Logan was sitting on the fountain after eating at Sushi Roxz, he knew that Dana left earlier and he had a feeling that she was going to take the long way to her dorm. After about 3 minutes of waiting sure enough Dana walked by looking spaced. He snuck up behind her.

"Boo!" He said and Dana, like lightning turned around and punched him in the stomach. He bent over holding his stomach in pain.

" Logan! God I am so sorry." Dana said trying not to laugh." After all this time you would think you would get smarter, guess not."

"There's the attitude I love so much." Logan said smirking. He stood up tall and Dana rolled her eyes. She started to walk away but Logan grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug.

"Um… Logan? What are you doing?" Dana asked looking around.

"I missed you Dana." Logan mumbled into her hair.

"I missed you too, Logan." Dana whispered as she barred her face in his chest as they held each other tightly. They heard someone clear their throat behind them. They turned around to see, Spencer and Dane behind them.

"Aw you guys are so cute! Now I know why you like it here so much Lo." Spencer joked. Dane laughed.

"And now I know why you wanted to go here so much Day." Dane said.

"Get out of here you little scum bags!" Dana ordered.

"Ok as soon as you guys let go of each other." Spencer said smirking. Dana looked down at them and she was still in Logan's grasp. She pushed him away.

"There now go!" Dana said glaring at them.

"Ok let's go." Dane said nervously pulling Spencer along with him even though she was protesting the whole time.

"Why can't we bug them more?" Spencer asked as they got to the beach.

"Believe me you don't want to mess with my sister when she's pissed." Dane said sitting on the sand.

"Can you believe that no one else wanted to come to the beach with us, I mean the beach is like the coolest place ever." Spencer said sitting next to him.

"I know I love it here. I think it's better at night though." Dane said.

"Yeah no people to make it all crowded. I still dont want to go swiming at night though." Spencer said.

"Yeah I like all of my limbs attatched to my body thank you." Dane said. Spencer giggled and dug her feet into the sand.

"So what else do you like to do for fun?" Spencer asked.

"I like to write lyrics and sing. I had a band back home but we broke up because of creative diffrences." Dane said.

"That sucks. Are you a good singer?" Spencer asked.

"I won my school talent show once with my voice." Dane gloted. Spencer giggled again. "What?"

"Your cute when you glote." She said smiling and pinching his cheek. He smiled and blushed a little.

"Only when I glote or all the time?" He asked smirking. Spencer giggled and pushed him a little.

"Dont smirk, you remined me of my older brother." Spencer shivered.

"Ok I can remember that, and I have a question." Dane said nervously. Spencer gave him a nod."Will you go out with me?"

Spencer laughed.

"Um...not exactly the reaction I was looking for..." Dane said looking at her funny.

"Sorry its just remember what I said earlier? How I dont fall in love that easiley." Spencer said. Dane nodded."What else did I say? I need something worth tripping over."

Spencer got up and brushed herself off and started to walk away. Dane stood up and looked at her confused.

"What does that mean!?" He yelled to her.

"Do something to 'Woo' me." Spencer said getting off the beach.

"Something to woo her with?" Dane mumbled to himself. He started to think as he went back to his dorm.


"So how was france?" Logan asked as they sat down by the lake under the moon light.

"It was ok but it had way to many preppy people over there." Dana said laughing.

"Do you want to start over again or pick up where we left off?" Logan asked looking into her eyes.

"Well seeing as how we left each other, I say we stay how we are." Dana said with a smirk. Logan smirked back and leaned in to kiss her. (a/n: bet u didnt see that one coming!)


"Why cant you just be happy for me!?" Dana yelled at Logan who just made her current boyfriend walk away from her in the pooring rain. She was walking away from Logan and chasing after Sean.

"Because!" He yelled back. They were in the middle of the court yard now. Dana stoped and looked at him.

"Because what? Because im happy? Because you cant find a decent girl? Because you cant keep a girl? Because..." Dana yelled before Logan pulled her roughly against him and kissed her hard on the lips. Dana eventually relaxed and wrapped her arms around his neck as Logan pulled her tightly around her waist to himself. Dana and Logan broke the kiss to breath and Logan rested his forehead against hers.

"Because your supposed to be with me." Logan whispered. Dana had a look of shock in her eyes.

"With you? But you...I...Thats what I was doing." Dana said confused.

"What?" Logan asked.

"I was going to break up with Sean but..and I-I love you but...that was because im leaving." Dana said slowly.

"No...you cant...I love you...you cant leave now...what about us?" Logan studdard, disbelieving every word she said.

"I have to leave, but im definetly coming back." Dana said.

"When you do we're going out as soon as you get back." Logan said with his cocky smirk.

"Hey, who said I would go out with you?" Dana asked smirking.

"You said you love me so you have to." Logan said smirking. "And plus who wouldnt want to go out with me?"

"Ok, fine I will." Dana said kissing Logan again.

End Flashback...

Dana was now on her back and Logan was on top of her as they were making out.

"I really missed you." Logan said looking into her eyes still on top of her.

"Me, too." Dana said smiling capturing his lips with his again.

Presley aka Crash with Writers Block