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Chapter one: Deep in thought

Kaoru yawned deeply before turning over with his back to Hikaru, closing his eyes and relaxing against his pillow.

Tomorrow is Friday, finally, last day of the week. Now that the weekend is here I'll be able to leave my homework to the last minute and just relax. Sitting in class can get very boring, most of the subjects are easy, especially English. I could get into honors for reading, but that would mean leaving Hikaru behind. I can't do that, especially after he passed on skipping a grade in math just to stay with me.

Kaoru let his eyes flutter open and yawned again, glancing at the clock. It was three in the morning and he hadn't managed to get any sleep yet tonight. Him and Hikaru had been up until about midnight playing videogames before Hikaru had announced he was ready for bed.

Although Hikaru had peacefully slid into sleep, Kaoru had been having troubles doing the same. It wasn't that he wasn't tired really; he must be since he kept yawning. It was just impossible to keep his mind blank and all these thoughts were keeping him wide awake.

We should play a prank on our lord. Maybe we can lock him and Kyouya in a closet, and install a camera in there. Then we can sell the tape, we're sure to make tons. Although despite the profit I don't think Kyouya would approve of the host club distributing pornography.

Kaoru chuckled lightly at this. Kyouya has finally admitted to Tamaki how he felt. Of course they hadn't broadcasted that to the rest of the host club, but they were the Hitachiin brothers and they had their ways of knowing.

This meant that the carriage was moving along peacefully now. Midnight hadn't come close to approaching lately, and that was because the hands on the clock had stopped, right there at six PM. Everything was perfect, and the carriage would not be turning into a pumpkin anytime soon.

Haruhi didn't seem to care that no one in the host club wanted to date her. In fact she seemed relieved, saying it gave her more time to devote to her studies.

Turning over, Kaoru was now facing Hikaru and could only smile fondly at him. Ever since the dance party we've been closer then ever. I still can't believe he asked me for the dance and didn't go with Haruhi. Since then, everything has been perfect.

Fond memories of him and Hikaru settled on his mind, and he closed his eyes, remembering the great times he has had with his brother. These memories played across his mind slowly and sweetly, and he let out a content sigh as he thought of his brother. He really did love him, more then anything. He just wanted him to be happy, and he was glad that Hikaru was happy being with him, and not anyone else.

He opened his eyes and smiled lightly, but yawned again and looked at the clock. His eyes widened when he realized it was almost four in the morning. He had to get to sleep or he'd be dying all day tomorrow. But every time he tried to close his eyes all he could do was think of how he needed to sleep. This of course, kept him even more awake, and he let out a sigh in frustration. He'd have to get up in a couple hours, but if he even got just two hours of sleep, he should be able to make it through the day.

Hikaru must have noticed his brother wasn't sleeping, be it from twin telepathy or Kaoru's loud sighs, but he shifted and blearily opened his eyes to look at his brother. "Kaoru? What's wrong?" he asked, stretching slightly.

"Nothing, just go back to sleep," Kaoru said, not tired in the least anymore. He hated nights like this. Now he was going to be falling asleep in classes, and Hikaru would pester him all day, asking what was wrong and if he was sick. Then he'd get to host club after school and Kyouya would threaten to take down his entire family if he didn't perform up to standards.

Kaoru mentally shuddered at this. How anyone could deliver such a cold line with such a pleasant smile was beyond him.

Kaoru felt his twins arms lightly tugging him closer and despite himself he smiled. Now that Hikaru knew he was awake, he'd probably sit up with him.

"Have you gotten any sleep yet Kaoru?"

Kaoru shook his head no, snuggling into Hikaru's chest and relaxing against him. Hikaru absentmindedly stroked his hair, but even in the embrace of his lover and twin, thoughts kept whizzing through his head.

Hikaru pulled him closer. "If you want, I can sing to you until you fall asleep."

Kaoru nodded. He loved it when Hikaru sang; he had such a wonderful voice. He got comfortable and listened as Hikaru began to sing.


Of our lives

Wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight

Gonna run

While we're young, and keep the faith


From right now

Gonna use our voices to scream out loud

Take my hand, together we can celebrate


Kaoru felt his mind finally slow down as he just listened to Hikaru's voice, and not to long after he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Hikaru smiled down at his brother before lying back down fully and holding Kaoru close. He yawned and settled down, also falling into a light sleep. After all, he'd sleep fine as long as he was next to his brother.


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