And then there was one…(by that, I mean Edward)

Chapter Six

Edward's POV

I was starting to get too close to the line. I pocketed my hands, turned around, and started to walk. What was the point anyways? We would be leaving soon. Bella would be fine with out me. And this time, I knew.

My foot came upon a rock, a little smaller than my palm. I bent down and picked it up. Tossing it back and forth between my hands, I thought. I thought how Bella was like this rock—how I made her like it.

I could kick her anyways I want. Onto Jacob's side, or onto mine. I could throw her away from me, out of my life. But I didn't want to—I couldn't. Or…

I closed my fingers around the stone, crushing it with ease. She was a rock in so many ways. My eyes wandered to my right, where flowers were hiding beneath the grass. In other ways, she was a flower, too. Beautiful, and still delicate. The most pulchritudinous creature my eyes have ever laid upon. To me, she was more than any vampire's beauty.

I continued to walk on, thinking about something I never wanted to think of again. Right and wrong. No. I would stay. Even if she chose Jacob over me, I wouldn't be able to leave. To never see her face again…that would be unbearable.

I snapped my head up, sensing a most familiar presence. Her back was turned to me, and I heard snuffling noises. Was she crying? Oh, god. I didn't know if I could resist from cradling her any longer. But I did. I stood motionless, waiting for her.

And soon enough, her head turned to the right, inch by inch. Once her body was half facing me, her eyes dropped. She turned back around without a word. My gaze met the dirt as I quietly sat down beside her. I could smell Jacob's scent on her. I was right—she was happy with him.

"…but not happy enough…" Bella murmured. I turned my head towards her in disbelief. Her words clashed with my thoughts. It was as if she read my mind. (A/N: she can't)

"Edward, you might think I would be better off with Jacob, and a life," her words flew out in a rush, as she faced me, surprisingly, with angry eyes.

"But won't you think like me for a moment?!" Bella grabbed my hands in hers. I had never seen her act this way before. "Bella, I try my hardest to understand what you are thinking." I answered softly. She shook her head, and looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Please, Edward. I see it from your way. Protecting my life, keeping me human. I know. But do you know how I feel?" she whispered. "Enlighten me, please."

She looked down at my hands, and started to draw lines in my palm. "You know how powerful imprinting is. You say it's almost as strong as your love for me. And mine for you. I am willing to give up anything for you, Edward. Anything." She repeated, hoping I would see her light of reason. And I did. By anything…she meant Jacob's love. And that was a lot.

"And what is Jacob supposed to do about all this?" I watched her intensely. She didn't look up.

"Jacob and I discussed this." Her voice almost broke. "And we have come to a conclusion." This time, it did break. I wrapped my arms around her, bringing her to sit on my lap. "Shh," I whispered in her hair. "Yes, imprinting is quite a force…" I started to drift off into my own thoughts. "Falling in love, and almost breaking someone else's"

"Almost…" Bella whispered, squeezing my hand. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to her hair. "But it's not that strong. Nothing is. Even if you loved him back, Bella, I wouldn't have left. I would have demanded—begged, even—that I would stay in Forks, to see you.

"Thank you," she whispered, too quiet for a human to hear. "And Edward," she turned to face me, her eyebrows furrowed. "Don't ever run away, again. No matter what happens. Don't you ever give up. Back at your house, I almost died." I frowned. "I'm serious. Don't run from me, please. Never." She pleaded.

"I wasn't running from you. I was running from shame and fear. That I went to extremes of fighting with Rosalie and Emmett, because a pup. Sorry," I added quickly.

"You almost fought with Rose?!" Bella gasped, and started to imagine the scene. "Not quiet, almost." I added mildly. "She's not hurt, is she?!" Bella glared at me. I blinked, slightly confused. Since when did Bella care so much for Rosalie? I smiled lightly and kissed her. So caring, she was. "No. Now let's go back and let me apologize. I even destroyed Emmett's T.V." I was feeling more embarrassed by my actions, every second.


Alice's POV

Bella climbed onto Edward's back and he started to run. "Should I open my eyes this time? I might get used to it." "No, you don't." Edward smirked.

I fell forward into Jasper's arms. "Bella," I whispered, and smiled. "They're coming here. Go get Rosalie. Edward's going to be the gentleman he is, and apologize. This should be good, considering Rose's stubborn personality." I smiled to myself and Jasper rolled his eyes lightly.

"Rose," I called up the stairs. "What?" Rosalie growled. Emmett chuckled nervously and rubbed her shoulders. "Edward and Bella are coming. He has come to beg for your mercy." I sang happily.

"No, I haven't." Edward, clearly, didn't get my joke. "Though I have come to apologize for my behaviour. I am sorry I acted that way towards you, Emmett. And Rosalie," he stood at the door, with Bella behind him. She peeked over him and smiled at me. I smiled back, and waiting for Edward to continue.

"You were right. I am terribly sorry." He said with sincerity. "What did I just hear?" Emmett asked teasingly. "Edward admitting he was wrong, to none other than my Rose?" he smirked playfully. A giggle escaped from Bella's lips.

I rolled my eyes. He was pushing it. "Shut up, Emmett." Edward sighed. Rose cracked a smile and stuck her nose up. "I supposed I forgive you. On one account." Everyone froze. "Buy me that A/C Pressure switch. I have no time to search for it." And with that, she strode out of the room gracefully. Jasper chuckled. I raised my eyebrow, and he smiled easily. Since when did he know car parts?

Edward chuckled lightly and grabbed Bella's hand. They sat down at the couch. Emmett came downstairs, dragging Rosalie back. So much for an exit.

We all took a seat—it seemed as though Edward was about to announce something.

"Now that everything is all cleared up, I promise not to be mad. Don't make me read your thoughts. What does Operation G.B.B mean?" Emmett scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "You see…IT WAS ALICE'S IDEA!" He pointed at me accusingly. I snorted. "Must you blame everything on me and Jasper?"

"I would like to know too, if you don't mind." Bella added, eyeing us. Jasper sent out a wave of calm towards Edward—just to be safe.

"You see, we all know how much of an idiot Edward can be. Leaving Bella to live with that dog. Pfft. How much more stupid can you get?!" Emmett rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around Rosalie's shoulder.

"Obviously not anymore than you are." Edward whispered under his breath, which was totally unnecessary. "Anyways," I took over, "None of us could stand being away from Bella any longer, so we came up with Operation G.B.B." Edward's eyes widened, and he waiting for us to continue. Bella folded her hands in her lap and looked down.

"G.B.B. stands for Get Bella Back. We were to try and bring Bella back into our lives. The plan was for Alice to speak to Bella at school, and for me to drive her home with us, so we could get more information." Jasper continued, eyeing Edward. He winced as the memories came back to him.

"But before she could bring Bella here, Bella went to visit Jacob. That didn't go so well, and so Alice brought her here." Jasper motioned for Rosalie to continue. "We all know what happened then," she folded her arms. "After Edward left, Bella ran out, following everything that happened in here." Rosalie added sourly, even though she forgave Edward.

"And I almost did my job perfectly, as I didn't think of the plan!" Emmett said proudly. "Almost?" Jasper asked. "Heh. Well, I thought that Rosalie blew our cover, and er…yea…" Emmett shifted his weight uncomfortably. "Wait a second," Rosalie glared at Emmett. "You almost blew it, and Edward punched you! And then I defended you…YOU started the fight, Emmett!" Rosalie huffed.

Edward rolled his eyes and stood up with Bella's hand in his. I couldn't help but smile, as Esme did. Boy, I couldn't wait to tell her! "I'm going to take Bella out for lunch while I watch her eat." Edward said, causing Bella to blush. The two of them rushed out, and I turned to Jasper, giving him my brightest smile yet.

Everything was back to normal. Edward loved Bella, Bella loved Edward. And thus, the dog was left out. Score!


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