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Eyes Part 2

He fought on instinct. He fought to breathe. To break through the water. To pull himself to shore.

He lay there for moments, long agonizing moments. Waiting for someone to find him. Afraid he would die before they did, worse that they would be able to save him and give the other one a chance to return.

He had to get away from the public, so that when they found his body it would be too late.

He recalled a safe house. The other man had set a few up in various times of crisis and after. They were rarely used, sometimes they were just a place to plan out the next strike or clean up after it.

It turned his stomach, but he was desperate. Jason didn't share the information with anyone, so it would be safe to use. If there was a paper trail that would lead to it, it would take days, if not longer.

He made his way slowly, at several points convinced it would be his end. Only eventually the house came into sight.

He fell into the dirt surrounding the house as he tried to grab the key out of its hiding place under the front porch. He debated laying there waiting to die. Wondering if the shrubbery blocked him from view.

Then it started to occur to him it might be slightly nicer to die with a pillow under his head and a blanket to stop the chills.

He remembered a phone.

Several burner phones.

He smiled before grimacing as he pushed himself up.


She smiled at him.

She had called out his name, rushed into the room and then smiled as she saw him. Lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

The peace came back to him. He briefly wondered if that meant he was about to die, only then he realized there was no way Brenda would let that happen.

"I've missed you." He wasn't sure what he had said on the phone to her. Something along the lines of he needed her and telling her to tell no one he had called. Logically it hadn't been his wisest move, he had things to say, things his corpse wouldn't be able to say. He had lasted, he had lasted this long. "He was pretty sure it was because he had wanted to see that, her smile yet again.

Brenda's smile changed, a little bittersweet, a little heartbroken, entirely lovely.

"I was waiting for you."

"I came as fast as I could."

"I was waiting for you," he repeated the words, finally understanding what they meant.

Her smile was confused. There was another flash of pain in her eyes.


"Jason?" There was a flash of it as she said his name, a flash of that smile. That smile. The one he had been waiting years for and ached without it. It was followed by a heartbreaking expression.

"Brenda," Jason smiled.

She let out a ragged breath before running to him. Kneeling beside him, a hand on the side of his face, it was if she was lit from within, how she glowed. "How?"

"You took too long."

Her head shook.

"I couldn't move on without you," he let out a weak disbelieving laugh, amazed he hadn't figure that out until now.

"You weren't supposed to move anywhere, you weren't supposed to go anywhere," her fingers tugged at the back of his head.

"Duly noted."

Her breath stopped as he flinched. Her fingers flexed slightly as they lifted off of him feeling the warm wetness that lingered on him. "How bad?" It was all she could ask. There had been a voicemail from Alice, not her ex-husband, but Alice telling her that Jason was missing and that it wasn't looking well. A voicemail twelve hours after she had gotten the call from Jason telling her to come, to not tell anyone, to go to him. She hadn't thought, she had reacted. She had left her son with the sweet older woman that had been living with them as a nanny for months. She had called a friend with a jet because she knew the trail wouldn't immediately lead back to her.

"Hurts like hell," he gave a small smile.


"No exit wound, but it didn't hit anything major. He drowned," Jason frowned realizing that. The bullet had definitely done its damage, but despite the fact that it felt as if he was dying, he hadn't actually died.



"Your breath," Brenda overlooked all the things she wanted to say.

He noticed it now, the shallowness. He had been sleeping, sleeping for what felt like ages, barely slipping out of it until she arrived. "He drowned. There's water in my lungs."

"Okay," Brenda nodded trying to take a calming breath, "so we'll call an ambulance and whatever is going on with any criminal activity. We'll deal with it later. We need to keep you alive."

"No," Jason grabbed her hand as she went to stand, "no hospitals. No one can know I'm still alive."

"Not going to be a problem if you die."

"There's a kit. The cupboard in the bathroom, under the sink, there's a fake wall."

"And a doctor lives in there?"


"Jason, you can't-"

"I am telling you I'd rather die than go back."

"Oxygen," Brenda nodded and stood.


"If I die," Jason told her pulling the mask off his face, "you have to let me go. This has to be over. Don't do anything."

"I can't promise that," she smiled through her heartbreak, "so don't die. Don't leave again."


He wasn't aware of the lapse in time because she was still before him every time he opened his eyes.

Suddenly though there was a stranger with his hands on the wound that marred his flesh.

"Don't fight him," Brenda ordered. "He came up from New York. The only time people find out what he's done is when they confess when they're high or drunk."

"Don't bring me back, no matter what she says," was all he said before he let the darkness claim him again.


He awoke as they were trying to move him as the doctor had replenished his fluids enough to risk going after the bullet. He aided their efforts to get him to the dining table, which they had moved into the room, then all mercifully went black again.


He awoke to her hand in his hair, "Still alive," she smiled at him.

He removed his mask, amazed at his own strength just as the doctor had been as they changed positions. "I fought for years, a day is nothing."

"Did you really?" Her smile was weaker this time.

"You don't remember," his fingers reached out for her face, she caught them and held them pressed into her cheek.

"I saw you sometimes, hidden deep within him. Beyond what was on his face, trapped in his eyes. I would see you and I would try to reach you, but-"

"I heard, I saw everything."

"But it wasn't enough."

"It was always enough, you were always enough. I just couldn't. You wouldn't stay and I couldn't go-"

"Stay where?" Brenda questioned, but it was too late, he was asleep again.


The low grade fever that had been present when Brenda arrived eventually erupted as Jason's body reacted to all the elements and stress it had been exposed to.

They got him off the table and into the wheelchair the doctor had brought. They settled him into the bedroom on the main floor. Brenda sat beside him as hours turned into days. Never daring to join him on the bed and add anymore warmth to his already overheated body. She slept in the chair, but she always managed to be beside him with a smile when he roused from consciousness.

When she was finally in a deep sleep he awoke. The object he had spied several times earlier finally called to him with enough strength that he was able to climb out of the bed. He collapsed on the dresser when he finally made it the few feet, to the mirror, the object he needed. "Let go," he said looking into his own eyes. "Jake, everyone, they're waiting for you. It's my turn. Let me have this. Let me have her. Let her have this."

"Jason," Brenda was on her feet before she was even awake, her arm around his waist. "What are you doing?" Her eyes joined his in the mirror.

"Saying goodbye."


Two weeks passed before Jason was well enough to travel. She drove them to a safe house he had set up in Kentucky. He had documents for them all. Morgan had updated the stash of false identities during the Balkan fiasco. While Brenda flew back to Rome, she never flew back to the states. Vivian and Alex Gray flew to Alabama from Greece three weeks later to meet Kyle Gray, husband and father, who had already started setting up a new life for them.

She had said her tearful goodbye to Edward over the phone; she told him she didn't believe the rumors of Jason's death. She told him she was sure Jason loved him and that one day she would tell him that he had been loved as well. She told him not to be scared that she knew Lila was waiting for him and that they would all one day see each other again and not to worry about them. They would all be fine.

It hadn't been hard for people to believe she would pack up after that. She told everyone after she returned that she wanted to start fresh. She wanted to erase the lives that they'd led that allowed things like Jason's death to happen. She wanted more for her son.

Vivian departed Greece a caramel blonde, who wore glasses and no makeup. When she arrived in Birmingham, her husband already had her suitcases in the trunk filled with clothing from the Gap and Old Navy.

Kyle Gray did not resemble the mobster Jason Morgan from Port Charles. He dropped 15 pounds the first two weeks because of his illness and the first week on his own he cut out meat, upped his veggies and started going on long walks to regain his strength. By the second week he managed to run for short intervals, the third week he ran 14 miles.

Vivian cursed him out for losing nearly thirty pounds in five weeks.

He didn't look like a man who had recently been shot and assumed dead. His skin held a slight glow from being outside, his hair a preppy blonde cut. The blonde courtesy of Sun-In. He wore jeans and polos.

Everyone in the small town liked them from the start. He'd been in finance and they had lived and traveled all around Europe and would describe the majestic feats they saw or he saw. Brenda ranked things based on the food and people and he describes the sights. They brought something new to the small town.

They had been separated for a few years, since Alex was quite young. His job had gotten to be too much and she had just wanted to be settled. It took him a few years to agree because after all she had agreed to the life before they were married. That earned them both sympathy and disdain, but made them relatable.

Mike, Kyle's best friend figured it out and Claudine, the fashion obsessed teenager, and they were both able to talk them out of exposing the truth.

Mike was relieved that Kyle wasn't hiding his true nature and Claudine thought the whole thing was exciting.


"Are you happy?" Jason asked as Brenda was sitting on the grass in their backyard, legs extended, arms stretched behind her allowing her to recline, Jason's head resting on her thighs, just visible beyond the bump of their growing child.

"I could use a foot rub if you're offering."

"I mean with this," Jason pushed himself up, "being a stay at home mom. Carpooling to camp. Bowling league. You were the face of-"

"I'm a wife, I'm a mother," she touched one of his cheek's with one hand as the other went to her stomach. "Do you see him?" Brenda looked several feet in front of them to their son, continuing to run through the sprinkler even though Jason had stopped several minutes earlier. "He's a perfectly average kid."

"Average though Brenda, there was nothing about you-"

"I'm not scared of dying. You came back to me-"

"I was trapped-"

"You were somewhere Jason." The mutterings he had spoken as the fever raged had disappeared as it broke. He recalled nothing of where he had been aside from feeling trapped, he recalled everything, but he knew the actions weren't his own. "I know that this isn't it. I could do anything. I can fly, jump out of a plane, climb a mountain. This is what I want. I could die and I wouldn't have any regrets."


"I want to have this little girl and be class mom. I don't care where we do it. I just want us to be together. Do you want to go back? To your mom and AJ?"

His head shook, "I'm not ready."

"When you are, we'll face it as a family."


AJ was racing to make his flight when he stopped in the crowded terminal. Ducking his head around, shoving past a few people despite the fact that he knew it would all be in his head. He was there though, at least a dozen feet away. A red baby carrier on his chest and a baby facing outward taking in the world as Jason pushed the luggage cart with a car seat about to tumble off.

Jason turned as AJ was frozen; his expression confused, then concerned, then a smile as he noticed his brother smiling.

"Kyle, stop being a slacker, we're hungry."

AJ knew that voice and he followed Jason's eyes to see the back of Brenda. A toddler girl with springy brown curls on her hip, the boy next to her only shorter by several inches.

His eyes turned back to Jason, who also had turned back. Jason smiled, a laughing smile.

AJ smiled back.

"DAD!" The boy yelled.

Jason chuckled, shrugged his shoulders and nodded at his brother.

AJ nodded back and let his brother walk away.

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