This is a fic I had been working on since...hell, around half to a decade ago now after having my mind destroyed by 'The End of Evangelion'.

The idea being basically that Shinji decides in Third Impact to 'go back', but Lilith takes a different idea of what 'go back' means, inserts a steel rod into his back to make up for his complete lack of a spine in the OT, then sends him BACK into the past. Angst mostly intact, but with full knowledge of the future and the ability to actually stand up for himself (shock horror!).

I hacked out quite a bit, and then never did anything with it. It stayed on an old HDD, which I had long since taken out and forgotten about having taken it out of my computer. I very recently purchased a USB external rack for IDE hard drives and had been browsing over all my old drives, mostly to see if there was anything cool I had lost on them…and found this.

I was going to just dump it with my half a dozen other 'prototype' chapters for other fanfics which never really went anywhere, but I thought it might be interesting to get some feedback on them from people here.

Now bear in mind I've only given it a rather brief overview so this thing is going to be probably FILLED with errors. It was also written before I knew as much as I do now about NGE, so there may be glaring errors.

But I'd be interested if anyone has any feedback to offer about it, mostly because it was written in a somewhat different tone and style then I have done in any of my writing, at least to a certain extent. While I'll happily accept 'good work, keep going' feedback of course (I DO have an ego after all) I'd be more happy with (constructive) criticism, if the characters are about right or way off (bearing in mind this IS an AU Shinji and ripples will come from his very presence), if any of my facts are horribly wrong…if its a good idea, if its been 'done' zillions of times (I seriously have no clue about Anime FF I've never really looked into it until this week and there appears to be a massive world of conventions, styles, terminologies and so on I have no clue about). Bear in mind its still a secondary project for me, my primary fan fiction project remains a Stargate-nBSG crossover which I have planned out in exhausting detail...

Anyway, if I get enough solid feedback to work with, I might well continue this thing. Otherwise I'll be just as happy to let it die. Ever since Renewal of Evangelion was announced, I've gone all Eva happy, hence this being dusted off :)