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Chapter 2: Overtired

Kaoru was exhausted. He honestly did not think he'd ever been more tired in his life. Despite finally getting to sleep the night before, he had only gotten to sleep for maybe two hours. Since it was the weekend, Hikaru had been up late, and since Hikaru had been up Kaoru hadn't felt tired either.

They had stayed up late playing video games and making fun of their Lord. It had been a fun night and now it was almost two thirty in the morning and they'd settled down and were halfway through a movie, surrounded by popcorn and other snacks.

Hikaru had fallen into a doze but Kaoru hadn't noticed. All he was aware of was the pounding in his skull. It wasn't like a headache, even his neck hurt, and it was painful to keep his head upright. For this reason he was leaning on his brother's shoulder, desperately wishing he was sleeping right now.

He yawned again and lightly shook Hikaru, noticing that he was almost asleep. Kaoru stood as Hikaru began to move but the world span before him as soon as his head left Hikaru's shoulder. He stumbled slightly but Hikaru reached out a hand to keep him steady. Smiling thankfully, Kaoru turned off the movie and him and his twin went up the stairs together to their room.

Not long after both of them were lying in bed, Hikaru already completely gone to dreamland. Kaoru though, was having difficulties doing the same.

This was the bad thing about being overtired; it was actually really hard to get to sleep. His entire head was pounding and no matter which way he laid, it still hurt. He felt like he was sick and every part of his body felt heavy. Kaoru groaned in discomfort and turned the opposite way.

Glancing at the clock he saw it was again three in the morning. He closed his eyes and tried to relax, but it wasn't helping. He was really hot. Kaoru tossed off the blankets and took a deep breath, trying to bring in and out slowly to relax better. He almost felt like he wasn't getting enough air which wasn't helping at all.

I'm tired, it should be easy to sleep, not harder, Kaoru thought to himself as he rolled over to face Hikaru. And why do you get to sleep so easily?

Kaoru shifted again, grimacing at the pain in his neck. Despite how heavy his limbs felt, he couldn't seem to get into a position where he was actually comfortable. He rolled over again and sighed once more, before yawning.

He felt like if he sat up he'd pass out, which would be a welcome release to being up, but he knew if he just passed out he wouldn't feel great in the morning either.

He closed his eyes and tried his best to relax and managed half an hour of relief, if you could even call it that. Although he managed to sleep a bit, every few minutes he'd wake with a jerk. Finally he sat up (putting a hand to his head as everything spun) and looked at the clock. It was quarter to four and he realized staying up late was starting to become a bad habit.

Reluctantly he laid back down and closed his eyes, but this time he couldn't even managed to doze. To his embarrassment he felt tears of frustration building up and wiped them away angrily. This wasn't a reason to actually cry, how much of a baby was he?

As embarrassing as it was he almost wanted to let a choked sob escape him. It made no sense why he was so tired and just could not sleep. Angry, he punched his pillow before grabbing it and lying with his head at the foot of the bed. Maybe if he switched around it would help.

Hikaru though, had woken up at the movement and looked curiously to the foot of their bed. "Kaoru? What are you doing?" he asked, crawling down the bed to prop up next to where Kaoru lay. Kaoru almost groaned aloud at the realization that Hikaru could now see that he had almost been really crying. He felt his brother's hand gently trace down his cheek and couldn't even bring himself to smile at that.

Hikaru tilted Kaoru's chin up, concerned for his brother. Could Kaoru not sleep again? That was a little odd, considering he'd had one of those 'can't sleep' nights already last night. Slowly, he laid down next to Kaoru, moving the pillow so it would cushion his head as well. "Can you not sleep again? What's wrong?"

Kaoru curled into him. "My head hurts," he murmured slightly, snuggling into Hikaru's chest.

Hikaru reached out and gently began to stroke Kaoru's hair. "What if I do this?" he asked, and began to gently massage Kaoru's neck, rubbing it with a small circular motion. Kaoru let out a mumble sounding something like "Mmtht feelsnice," taking Hikaru's other hand and placing it on his forehead. Understanding, Hikaru began to repeat his earlier motion and Kaoru let out a small sigh of relief.

"Why can't I sleep Hikaru? I'm so tired," Kaoru asked after a couple minutes of silence. Hikaru smiled fondly at him and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"You're overtired. So your body is exhausted and demanding you sleep, but you're just not sleepy."

Kaoru groaned. "But I want to sleep."

Hikaru laughed. "It's not like an on and off switch Kaoru. Don't think about it, just talk to me and relax and you'll grow more tired, okay?" Kaoru nodded and Hikaru bent in to kiss him lightly on the lips. "Now just lay back."

Gently Hikaru shifted their positions so Kaoru would be more comfortable. Kaoru scooted closer and wrapped his arms around Hikaru before laying his head on Hikaru's chest. "You're like a teddy bear and a pillow all in one."

"And I have your face."

"That too."

Hikaru grinned before relaxing himself and let his eyes close. He felt Kaoru shifting and knew that even though he was so tired he was still going to have problems sleeping. "So, about that prank."

"Which one?"

Hikaru shrugged slightly. "I don't know. I just think it's time we pulled another one. I was thinking on our lord and Kyouya-sempai. We could lock them in a room with a video camera, and sell the footage to customers."

"They'd kill us."

"True. But then it's blackmailing material at least. I mean we don't know what they'll do, Kyouya might suspect something and not do anything in the room."

Kaoru yawned. "Unless we just set up a camera somewhere they go and catch them randomly." He shivered slightly, suddenly chilly, and Hikaru pulled the blanket down to them and placed it over himself and Kaoru.

"There's an idea. Then the others will have to believe us."

It was quiet for a few minutes and Hikaru glanced towards his brothers face. "Kaoru, you finally get to sleep?"

"No," was the muffled response, but Hikaru could tell that Kaoru was close to falling asleep. He smiled and closed his eyes again. "Or we could just kiss during one of our acts and freak out the others."

Kaoru chuckled. "I like that plan better, it means I get to kiss you."

A few minutes later Kaoru's breathing had finally leveled out completely and Hikaru knew he'd fallen asleep. Glancing at the clock he saw it was almost four thirty. He'd have to find a way to make Kaoru sleep in. Even with very little sleep, Kaoru didn't like to stay in bed until after noon, claiming it was the waste of a weekend. With the small amount of sleep he'd gotten the past couple of nights though, Hikaru was hoping he'd reconsider that just for tomorrow.

"I love you Kaoru," he murmured sleepily before falling into a gentle sleep, just catching the equally half asleep "I love you too," that came from his brothers lips.

Not a minute later both boys were completely blacked out.


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