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How to come home

The Easter holidays came quickly. A little too quickly if you asked Draco for his opinion. He wasn't quite sure if he was mentally prepared to see his new house and spend the entire week with his mother and Hermione.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked her uncertainly the night before they were to leave.

"For the millionth time Draco yes." she replied as she packed her suitcase carefully.

"I just don't want you to feel…obligated." he sighed. "I know my mum would love to see you again but if you would rather see your family…"

"Ugh!" Hermione cried. "I never go home for the holidays Draco. My parents are used to it by now, besides…I want to be there for you. This can't be easy."

She was right, and he knew it. But it was still weighing on his mind that night. They were sleeping in Hermione's room that night. (She claimed that the Slytherin colors were giving her a headache) So they took turns in each other's rooms. She was laying across his chest, her chestnut hair spread across his pale skin His long fingers intertwined in the mess of curls. She kissed his chest softly causing goose bumps to erupt on his arms. He smiled into the darkness. She kept kissing her way up towards his mouth until she was lying on top of him, only a t-shirt separating her bare skin from his. She sat up and removed the offending garment and looked down at him. For all he knew he could be looking at an angel. The moonlight washed over her skin giving her an unearthly glow.

"You are so beautiful." he said softly. She blushed.

"You don't have to seduce me anymore…" she teased. Leaning over him, her hair covering her breasts.

"Who's seducing who?" he joked. She blushed again.

"I didn't think I needed to do that anymore either." she said breathing close to his face, her sweet smell washing over him.

"I think I like it when you do though." he replied pulling her down for a soft kiss.

He pulled her to his lips and kissed her fiercely. He was still getting used to the idea of Hermione truly wanting to be with him. It seemed almost too good to be true. He flipped her over onto her back without breaking the kiss. He loved the look on her face right before they made love. It was a hint of anticipation mixed with lust and maybe a tiny bit of fear. Her eyes were wide as they watched him run his hands down her body and remove her knickers with ease. By the time he kissed his way back up to her mouth her legs were wide and inviting. She gasped as he entered her, taking time to let her full appreciate him and for him to appreciate her in return. He moved slowly, balancing precariously on his one hand while he stroked her hair with the other. She reached up and kissed his neck and the hollow of his throat; tasting the small beads of sweat on his smooth skin. She could feel the pulse running through his veins as she placed her lips against his neck. It quickened as she explored him. He cleared his throat in a nervous way.

"Now how on earth could I be making you nervous?" she laughed.

He kissed her again, more aggressively this time. Hermione clutched his hair with both hands, loving the feeling of the silkiness on her fingertips. Loving the way he made her feel when they were all alone and she didn't have to play down how much she really cared about him. She felt utterly and completely at peace when she came, the feeling of bliss rushing into her body and extending to every inch of her. She sighed heavily and stroked Draco's hair as he collapsed next to her.

"Feel better?" she asked him.

"Much." he sighed.

"Don't worry about tomorrow. Everything will be fine." Hermione whispered as he fell asleep on her chest.

Hermione fussed the next morning over her choice of clothing.

"How's this?" she asked after changing into her fifth outfit.

"You look beautiful." he replied. His eyes appraising her in a very approving way.

"I just want to look nice for your mother." she sighed. Her hands smoothing the wrinkles out of a baby blue cashmere sweater and khaki skirt.

"We are going to miss the train." he reminded her.

"Okay. I'm ready I guess." she said.

"You're not nervous are you?" he joked.

"No, no…of course not." she said quickly.

"Good, because my mum loves you." he said kissing her on then nose. "Now let's go."

The train ride back to London seemed to take forever. The endless trees passed turning into a green and brown blur as the train picked up speed. Hermione stated out into the vast countryside letting the landscape hypnotize her. She didn't even hear the door to their compartment open as her friends piled in with her and Draco.

"Hermione?" Ginny asked breaking her concentration.

"Oh, Ginny!" she said surprised. "Sorry."

"Are you excited?" Ginny whispered. "About the whole 'meet the parents' thing?"

"I've already met his mum, on the island. She's very nice. And no, it's not that."

"Then what?" Ginny prodded.

"I'm not sure. My stomach is in knots."

"Just relax, I'm sure things will be fine." she reassured Hermione, but Hermione wasn't buying it.

"Yeah, I suppose so." she replied fidgeting. Harry sat down next to Ginny and put his arm behind both girls.

"So a whole week at the Malfoy's huh?" he laughed.

"Yes." she blushed unintentionally.

Draco smirked.

"You boys!" Hermione said, her face redder than a Weasley's.

Just then Pansy and Blaise walked by the compartment. They were about to enter when Draco stood up and to his surprise so did Potter and Weasley. Pansy gave them a look to kill and went off with Blaise trailing behind her.

"Don't let it bother you." Ron told him. "If I got into a fight every time someone insulted me or my family…"

"What are you talking about Ron?" Ginny asked. "You do."

They all laughed as the train sped along.

When they pulled into King's Cross station everyone said their goodbyes and took off into different directions. Draco grabbed Hermione's bag and pulled it alongside his.

"Is your mum picking us up?" she asked.

"No, we're apperating there."

"Oh alright." Hermione said nervously. She hated apperating somewhere that she hadn't been before. It made things very difficult.

They left the station and went into a deserted alley. He took her by the hand and she felt the familiar swirl of apperation before landing on a soft, damp lawn in the countryside.

"I don't see a house Draco." she said scanning the hills.

"Fidelius charm. Here." he said giving her the small piece of paper.

"Oh." she said. The handwriting on the paper was beautiful and elegant almost calligraphy. She read aloud.

"Narcissa Malfoy's home is at 5526 Ivywood lane." And just like that a large, beautiful home stretched out before them. It looked like it had been there for centruries, but it also had a modern feel to it. Nothing ostentatious, just elegant and inviting. They started walking towards the house passing by thick hedges and large, fragrant bushes of every color rose. The smell was intoxicating and clung to the thick air. The house itself was white, with deep blue doors and shutters. The gardens were something out of a child's fairtytale. A small brook babbled and flowed alongside the walkway.

"It's amazing." Hermione said. "I've never seen such a beautiful place."

Several brightly colored birds flew overhead and landed in a shrub nearby.

"I have to agree on that." Draco said as they reached the front doorway. He set the bags down and knocked.

"It's your house." Hermione whispered. "I'm pretty sure you can go in."

He flushed.

"It just doesn't seem like home." he sighed.

A tiny elf answered the door and ushered them in.

"Welcome Master Draco." he squeaked. "And Mistress Hermione."

"Just Hermione please." she said as she looked around. The small foyer had a painting of the Malfoys in it. Draco was much smaller in the painting, maybe 8 or 9. He scowled down at her and she shivered.

"Cute painting." she said sarcastically.

"Thanks." he replied. "I always hated that painting."

"Draco!" they heard coming from the parlor. Narcissa appeared at the doorway smiling from ear to ear. "My boy, my son. Come in and sit down. Hermione! How lovely to see you too, come sit and have some tea."

Narcissa looked beautiful and radiant. The pale colors of the room made her look as if she was lit from within. She hugged her son warmly.

"I'm so glad to have you home."

"Me too mum." he replied. She turned to Hermione and embraced her.

"Thank you so much for spending the holiday with us. It feels like a home to have you both here."

"I'm glad you invited me." Hermione replied.

"This is very different from the manor." Draco commented. "Much lighter."

"Thank you honey." she replied. "I wanted it to be the opposite of what I was used to. A fresh start."

"It's lovely." Hermione said. Narcissa smiled warmly.

"Well let's get your things to your rooms before tea." she told them. "Top of the stairs, Draco your room is to the left. The guest room for you Hermione is to the right."

Draco grabbed the suitcases and headed up the white staircase. The carpet on each step was thick and palest blue. They reached Draco's room first and he opened the door with a sigh. The room was quite large with two large windows and a set of French doors that opened onto a small balcony overlooking the gardens. It was done in light colors, a silvery grey on the walls, a deeper grey on the floors. His bed seemed suspended in the middle of the room. It had no headboard or footboard, it seemed to float over the carpeting. The linens were white with silver stitching. It was a very calm, serene room.

"Wow, it's just gorgous." Hermione said. Draco didn't look happy.

"My old room was better. Deep wood colors and green linens."

"How did I know that?" Hermione laughed. "It's perfect."

Draco shrugged.

"Let's put your things away." he said taking her bag and heading out the door to the room across the hall from his.

Hermione's room was smaller but just as beautiful. It had a big iron bed with whispy white linens draped over the top. The walls were a pale blue and all the bed things were white. A bouquet of wildflowers were sitting on top of the dresser by the window. She set her bag on top of the bed and unpacked her clothes. Draco was still scowling.

"I can't imagine why you have that look on your face." she said.

"It just doesn't seem like home." he replied.

"It will." She said hugging him tightly. "Just give it time."