Randomness is good. Why? Because it's infinite. That's why it's good. You could talk about MSN messenger being eaten by a flying cow, or tires being squished by ants. You could talk about anything.

That is why randomness is good. XD

Okay, so this is the last chapter of Shattering World. Anyone who wants to continue it, just notify me. Cause my ending can be like...I dunno...continued...that's the word. But this time I'm definitely not continuing it. It took me two days to figure out the plot for the last chapter X.x So yeah, I better finish this before I have a complete writer's block. XD

Angst...yeesh. xD

Mukahi stared at the gigantic stadium before him. Or rather, the gigantic place surrounding a tennis court. Mukahi shook his head.

Why exactly did he come chasing after Oshitari again? And he had chased him all the way to the Australian Open.

Yeah. He definitely had gone insane.

He should've just moved on. He should've boarded the plane going back for Japan yesterday. But no. He decided to stay, and chase after Oshitari again.

But he wanted to know the reason. The reason why Oshitari left.

Was it really too much to ask? Just that one question?

Mukahi had a serious thought to just leave right that minute and never turn back.

But he knew he wouldn't be able to do it. Not ever, in a million years, would he be able to just 'move on'.

He had thought moving on was an easy thing to do. He had been proved wrong.

He had been proved wrong countless times.

Maybe it was all just a part of life.

At that moment he saw Oshitari and sprinted towards him.

He sprinted with all his might. He didn't know why he was running so fast. Maybe it was because he was afraid Oshitari would disappear out of thin air, never to be seen again.

Maybe he was just scared.

Whatever the reason, he didn't know what to say after he reached him. All he do was just stand there, panting. Just staring at him.

Staring. Just staring. It was the only thing he could do, really. Just stare, and keep on staring.

Why did life have to be this way? It was fair for some people, and unfair for others. Was it on purpose that this happened? Or on accident?

Did it really matter?

It was Oshitari who finally spoke up. "Gakuto, what are you doing here?"

"I...I don't know."

Oshitari looked amused. "So you just came here for no reason?"

"Well...I guess. I kind of wanted to ask you something."

Oshitari sighed. "If it was about that lady you saw the other day, she's my coach."

"...Right. Okay. But I kind of wasn't going to ask that."

"Gakuto, I'm not going back to Japan any time soon."


"Well, I was invited to the Australian Open you know."


"Gakuto, I only care for tennis now, you know."

"But we can still play doubles!" Mukahi was being stubborn, he knew. But he just couldn't help it.

"Gakuto, no." Oshitari was shaking his head. "It wouldn't work, and you know it."

Mukahi was silent.

"I only care about tennis. That's it." Oshitari turned away and walked off.

The crowd was silent, as seeing that it wasn't every day some red-head kid went up to a tennis player and started asking him questions.

All Mukahi could do was just walk away, head slumped in defeat.

They said thinking was good for the brain. But thinking too much just made him confused.

He had lost the war. Oshitari would never come back, and he knew it.

Oshitari's heart was only for tennis now.

Only for tennis.

He loved the boy who lost his heart to tennis.

And he most likely couldn't do a darn thing about that.

Why was life so unfair?

But, maybe it wasn't unfair.

Mukahi had come up with a new theory. A really weird one, but a theory nonetheless

Life was neither fair or unfair. Life was just life. It was just how it was.


All stories had happy endings. This definitely wasn't one of them.

But who said it was the end?


O XDDD I feel so proud. I finished another multi-chaptered fic.

Although...should this be called a fourshot? Maybe not...XDDD