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Ichigo sat with his back facing Renji. It was Renji's fault in the first place that they were sitting in the police station. Supposedly he was here on vacation from the soul society. If that was even true, as far as Ichigo knew they never had vacations. Sighing Ichigo lowered his head to stare at a stain on the floor. Oddly he wondered what it could have been to have left it's mark on cement. Deep inside he knew, but denied it.

"Man, you guys are strict about alcohol, all I wanted was a little drink." Renji blurted out of no where.

"Yeah, well, welcome to my world. Kids don't drink till they are of proper age. I don't know what you guys do in the soul society, but it's not like that here." Ichigo grumped in reply. "Now hopefully dad comes by soon to bail me out. Leave you here to sober up all on your own Renji."

"I'm certain Uruhara will bail me out." Renji glared back at Ichigo. "And I'm not drunk. I'm buzzing... There is a difference."

"Idiot, you really think he will, and have a free loader back at his house." Ichigo purposely ignored Renji's denial about being drunk. "He's probably grateful you've been arrested."

"HEY, who are you calling a free loader!"

"Quiet in there or your both headed strait for juvi hall. Understand me?!"

Frustrated Renji crossed his arms and returned to his sulking. Ichigo was happy to have some of the peace back. Still he couldn't get over the other adults being held in the same cell. They obviously stared at the two boys like they were food. It should be clear enough to Renji that a holding cell was a unsavory place for a teen. No one would help them either, because Ichigo made enough mistakes in his life for the police not to care about him. By association Renji was pulled into this dark place too. Sighing heavily Ichigo knew he had to talk to Renji more about his world; his life.

"Look Renji," Ichigo said softly. "Jail isn't like the soul society either. A lot of bad stuff happens in here. Especially to kids, don't believe me look at those men staring at us. I guarantee if the guard would leave he would be all over us."


"Besides I recognize one, I'm pretty certain he's itching to get even with me." Ichigo mumbled.

"Kurosaki brothers!" The guard shouted. "Your dad called he'll bail you out in the morning. There's been some sort of emergency, and he thinks this will be a good warning to his disobedient sons... Abarai Renji, I knew your punk ass was lying."

Quickly Ichigo rose and bowed an apologetically dragging Renji with him. "Sorry! Abarai is his middle name."

"I hate your fucking dad." Renji growled making Ichigo shove him down further.

"Hmn, your younger brother doesn't seem to sorry." The guard sneered walking over.

Benji's face grew red with the indignity of guards mistake; he was older. "Oi, dumb ass I'm older."

Ichigo's hand tightened around crimson strands that he was using to keep Renji bowing. If Renji was sober he would be able to figure out to shut his trap. Silently Ichigo prayed that the guard missed Renji's comment. It was a strange time to muse over the idea of a drunk Renji doing this to Byakuya. He would have found it funny, Renji getting beaten by Byakuya, if his day just didn't turn worse. The door to the cell opened and the guard approached them. This time in just pure anger Ichigo tightened his fingers till they started snapping strands of hair. The red-headed Shinigami really knew how to make matters worse.

Surprisingly Renji remained quiet, he could feel the hands digging into his head. His scalped screamed for mercy from the abuse. His back ached to stand, yet in his drunken state he lost his will to fight. Who cared if Ichigo did damage to his ego, he wouldn't have to worry about it because he would just say he was drunk. Renji smiled, if you say you were drunk you could get away with a lot.

"What are you smiling at boy, didn't your father ever teach you to protect your younger brother." The guard snapped. "Your supposed to be setting an example for him. Not fucking up!"

"Tsch," Renji glared at him. "I just learned about this bastard and my other two half siblings."

Just a little bit of tension left Ichigo as Renji played along, there was still the matter of Renji's attitude.

"He means nothing to me, daddy dearest left mother to raise me and went off to marry another chic."

If not for the guard pointing out right then and there who the real bastard was Ichigo would have jumped Renji for defiling his mother's memory like that. Yes, it would feel real good to have Renji's blood stain the floor right now. It would blend nicely with the spot he was studying before. However, for now Ichigo settled for glaring daggers at Renji. Until something suddenly connected with his face. Something hard and round that knocked his site black, with little white dots that resembled stars. There was a sensation of falling before the world erupted into pain.

Purposely catching them of guard with the guard's baton connected firmly with Ichigo's head. Renji watched strangely detached as Ichigo fell backwards. Tensed by surprise Ichigo's fingers pulled the hair bands from Renji's hair. Crimson strands cascaded into Renji's face as he watched in slow motion as Ichigo's head connected with a lonely wooden bench/bunk. Dumb-struck Renji sobered, these people didn't fuck around. Maybe, just maybe this place could be as cruel as the soul society where Renji grew up. No, these people where supposed to serve and protect... Why?

The guard punched Renji with his left fist. "Close your mouth boy."

"I.. I.. I'm sorry sir." Renji mumbled concentrating on Ichigo, and the blood he spotted on the bench/bunk. "Forgive me."


"And thank you very much for showing me how much my little brother means to me." Renji's words automatically came from his mouth. "I promise to never drink again and become a good influence on him." Renji found his words the biggest load of crap.

"Good, now take care of your brother and I swear if you lie any more to me tonight, HE will be paying for it."

Renji remained bowed till he could be certain the guard was gone. Beside him Ichigo was stirring, by the way he moved Renji could tell he was still senseless from the two blows. He couldn't help but feel worried for the substitute shinigami, out of anyone besides himself, Ichigo had the hardest head. Knocking him for a loop took a lot of force. It seemed forever before Ichigo begun to curse, holding his hand to his bloody forehead. Moving from his position Renji grabbed his discarded head band and knelt beside Ichigo.

"I... I am sorry Ichigo I never knew."

"You fucking new, you just never listen." Ichigo said with a pointed stare his voice and his face full of pain.

"I know."

Feeling a little bit woozy Ichigo surrendered and let Renji push his headband against his wound. Ichigo couldn't guess how bad it was, Renji's face remained stoic as he applied pressure. Wrapping his arm around Ichigo he encouraged Ichigo over to a corner and held him. Even after all the times he tried to harm him, Renji found a fondness for the orange haired teen. Ichigo, instinctively felt like shoving Renji away, but there was something comforting in the way Renji held him.

"Just know Onii-San I'm going to get even with you for this." Ichigo spoke in a whisper.

"Ho ho, I'd like to see you try."

"Heh I already-" The rest of the sentence drawled off into a incoherent speech as Ichigo slipped off into sleep, or maybe it was unconsciousness.


"Kurosaki Ichigo, and Renji, Kurosaki Isshin is here to pick you up." It was a woman's voice this time.

Some where in the night a shift change gook place. It was a good thing the other guard was gone, Renji was sober now and feeling more like fighting. Beside him Ichigo stirred, shakily he rose to his feet. Durning the night the head wound continued to bleed spontaneously. That's why head wounds were the worst, not just cause of risk of brain damage, it was also because they had the tendency to bleed a lot. It was up to Renji to decide over his revenging damaged ego, or his strange friendship with Ichigo.

That wasn't hard to do, why waste his dignity on these bastards. She could have saw Ichigo was bleeding, everyone else did.

"Whoah, Ichigo relax, I'll carry you, you just rest." Then he thought//Shit, one those two blows really did a number on you, and it's because of me.//

Renji placed a still sleepy Ichigo on his back and headed for the open bars. Discretely though he flicked off the men who he shared the cell with. Proudly he strode out of the cell till finally he came face to face with Ichigo's dad. No matter how much of a bad ass Renji was he was not prepared for the stern face of Ichigo's father. No, stern was a understatement, his captains condescending stare was more comforting.

"I.. Uh.. T-"

"Shut up, fallow me."

Isshin turned and walked towards the doors of the police station. Renji's nerves rattled at Isshin's behavior, his nerves were never rattled. Well, in all honestly, not that easy. He couldn't help but feel a cold chill run up his spine as he followed. As they walked Renji kept his eyes on the ground unable to raise them. The more silent Ichigo's father was, the more punished he felt. Could this stupid ryoka have enough influence on a Shinigami.

"You didn't have to do what you did." Renji said sounding like a scolded boy.

Isshin took a deep breathe, maybe he had been to hard on the vice-captain. "Masaki would never forgive me if I didn't protect her son, and any one that meant a lot to him."

"Masaki, that's Ichigo's mom right."

"Yes," Isshin's word sounded so pained. "Even now, after years have passed, we all still miss her. I'm just glad Ichigo stopped blaming himself for her death."

"I never realized."

"We don't really talk about it," Isshin pulled out a cigarette. "Don't tell Ichigo, and I won't kick your ass for this."

"Hmn, oh, okay."

In his sleep Ichigo sneezed, but didn't stir.

"How did she die?"

"Saving Ichigo's life when he was still a young boy." Isshin said smoke whisping over his lips. He wished not to go over his own failure again. "Her kids meant the world to her."

"I'm sorry."

They left it at that, Isshin drove the boys back to the clinic in silence. Renji sat in the back seat the whole time with Ichigo's head in his lap. Idle, almost shamefully he played with the bright orange locks trying to get the caked blood out. Feelings stirred inside of Renji, feels he couldn't grasp, or understand. Looking up Renji noticed they were already back, Yuzu stood outside with a first aid kit. Opening the door Isshin got out, and his whole attitude changed.

"YUZU my lovely daughter your brother has been gravely hurt." Tears streamed down Isshins eyes. "I don't know what I'd do with out my first born son... ..Where's your sister, Yuzu?"

Yuzu blinked twice, "Karin's at soccor practice. She said what ever her stupid older brother did to his himself was his own fault, and not her responsibility."

Isshin broke out in a speech about raising Karin wrong, and how he screwed up Ichigo. Praising Yuzu for being like her mother, maybe, just maybe one of his kids would turn out normal. Used to these emotional swings Yuzu climbed in the back seat, gently she removed Renji's headband to get a better look. Opening her box she took out a sealed package of gauze. It was then Ichigo's eyes flickered open.

"Yuzu, where's otou-san."

"Ranting, can you get out of the car on your own."

"Yeah... Who em I laying on."

"Um, some strange red-head with tattoos... I think he's the same guy that tackled dad once."

With out much incident they maneuvered Ichigo out of the car. A few stitches later, and some pain medicine and they were all sitting around the kitchen. Something else had arose so Isshin left Ichigo and Renji in Yuzu's care. Yuzu and Renji chattered on about life, while Ichigo fell asleep at the table.

They could have carried on for hours if Isshin would have not called for Yuzu. It was barely supper time by now. Having had no true sleep last night Renji made his way towards Ichigo's room, then paused, staring back at Ichigo. It would be just fine with him if he just left the young man sleep.

Sighing Renji went back, picking up Ichigo he finally went upstairs.

It was two in the morning when a instant beeping pulled Ichigo from sweet dreams. Mind thick from sleep he picked up Renji's cellphone. As he suspected a hallow was close by. Groaning he looked at Kon, he too was fast asleep. Now his dilemma was wither or not to wake up Renji.

The Shinigami slept on the extra quilts he left in his closet. Laying topless his tattoo's called to him in the darkness. Ichigo found him self following them down further and further. Subconsciously he wondered how far down they really went. Ichigo's eyes rested finally on a seductive area of exposed hip. Ichigo shook his head snapping himself from his trance, but later he would ask Renji were he got his hakima pants.

For now Ichigo would not wake Renji, he was sleeping to peacefully.

Grabbing his badge and pressing it to his chest he felt a small touch as his soul left his body. Soulless his body slumped unto the bed. As quiet as he could Ichigo opened the window and hopped out. Undisturbed Renji rolled over in his sleep.


"Oui, Ichigo!" Karin pounded on Ichigo's door. "Ichigo!"

Renji buried his face in the quilts and tried to ignore the person at the door. When it didn't work he blindly reached up for Ichigo's arm. It took awhile before he felt Ichigo's soft flesh, carefully Renji pulled on Ichigo's arm. Nothing. After a few more tugs he realized Ichigo was not responding. For a moment he feared he was hurt worse then they thought, then he realized no one was home.


In a sleepy hurry Renji grabbed poor sleeping Kon. Carelessly he dug out the tiny orb that held the mod soul. Grabbing Ichigo's head he shoved the blueish orb in. Instantly Ichigo/Kon's eyes snapped open. A thin arm swung out and connected with the side of Renji's face. He let himself fall back unto the quilts as he herd someone else approaching. Thankfully Kon kept quiet as he tried to orientate himself.

"Isn't Onii-San answering?"

"No Yuzu," Karin sounded peeved.

"I wonder if he's okay he did hit his head Petty hard."

"He's with another guy, it might be another reason." Karin mumbled almost inaudibly.

Someone did hear her clearly though, and Renji's face turned beat red. He wished at that time years of training didn't train him to pick up the faintest of sounds. The knob of the door turned, Yuzu pushed it open and walked inside. Kon snapped to attention, staring intensely at Yuzu.

"YUZU!" Kon snapped. "Haven't you herd of privacy!"

"I could be naked in here."

"I've seen you naked before brother, it wouldn't be embarrassing."

"Um, Yuzu," Karin looked down at something. "Not him, but someone else."

Catching her hint Renji pulled up his hakima before Yuzu could notice. "Pervert!"

"HEY who are you calling a pervert, your the pervert!" Renji yelled. "Your the one staring."

"Fuck off!"

"Karin?" Yuzu said softly.

"Yuzu why don't you get the table set."

With a sweetness of her own Yuzu acknowledged Karin and jogged away. The coldness in Karin's eyes mirrored Ichigo. She was every bit Ichigo's sister, Renji studied her intently. Blushing Renji rubbed the back of his head, he caste his eyes to stare at Kon's foot that swung off the side of the bed. He wondered if the mod-soul would take off out the window. Shyly Karin walked forward, pulling both boys attentions to her. Her hand clenched to her chest as she worked up the courage to speak to them.

"W... Where's Ichigo?"

"What do you mean," Renji asked. "He's right here."

Karin shook her head. "Bull shit, your like my brother, and Toushiro, your Shinigami." She pointed at Kon. "I don't know who he is, but I know he's been playing my brother on and off when he's off being a idiot!"

"Hey, I'm Ichigo, what do you mean I am not your brother?"

In a flash Karin was across the room, and Kon was face first in Renji's lap. Shocked Renji tried to back up but was trapped by a wall and the bed. The next assault was Renji's phone being sent flying into his face. Karin had kicked it like it was a soccer ball. There was no blaming her, Karin's blood boiled from the pain she felt. It hurt that Ichigo went out fighting alone, that he always got hurt. She just wanted her brother to come home and be normal. Marry Orihime and maybe have a few kids.

Karin ran from the room before she started to cry. From down the hall a door slammed.


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