over again!

Booth…she thought, grimacing. He was going to be delirious with joy.

Puffing out a breath, she stood up straight, and willed herself to be stronger than she felt. Before she could exit the bathroom, he heard her small son on the other side of the door.

Tyler slapped one palm on the door, and cried "Ma!"

Opening the bathroom door, little stick of plastic tucked away in the back pocket of her jeans, she smiled and looked down at Tyler.

"Hi Sweet boy" she greeted her little boy, who was grinning up at her

Impatience quickly left his features, and replaced with joy.

"Mum Mum Mum!" he exclaimed happily, and tottered off to find his father.

"Da!" he said, as he charged down the hallway, his mother temporarily forgotten.

"Booth?" she called, following Tyler into the kitchen. Booth was leaning on the kitchen sink, drinking a cup of coffee.

Tyler was standing beside his father, looking up at Booth, then back at Brennan

"Yeah?" he responded, looking briefly down at Tyler, then back to Brennan again

"Booth, do we have any Oreos?" she asked lightly, watching to see if he caught her meaning

Booth frowned, and set his coffee cup down on the counter "What?"

"Oreos….do we have any?" she pressed

"Bones….we haven't had any Oreos in the house for a while, probably when you were…" as realization dawned on him, his eyebrows shot up, and question replaced the expression on his face.

"Bones…what're you saying here…?" he asked cautiously

Saying nothing, she pulled him into a hug.

Confused, he embraced her willingly

Turning her head, she whispered in his ear "My back pocket Booth"

Locating said pocket, he withdrew the long thin piece of plastic and still in her embrace, looked down at the item in his hand

He pulled back and met her eyes, cautiously hopeful

"Say Bones….there seems to be TWO pink lines on this stick, what does it mean when there are TWO lines?" he said, emphasizing the number two.

"Well Booth, I guess we're going to need to start buying some more Oreos again"

Booth picked her up and swung her around, his happiness so overwhelming he couldn't say anything at all.

The End

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