I thought of this a couple of days ago. I have always loved E,A,R, and Jazzie as a group. Sorry Edward, but they kick ass kinda…cough…with out you. And being on the topic of Bella…even better. XD

NOTE: Should I name the story, Imprint, or Operation: G.B.B. ??? Please tell me! (you'll see why in the chapter)

Chapter One

Alice's POV

It was around 5:00pm, during a chess game between Rosalie and Jasper, that Rosalie gave me a concerned look. "Can you check where Edward is?" she asked. I nodded. It had been around four weeks now, that Edward was continuing with a horrendous request.

Jacob had asked Edward if he would leave Bella alone for 5 weeks—to see how Bella would react. Edward agreed, surprising us all. He restricted any of us from speaking to Bella. Even at school! There was never a time more than now, where I wanted Edward's ability. What was he thinking?!

Of course, Edward had no right to stop me—this time. Last time, Carlisle said Edward was right. We shouldn't have been so attached to Bella. But, not this time. Carlisle did nothing, but nod and walk off. I kept my watch on Bella. But, of course, as soon as the vampire is gone, the mongrel steps in. I couldn't keep watch on Bella for long, because Jacob would be with her a lot.

Bella had no choice but to agree with the 'experiment.' If Edward thought is was right, she would go along with it. She did last time…

Which was why it had Jasper, Emmett, Rose, and I constantly worried. We saw what it did to Edward before…how could he possibly agree? During classes, I could check on Bella. She would glance at Edward, but he would never be looking at her. He went hunting more often—probably avoiding Bella.

And so that's when we four came to the conclusion, that Edward was giving the werewolf a chance. He called it, option one. What the hell did that mean?! But ever since week one, Edward had been coming home late from school, a pained expression upon his face.

I wasn't at school today—hunting—so I wasn't sure what happened. By week 3 though, Emmett and I had had enough! We spied on Bella when Edward went hunting. She looked pretty reasonable. Not as bad as when I first saw her after we all left before.

But that's what had us worried. Why wasn't Bella a mess? Did she truly not love Edward as we thought she did? Did she…move on?

None of us would admit it to each other, and definitely not to Edward. We weren't that stupid—not even Emmett. Edward would hardly come out his room anymore. Either that or he would be on the piano, playing the lullaby like crazy.

I closed my eyes, relaxing my posture. I concentrated on Edward's plans.


Edward standing in front of Bella's home.

I inhaled deeply—the vision was very clear. I blinked rapidly, bringing my view into focus. That was short. Jasper had his eyebrows raised, his topaz eyes questioning mine. Emmett was sneaking one of Jasper's pawns off the board, oblivious to my vision. Jasper slapped his hand away, keeping eye contact with me.

"Edward is going to Bella's house." I explained, still dazed. Rose nodded, and her eyes suddenly widened. "Did you say…?"

That's right. He was going to Bella's house.

"Do you think we should stop him?" Emmett asked, eyeing us individually. I glanced at Rose. She lowered her gaze to her lap. Jasper folded his hands on the table, pressing his lips against it. I could tell that part of all of us wanted him to go—hopefully realizing that he was wrong, and we could see Bella again. It was hopeless. She was destined to be our sister. Couldn't Edward see what she meant to us as well?

We didn't need to say anything—it was obvious. We would let Edward go.


Emmett was sprawled across the couch, watching Rosalie, who was standing with her hands held to her mouth. Jasper was leaning against a wall, thinking deeply. I was slightly pacing, trying to see the future.


Edward was in a meadow, playing with grass.


Still in the meadow, Edward was now throwing a log across a far distance.


Edward was in his Volvo, running a hand through his hair. His face was in the shadows, but a strange sound ripped from the back of his throat.

I shook my head, brining myself back to the present. "See anything useful?" Emmett asked. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What was Edward doing? What was that sound?

Jasper was behind me in an instant, rubbing my shoulders. "What happened?" he whispered into my ear. I shivered, remembering that Edward was going to release his strength in a meadow.

"At first he was alright…but then he threw a log…and…he…" I hesitated. I had heard that sound somewhere before. But I couldn't put my finger on it.

Emmett jumped up, releasing a heavy sigh. "That's it! I'm going after him!" he was at the door when Rose stood up, a worried expression on her face. "I'm coming too." She and Emmett were gone, as Jasper released my shoulders. He was at the door, when he sighed lightly.

"Emmett is clueless, and I doubt that Rosalie will be much help. Stay here in case he comes." I nodded, as Jasper fled into the night.


Jasper called five minutes ago. They had a trace on Edward, but they lost it since Emmett's driving was too slow for Rosalie's taste.

I was flipping through some magazines, when Edward barged through the doors. "Where's Aro?" Edward spoke quickly. His eyes widened and he averted his gaze to the ground. "I mean, Carlisle…" he whispered.

I stood up, giving him the most intense glare I could. "Don't you dare tell me your are thinking of doing that again." I growled. Edward sighed in defeat, and shook his head. "Just in case you do…I am watching you." I hissed.

I couldn't believe that he would think of doing something like that again! Even if Bella didn't love him…I winced. We still did! About that…

"Edward, what happened?" I asked calmly, taking a seat. He did the same, resting his elbows on his knees. He buried his face into his hands. I haven't seen him like that for a while. It pained me. I tried to imagine losing Jasper. I couldn't—he was my everything. And to him…so was Bella.

"What happened?" I repeated softly. He didn't raise his head. "I was at Bella's home. I'm sure you saw me." He murmured. "Jacob was there,"

That's why my first vision was so short! I should have known.

"He didn't notice I was there. He was too busy…watching her." Edward continued. He raised his head, locking his gaze with mine. He repeated the same sound I heard in my vision. There was a special look in Edward's eyes that only meant one thing. Vampires couldn't cry. We didn't have any fluids.

I never had a strong enough emotion, to make me sad enough to cry. None of us did. Not even when we thought Bella died. None of us...except Edward. Suddenly, I remembered where I had heard the sound.

The day when we moved—last September—Edward slammed the door of his room, and I heard that sound erupting from inside. We all did. That look in his eyes…that sound in his throat…I guess it was what Emmett called, Edward's version of crying. I didn't think Edward would cry, but the name seemed close enough.

He looked at me through his dark lashes, his lips moving quickly. "Jacob imprinted..." He whispered. I knew what that meant—Edward explained it to all of us before. But wouldn't that be a good thing? Wouldn't we be able to see Bella again?

And that's when I didn't want to admit it…but I knew what he was getting to. I stood up, wrapping my arms around myself. "with…Bella…" he winced when he said her name.

My eyes widened, and my head snapped towards the door. Jasper was in the doorway, his mouth slightly dropped. Emmett was behind him, cradling Rose. Rose gasped loudly, and Emmett lowered his head.

Edward stood up, and ran up the stairs. Once he was at the top, he looked down at us, his face twisted in anguish. "Don't disturb me," he pleaded, softly releasing that sound. We heard the soft click of his door closing.

I didn't notice that it had started to rain outside. The crystal drops fell on Emmett and Rosalie, creating the effect that made her look like she was crying. I'm sure if she could, she would be.

The three of them slowly walked in, and Jasper opened his arms to me. I dragged my feet to him, the opposite of my light dance. I rested my head against his chest, clutching his shirt. There was no doubt that Jacob would be with Bella forever. How was it possible that he would imprint on her, now, of all times… But…did Bella feel the same way?

Jasper winced. "I know its hard for everyone, but Edward's pain is enough for me." I nodded understandingly. The wave of pain must be hurting Jasper. Edward's was enough. We all knew that.

"Was Edward…crying?" Emmett whispered, rocking Rosalie back and forth. None of moved—nor spoke. "What should we tell Carlisle and Esme?" Emmett asked. "The truth. Which brings us to the topic," Jasper said in a rush. "does Bella know the truth behind Edward's actions? Does she know that Jacob imprinted on her?"

We exchanged glances, until Emmett spoke up. "I say we go to Bella. Mongrel there or not." He cracked his knuckles. I shook my head. "There is no need to fight."

"The hell, there is! Edward is crying his eyes out right now!" Emmett yelled, pointing to his room. Rosalie sighed. "We don't cry." She reminded him. "Well, what ever! At least I care that he is upset!" Emmett glared at Jasper. Jasper glared back. "I care for Edward, just as much as you do. You don't think I feel the same way? I don't want to loose Bella. Especially to a wolf."

Rose's eyes shone with determination. "Neither will I. I say we at least tell her what's going on. She has a choice, you know." Rose stepped away from Emmett, folding her arms. I raised a brow. Since when did Rose care so much? She rolled her eyes, and moved back to Emmett.

I couldn't help but grin. "Operation, Get-Bella-Back. G.B.B. for short." I announced, feeling bouncy again. Jasper smirked. Emmett chuckled. Rose sighed. "Edward can read our minds. We have to keep it secret."

"I'm alright. I can translate old Greek texts into Spanish." I said, glancing at Jasper. "I'll think of Alice," he smirked. I stuck my tongue out. Rose nodded. "I'll think of myself. That ought to keep Edward out." She said confidently. Emmett laughed nervously.

Rose and Jasper glared at him. "I'll…um…" "You'll be hunting most of the time. Alone." Jasper sighed. Rose rolled her eyes. "I'll distract you."

"Alright," I bounced out of Jasper's arms, throwing my balled fist into the air. "G.B.B starts tomorrow! Edward will most likely go hunting, and I'll be at school." Jasper lazily raised his hand. "I'll pick Alice up from school, and check out Bella's feelings." Rosalie sighed, and threw her hand up, unenthusiastically. "I'll distract Edward." Emmett punched both fists into the air. "And I'll go hunting!"

I smiled to myself. We were going to get Bella back. I knew it.

A/N: I was going to make this some glum one shot. But Edward was just going to say that imprint thing to Alice, and be all upset. I think this is much better. I wont try to make it too long, though. Carlisle and Esme have to be informed, now! They wont be in the story much.

NOTE: Should I name the story, Imprint, or Operation: G.B.B. ??? Please tell me!