Summary: High School Musical Crossover. An inter school exchange program sends, Charlie, Julie, Goldberg, Averman and Luis to East High, Taylor, Kelsi, Jason and Sharpay to Eden Hall? Can the Ducks adjust to the Wildcats and vice versa? Can couples survive half a country between them? Can two captains live in the same house without killing each other? Can a Bash Brother love a Diva? Portman/Sharpay, Chad/Julie, Taylor/Adam.

Author's Note: SO, unless you've lived under a rock for the past year, (and if you did, I honestly pity you) you know that there is this little movie floating around out there called High School Musical. You also know that the main fanbase of this movie is pre teen girls. Although I am not in that general fanbase, I have similar taste to them. I love this movie. Also, you may or may not know, the sequel to said movie premiered this weekend...can you say awesome? Anyway, Friday night, couldn't sleep, I have issues, starting writing this. Came up with some fun little pairings, as well as this whole Charlie and Troy conflict. If you think I'm crazy, you're probably right, also I have like 5 stories going right now, I know, but I felt the need to do this. Anyway, enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: I don't own High School Musical, or The Mighty Ducks, if I owned either, I would be a far greater human than I am.

East Hall Mighty WildDucks

Chapter 1: Exchange Program

"This place makes Eden Hall look like a dump!" Averman said, looking around their new school. Julie, Luis, Goldberg and Charlie nodded.

"It's different,"Julie said, "Like all shiny and new. Eden Hall's more vintage."

"Another word for that is old Cat," Luis smiled.

"This years gonna be weird," Goldberg said. "Although I could seriously get used to this weather."

"It is nice," Julie nodded. "I just can't beleive this actually worked out! I mean, an inter school exchange program?"

"Bet you're missing Adam?" Averman teased her, she whacked him in the arm. "You two worried about what this distance thing is going to do?"

"Adam and I have enough trust in our relationship that it's not going to be a problem." She said smoothly.

"You guys think these Wildcats can handle the Ducks?" Charlie smiled, the team nodded and rallied around him. They took a collective breath and walked through the doors of East High School, Albequerque, New Mexico.

"We got the shaft in this deal." Sharpay said, Jason, Kelsi and Taylor nodded. "I mean, we have to live here, and they get East High?"

"No one asked you to come Sharpay!" Taylor said, "This is a huge opportunity, this is the first program like this ever."

"I know its a big deal," Kelsi said, "But honestly? I still don't understand why they didn't ask Gabriella."

"Because they wanted a sampling of East High's best and brightest," Jason quoted their principal, "So, to have Taylor and Gabriella, would be redundant."

"Besides," Taylor rolled her eyes, "She wouldn't leave Troy."

"But you leaving Chad?" Jason asked, "No problem there?"

"No," Taylor said, "Because Chad and I have an understanding."

"That would be?" Kelsi laughed.

"If I find out anything's going on," She smiled, "I'll kill him."

"OK, whatever!" Shapay cut them off, "I just hope they can handle the Wildcats." The four East High students settled their stomachs and walked towards The Eden Hall Academy.

"Hi!" A girl with dark curly hair walked up to Julie. "Julie right?" Julie nodded. "I'm Gabriella? You're going to be staying with me?"

"Oh right!" Julie said, "Hi! I'm sorry its just, first day and all."

"Totally understand!" Gabriella smiled, "I've been new before."

"So," Julie said, "This is East High?"

"This is East High." Gabriella nodded. "Want a tour?"

"I'd love one!" Julie smiled.

"Gabby!" A boy with dark sloppy hair ran up to them, and kissed Gabriella. "Good morning."

"Good morning," Gabriella laughed, "Troy Bolton, Julie Gaffney," Julie waved.

"Oh! Exchange student right." He nodded. "Where's mine?"

"You were supposed to pick them up at the office." Gabriella said, sighing loudly "Boyfriends, can't live with them,"

"Can't kill them," Julie nodded, "I know, I have one of my own."

"So, where is mine?" Troy said, "Seriously?"

"TB!" Two black boys, one with a floppy afro and the other clean cut came. "Just got back from the office with our exchange students." The afroed one smiled. "Well hello."

"Hi," Julie said.

"Chad," The other one said, "Remember Taylor? Your girlfriend."

"I remember Taylor," Chad said, "Remember Sharpay? That psycho you follow around hoping she actually likes you?"

"A Sharpay free year I think will be good," A blonde haired boy came out behind them.

"She's your sister," Gabriella laughed. "As you all are the rudest people ever, this is Julie Gaffney, Julie, these idiots who have surrounded me, Troy Bolton, Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth, and Zeke." Julie smiled, "Where exactly are all of your exchange students?"

"Also known as my friends." Julie said.

"Yeah," Troy said, "I guess I should go to the office and claim mine." He looked sheepishly at Gabriella who nodded.

"Um," Chad said, "Mine went over there." He ran after, Julie laughed, seeing that Chad had ended up with Luis.

"I um," Zeke said, "lost mine."

"Which one?" Julie laughed.

"Short, round," Zeke said, "Talked a little too much."

"That would be Goldberg," Julie smiled. "He probably went to check out the caf." Zeke nodded and headed out in the other direction. "Which means you got Averman." She clapped him on the shoulder. "I pity you." She walked off, and Gabriella followed after her.

"Hi," Sharpay walked in to her room where a girl with long dark hair was laying on her bed. "I'm Sharpay!"

"Connie," the girl smiled. She looked over the newcomer and sighed. It was bad enough that she wasn't going to have Julie as her room mate this year, did she really have to live with this girl? "Welcome to Eden Hall. You're with the exchange program?"

"Yes," Sharpay whined, and flopped on the bed. "I'm sorry but how do you live here nine months out of the year?"

"Um, I'm from here," Connie said. "All the time, actually."

"Well, I pity you," Sharpay said. "Seriously, how?"

"It's not so bad," Connie shrugged. Sharpay nodded and looked over at the stick by the door.

"Does your boyfriend play hockey?" Sharpay smiled, trying at least to make conversation.

"He does," Connie nodded, "Um but that's not his stuff. It's mine."

"You play hockey?" Sharpay said, shocked. "Really?" Connie nodded. She was used to the reaction.

"Um, sorry," Adam Banks said bending down to help the girl who he had knocked in to.

"It's OK," she said, smiling.

"You're new?" He said looking at her.

"Actually, I'm with this exchange program," she explained, "Taylor McKessie." She extended her hand.

"Oh! You're one of the kids from New Mexico," He said, "I'm Adam Banks, my girlfriend went down to your school."

"Oh!" Taylor smiled, "Right, sure."

"Look, if you need anything, Julie gave me specific instructions," He laughed, "I am to make sure that you all feel welcome."

"Thanks," She smiled. "I could use directions to the bathroom."

"It's right around the corner," he said. "That was an easy one."

"I'll try to stump you next time," she smiled and walked away.

"Charlie Conway?" Troy said, seeing the unfamiliar kid sitting outside the office.

"Troy Bolton?" Charlie tried. Troy nodded.

"Sorry I'm late," Troy laughed. Charlie shrugged, and noticed a clear C emblem on Troy's track jacket.

"You're a Captain?" Charlie smiled. Troy nodded. "What team?"

"Basketball," Troy said. "You play?"

"Not really," Charlie shook his head. "Hockey's my game. I'm, I mean, I was the captain, back home."

"Who's the captain now?" Troy asked.

"Banks." He shrugged and mumbled. "Only because I came here."

"Right, of course." Troy said. "Um we have a hockey team, they're good, I think, I've never gone to a game, because well,"

"Same season," Charlie nodded, "Right. So, I'm living with you?"

"Yeah," Troy nodded, "Just a warning, my dad's a little intense, he's also our coach."

"I think I can handle intense," Charlie chuckled, thinking of Orion.

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