"I still dont see why I have to go to this stupid boarding." Spencer Reese complained looking out of the window of the limo.

"Its not a stupid school. Ask Logan he loves it." Malcom Reese said over a video chat. He was in Paris filming a movie.

"Yeah your probley forgetting the fact that everything I love she hates." Logan buted in. He was sitting next to his little sister Spencer. She smacked him and glared at him.

"Not everything!" She defended.

"Name 3 things." Logan challanged.

"Ok, We both love Gym Class Heros, Fall Out Boy and football." She said giving him the famous Reese smirk. She was 14 years old about to turn 15 in a month, and looked like a girl verson of Logan. Light brown hair, browish-greenish eyes and curly hair. The only thing that she had that Logan didnt was dimples. She was in her freshman year while Logan was in his sophmore.

"So, your gonna love PCA, I did, your grandfather did, and Logan does." Malcom said getting into the conversation again.


"No buts young lady...I have to go and you are going to PCA weather you like it or not, I have to go bye." Malcom said turning off the video chat.

"Yeah love you too dad." Logan and Spencer mumbled to the off computer. Logan's phone started to go off. He looked at his sidekick and it showed he had a new message.

Make sure you take care of Spenc no matter how much she fights you.


Logan shut his phone and looked at his sister, who was spaced. She was looking out the window with a mad face on.

"Why dont you want to go to PCA?" He asked.

" 'Cause none of my friends are going there, I wont know anyone but you." Spencer said.

"Zoey has a little brother in your grade, and your room mates will probley be your friends too." Logan said.

"How much longer?" Spencer asked their driver, Bert.

"About 10 minutes, and stop asking me that." Bert said annoyed. Spencer pressed the button to cut them off from the driver.

"Dont worry, you are definatly going to have great friends here." Logan said.

"Did you get that off a pamphlet or something?" Spencer asked.

"No, a Greeting card." He said smirking."But you will, after all you are a Reese."

"Yeah, I know." Spencer said as they pulled into the PCA parking lot.

"Is their going to be cake?" Dane Cruz asked as they got off the plane from New York.

"Yes, now stop asking questions." Dana said annoyed.

"Im sorry Day, im excited!" Dane said.

"So, im going to punch you if you dont stop." Dana threatend. Dane made a face at her while she had her pack turned. Dane Cruz was about 15 and he was in the freshman year. He had a skater style to him and the only things that he and Dana had in common were the last name, favorite band Cartel and their bad temper and attitude. Dane was way harder to get mad unlike Dana. Dane had light blue eyes and strait dirty blond hair that was always in his face.

"Fine whatever." Dane huffed as they spotted their cab driver with the sign that said Cruz's.

"Ok when we get there we have to drop our stuff off at our rooms and then we meet up at the central fountain, ok?" Dana asked as they pulled into PCA.

"Ok I got it." Dane said getting out of the cab and grabbing his bags. He waited for Dana to get her bags and take him to his room. They got right in the gate when they heard someone call out Dana's name.

"Zoey!" Dana screamed runing up to her and hugging her. They started to talk really fast and Dane cleared his throat."Oh yeah, this is my little brother Dane."

"Nice to meet you." Dane said putting his hand out for Zoey to shake.

"Like wise." Zoey said smiling."So Dana, how was france?"

"It was boring with out you guys there." Dana said.

"Did you go?" Zoey asked Dane.

"No, I stayed in New York." He said. A little blonde boy came running over to Zoey out of breath.

"Dustin are you ok?" Zoey asked concerned.

"I saw...a...squirrel." Dustin said shaking. Dustin was 15 and still looked about the same but taller.

"Your afraid of squirrels?" Dane asked rasing an eyebrow.

"Yeah, and any other animal." Dustin confessed.

"Hey, Dustin what room are you in?" Dana asked.

"29, why?" Dustin asked.

"Because thats the same room Dane, My brother, is in." Dana said. She pushed him over by Dustin and started to talk to Zoey again. Dane rolled his eyes and started to walk with Dustin.

"So, hows life with Danger Cruz?" Dustin asked as they made their way to their room.

"Evil, she's my sister and all but I think she might be the devil too." Dane said. Dustin laughed.

"Im glad my sister's nice. She's over protective but nice." Dustin said. Dane wasnt looking where he was going and bumped into somebody.

"Hey watch it!" The person yelled.

"Sorry." Dane said looking at the person. It was a girl.

"Just watch out next time." She said brushing her self off.

"Ok, Im Dane Cruz by the way." He said putting his hand out.

"Im Spencer Reese." She said shaking his hand.

"Wait as in Logan Reese's sister?" Dustin asked.

"Yeah and you are?" Spencer asked.

"Dustin Brooks, Zoey Brooks brother." Dustin said.

"Spenc!" Logan called walking over to her. Dane noticed that she rolled her eyes.

"Hey Logan!" Dustin said as Logan stood by Spencer.

"Whats up Dust?" Logan asked as they did their secret handshake.

"You know him as a friend?" Spencer asked Dustin.

"Yeah, he's my sister's friend." Dustin said.

"God I feel bad for you." Spencer said. Logan smacked her arm.

"Dane, I thought you were going to your room?" Dana asked coming over with Zoey by her side.

"I was but..."

"Cruz?" Logan asked

"What?" Dana and Dane asked. Dana's eyes went wide.

"Reese?" She asked.

"Yeah." Logan and Spencer said.

"Confusing!" Spencer yelled out."Ok which Reese were you talking about?"

"Mr.Egomaniac Reese." Dana said.

"Oh come on Dana we both know you want me." Logan said with the Reese smirk plastered on his face. Spencer rolled her eyes.

"I told you, you have a big ego." Spencer said smirking.

"Shut up." Logan ordered.

"And who's this?" Dana asked looking at Spencer.

"She's my.."

"Im Spencer Reese and yes im his sister, I know sad isnt it?" Spencer said with a sigh.

"I can tell im going to like you already." Dana said laughing."What room are you in?"

"102." Spencer said looking at her hand. She wrote the number down on her hand so she wouldnt forget it.

"Thats right next to mine, i'll show you where it is, come on." Dana said. Spencer nodded and started to walk off with Dana and Zoey.

"Dana is best friends with my little sister already? God this year is going to suck." Logan mumbled going off to his own room.

should i keep or delete?

Spencer- is kind of a punk/skater

Dane- is a skater

Dustin- is dustin

Logan- is like he always is along with all the characters we know and love.

Presley aka Crash