Angelina Johnson was the prefect Tomboy

She played Quidditch, hung out with guys, and was

An honorary Weasley prankster

Show's Angelina, Fred, George, and Lee sitting in Transfiguration when from outside the room Flich yells, "Ms. Norris!" Lee looks at George, George looks at Fred, and Fred looks at Angelina who smirks. "You're welcome." She whispers.

But what happens when Fred, Lee and George say something insulting

"You know what would be funny?" Lee asked one night in the Common Room. Angelina, Fred, Lee and George had been sitting around talking and drinking Butterbeer for the past hour and a half. "Seeing Angie in a dress!" "With make-up!" Fred added. George laughed along but Angelina on the other hand, threw her Butterbeer bottle in the fire and stomped away angry.

And Angelina decides to prove them wrong?

"They want girly, then they are so gonna get it." Angelina said while grinning in the mirror.

The next day at breakfast, Fred, George and Lee were sitting at the Gryffindor Table eating. "What's up guys?" They look up to see Angie and get a surprise. "Angelina?"

And when she becomes Girly, will Angelina go a little too far?

"Wood, I'm quitting Quidditch."

"Fred, Lee, George, my boyfriend says I can't hang out with you all anymore." Angelina turns away leaving the three boys shocked.

When Three Boys Turned

Me Girly