Warning!!! Lots of OOC-ness!!!!

Chapter 2

Dawn broke, shedding its first rays into the bedroom. All that could be heard was the gentle breathing of a teen sleeping peacefully. He was curled into a little ball, his head buried in the pillows. The sun shown a little more fiercely, trying to get the sleeping teen awake.

The teen groaned and shut his eyes tightly, wishing the damn sun would go away. He groaned again and sat up, his long blond hair falling over his face. Slowly, Ed stumbled out of bed, dragging half the sheets and blanket with him. He fought with the materials that desperately clung to his body, restricting his movement, and pulling him back to bed. With a frustrated sigh, he let himself fall back onto the bed, letting the covers engulf him totally, like a giant monster devouring its prey. The only difference was that he did not wish to leave the bed and was rather comfortable with the fact that he could return to the land where he was the boss and everyone listened to him. But then again dreams are fickle things in which anything can happen, so he had to be careful what he wished for.

"Ed," He cracked an eye open to glance at the person who was rudely waking him up. Wait? What!?

"Bastard?" Roy smiled and walked over to the blinds and ranked them open, forcing Ed to squint. "Bastard! What the hell was that for!?" Roy didn't answer but sat back down on the bed.


"Why didn't you tell me?"


"Why didn't you tell me you were afraid of thunderstorms?"

"Why?! Cuz you would make fun of me bastard! You already make fun of me for my shortness so why not just add to the list!"


"And it's none of your damn business if im scared or not! Its not like you care!"



"Shut up."


Roy sighed and pulled Ed close. Ed squirmed for a moment but Roy tightened his grips and Ed gave up. "I know why."


"Al. He told me some of it, but not the whole thing."

He heard Ed sigh, "Before mom died, I was always scared of thunderstorms. Every time one occurred, mom would comfort me. When...when she dies things changed. Al tried to comfort me, but it wasn't the same. He wasn't...warm." Ed buried his nose in Roy's shirt. His eye lids were growing heavy and he wanted to go back to bed. "Thanks Roy."

"I'll always be here Ed, I promise."

Roy would always stay with Ed while it was thunder storming after that.