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Music flowed from the top floor of the extensive Cullen home as I climbed the white stairs to Edward's room. He had invited me over for the day saying it would be peaceful since his family gone out for the day, Alice and Rosalie had drug Jasper and Emmett to the mall

for a rather large shopping spree and Carlisle and Esme had gone out and see a movie together, leaving Edward alone.

The music grew louder as I stepped closer to his room at the end of the hall. The beat was slightly familiar to me, it sounded like one of the obnoxious pop songs the kids at school, especially Mike, blasted before classes on the few days it isn't raining in apocalyptic proportions.

My hand hovered over the bronze doorknob, a few shades lighter than my vampire's hair, as the lyrics flowed into the hall through the cracks in the door frame. Thoughts rushed through my head as I unfortunately began to recognize the song. It was well known in town, particularly to the boys. I hesitantly turned the knob and pushed the door open.

I found Edward in the center of the room, a hair brush clasped in his snow white hand as a make shift microphone. He faced the stereo, lavender eyelids concealed the liquid topaz beneath. Rays of sunlight filtered through the glass wall hitting his skin causing it to shimmer and shine as if a diamond mine was hidden beneath the pale white surface.

Sexyback the annoying song by Justin Timberlake blared from the intimidating stereo leering at me as if challenging me to attempt to turn it off.

"I'm bringin' sexy back," Edward sung into the brush, his voice smooth as silk. He hit every note perfectly with great ease. Great, another thing to add to Edward's never ending list of perfection.

"Them other fuckers don't know how to act. Come let me make up for the things you lack," He sang running a glowing hand down his chest trailing down his side and in one quick movement the hand was back to his hair.

"Uh, Edward?" I said cautiously not wanting to embarrass him but knowing it was inevitable I know I had better get it over with.

"Bella!" He yelped fumbling with the brush but in the end dropped it to the floor and grabbed a slim white remote from his back pocket and turned off the stereo. If he were human I knew a bright red blush would have been spread across his perfect cheeks that would've beaten any blush that my face ever projected. As he turned off the stereo I began to wonder why he hadn't heard me enter the house. Maybe he had just not been paying attention, too wrapped up in the song to notice my entrance.

"You're here early," He said breaking me out of my stupor.

"Well, I tried to get here as fast as I could," I said as the room fell into an awkward silence.

Edward fidgeted as began straightening the invisible folds in his smooth black shirt.

"So," I started "what were you planning on doing today?"

A grin spread across his face revealing his perfect straight teeth from under his pale lips as if he had forgotten I found him in his room impersonating Justin Timberlake.

"Oh, you'll see," He said and in the blink of an eye I was strapped to his back as he sped off to the cars. The familiar feeling of nausea crept into my stomach so I hid my face into the crook of his neck and enjoyed the sweet scent and cool touch of his skin leaving the mornings events behind us.