Imperfect Dark (a fanfic of Perfect Dark)

Steve Dark was Elvis and Joanna's son, so he had big chest, but was bald like alein. Steve was flying n UFO and Carringto call him and say "Steve, blonde men and green aliens are try to take ship with cannon again." But Steve say, "No, that don't make sense. Ship blew up in the last game." Carrington then says, "That was a faek."

So Steve fly UFO into water to teh ship and green aliens growl and shoot farsigt bullets through walls. But teh bulets didint hit becase the guns were aimed wrong. Then Steve got on ship and take out falcon3 (liek falcon2, but more good, with 2 scopes not one). Blonde people say, "you will never stop us, Stev. we take lazzar and shoot it and blow up world then we rule world." But then Steve say, "Hahaha." Steve throw teh laptop gun so it cannon and it shoot the blonde poeple But blond people have shields and bullets hit them and shinnyness and not dying happened, but Steve had already thrown remmoet mines and then he pushed button and they all blow up.

All along though green aliens were invisisable so there were wavy lines and they apear and jump around with claws. Steve shoot falcon3 like "BANG BANG BANG" and allens fall down dead, but littler pilot ones come out of heads and jump around. Steev throw N-bom and kill thems, but he was in splosion too and cannot see now. He stand still until vision good again then went through the future door that opens magically with woosh sound and go down elevattar. Elevetor doors open like woosh again and he see flying comperter man. Steve say, "Dr. Karol! Why you is here? You dead after this stage in last game! You blew up in faek ship with BOOM BOOM BOOM." The Dr. Carole said, "That was just clone of me pretending to be good becaus I evil. I take lassor and uze it to do plan that blonde people tell u bfor." be continude?