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Chapter 1:

I can't believe they are making us do this. Training program my ass. "Warren would you stop silently bitching and get a move on?" His mother yelled upstairs.

Warren trudged down the stairs of their two story house carrying and old army duffle bag stuffed full of clothes and anything he'd need for his trip. "I hate it when you bug my brain." He growled.

His mother, Irene, looked at him sternly. "Don't take that tone with me Warren Alexander Peace."

Warren muttered incoherently under his breath and dropped the duffle on the floor by the front door. "Powers is only sending us cause we saved the school." He said angrily.

"Warren I'd think you would like to see New York. And besides this will be good for you and the others to see how hero's actually work." Irene said.

"It's just a lame excuse for summer camp mom. I don't want to go."

"Well you're going now stop complaining and get out to the truck." Irene said sternly.

Great just great. I have to spend my entire three month summer vacation leading into my senior year in New York with a bunch of sidekicks and Stronghold learning the importance's of being a hero. This sucks big time. Warren grumbled in thought.

He climbed up into his mother's truck throwing his bag in the extended cab backseat and taking the driver's side. Irene walked out of the house locking the door and headed to the passenger side and climbed into the truck.


Warren had checked his bag and said his goodbyes to his mother before heading to the gate to meet the others. "Warren hey wassup?" Zach said coming over holding out his hand, attempting to be 'gangster'. Warren glanced at his hand rolled his eyes glowering and sat in one of the several open seats.

"Warren?" Warren had leaned his head back and was resting his eyes when that one voice got to him.

"Hippie." He muttered.

Layla took a seat next to him and sighed. "What put you in such a fowl mood? You should be excited this will be fun." She said trying to cheer him up.

"Shouldn't you be, I dunno, smooching with Stronghold?" Warren groaned.

"New York will be fun Warren come on just cheer up a little bit." Layla said.

Warren sighed and sat up a bit and then leaned forwards resting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. "If you haven't noticed hippie I'm not having the brightest of years." Warren mumbled.

Layla patted his shoulder lightly and then removed her hand when he tensed up. "Sorry Warren."

"It isn't your fault." Warren said softly. It's mine for thinking she could get past my father's reputation. He thought.

"If it counts for anything I think you're a really nice guy Warren. And if I wasn't in love with Will…"

"Don't say it hippie." Warren said lifting his head a bit. "It's fine. I really should be looking forward to just getting away from here for a while, but I had plans this summer, yeah know."

Layla nodded. "You didn't have to say yes."

"I didn't really my mom did for me. The only other person who really has any say over my life besides me. She thinks this will be good for me. You know help with my antisocial ways and all."

"Well you are a bit antisocial Warren." Layla said.

Warren growled to himself and then sat back slumping in the chair a bit. "Whatever." He grumbled and the conversation was over like that.

After a bit of sitting and a bit more silence Will showed up jogging towards the group. Magenta had showed up shortly after Layla, Ethan came next and Zach had been there a while.

"Layla." Will smiled as she stood and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. He put his arm around her waist and they turned towards Warren who was sitting silently his eyes closed. "Warren man what's up?"

"Stronghold." Warren snarled.

Layla gave will a look and unnoticeable shake of her head and he decided to keep quiet. They sat and waited for their flight to be called and when it was they all got onto the plan, not surprised at all that Powers and sprung for first class. "Does anyone else feel like this is sort of a make up for homecoming? You know sending us to New York for the summer?" Magenta asked out loud shortly after take off. The attendants were beginning to come down the aisles with carts of drinks to serve.

Warren grunted, but didn't speak as he pulled his head phones out of his pocket and his black I-pod and turned it on setting it to a song he enjoyed and fell asleep.

New York:

"Wow!" Zach cooed looking at the big buildings of New York from the cab window. Warren rolled his eyes and Ethan was just staring in silent awe out the window in the front seat of the cab.

"I wonder if we'll see Time Square?" Ethan pondered out loud.

"Maybe we can get Power's to spring for tickets to TRL!" Zach put in enthusiastically.

"Will you two shut up." Warren grumbled. Zach and Ethan didn't speak again until the two cabs arrived outside of the Baxter Building. They all got out retrieved their bags and headed inside. The 'lobby' was dimly lit, but nice sort of and it looked old.

Warren rolled his eyes. "I thought we were going to where we'd be staying?" He groaned.

The elevator door was opening and out stepped a young girl of about seventeen. She stood about 5'6 had long blonde hair, and hazel eyes. She wore a blue form fitted ¾ sleeve hoodie tee and black dickies slacks and all black lo top chucks. She had fair but tan skin and her hair partially pinned back out of her face. "You're here." She said smiling. Her smile was brilliant, vibrant and perfect and her lips were full.

"Here?" Layla asked.

The girl nodded and smiled again. "My name is Sydney and welcome to the Baxter Building official headquarters to the Fantastic four."

Ethan and Zach both became very excited, Zach enough so to glow. "This is so cool." Ethan said.

"Glad you feel that way. My cousin will arrive in a few moments and we'll show you to where you'll be staying for the remainder of the summer."

Layla smiled. "I'm sorry we should introduce ourselves. I'm Layla, I can manipulate plants."

Sydney smiled at her brightly. "It's nice to meet you."

"I'm Will Stronghold."

"Super strength and sonic flight?" Sydney asked. He nodded.

"I'm Magenta and this is Zach my boyfriend. I can shape shift into a guinea pig and he glows."

"I'm Ethan I melt." Sydney grinned kindly at all of them.

And just as Warren was about to reluctantly give his name they heard someone running in their footsteps heavy and hurried. Whoever it was stopped in front of Sydney back turned to the others hunched over breathing heavily. "Bout damn time you showed up." Sydney said.

The person stood and it was obvious it was a female figure. From behind Warren could tell she had thick long dark brown hair, the underside on the back completely black. About an inch of the tips of her hair were blue. Warren also noticed she wore a lot less than her cousin, apparently. She had on very low rise worn and faded black jeans, the cuffs torn at her boot souls and she wore and cropped white jean halter vest with an equally cropped long sleeve top underneath. From midway down her back to above the rim of her jeans was exposed flesh. On her lower back directly in the middle of her back was a tattooed 4.

"Shut up! I ran her all the way from…oh hell never mind." She groaned and turned around. If it was possible Warren felt his heart skip a beat, the girl before him was about his age eighteen or so she had tone to her abdomen and a very shapely but perfect cut form. She wasn't stick straight, but had curves to her thinness. Her eyes were a deep green and piercing right through him. "Take a picture it'll last longer." She said glowering at him for staring.

"Will you stand still?" He asked sarcastically bitter.

The girl glared at him. "Name solider."

"A) I'm not a solider and B) it's Warren Peace." Warren shot back.

She looked him over seemingly scrutinizing every detail. "So you're the hothead. I was expecting something…different."

"Sorry to disappoint sweetheart." Warren retorted.

"Dannie-Lynn." Sydney said in almost a scolding tone.

Dannie-Lynn scowled at Warren. "Hothead." She snarled.

"Smartass." He replied snappishly.

Dannie-Lynn just turned away and began silently conversing with Sydney. "Warren why do you do that?" Layla asked.

"What? She started it." Warren said.

They all shook their heads and rolled their eyes. Dannie-Lynn and Sydney turned back around and the difference between them became obvious. Dannie-Lynn wasn't as sophisticated as Sydney, but there was some family resemblance.

Just as Sydney was about to open her mouth the ground started to rattle just a bit. "Oh boy." Sydney said. "He's running and fast." She said to Dannie-Lynn.

Dannie-Lynn smiled innocently and shrugged. "I didn't do anything." She said playfully. She looked at the others and then turned and started running for the elevators. Before the doors could even open in walked a tall rock figure. "Dannie!" He growled.

"Oh shit!" Dannie-Lynn exclaimed as she turned around and saw the very mad man/rock thing coming towards her. "Hey B what's up?" She said innocently.

"Dannie-Lynn you wouldn't happen to know anything about this…" He turned around and point to his back, which had a very graphic tagging on his back. Mostly bad words.

"No what would make you think that B?" She asked feigning innocence. A snort of laughter came from Sydney as she just stood smirking at the seen.

"I dunno why I put up with you and your father." He grumbled and started away. Dannie-Lynn snickered to herself and Ben turned around and growled at her. "How am I supposed to save people with this on my back?"

"Don't worry Ben I think Mom has something to wash that off with." Sydney said kindly.

"You're Ben Grimm?" Will said excitedly.

Ben merely grunted in response. "So cool." Ethan and Zach said together. While his back was turned on her Dannie-Lynn snuck up on Ben silently and got just behind him and on her tiptoes as best she could in her doc martens and hollered in his ear.

"BIRD!!!!!!!!" Ben threw his hands over his head and ducked.

"Dannie-Lynn!" Dannie-Lynn stopped giggling and looked up to where her aunt and uncle were walking in the building shortly followed by her father. "Apologize right now." Sue Richards said.

"Sorry Ben." Dannie-Lynn said patting his shoulder. "Those damn birds get you every time huh?" She mocked and then jumped out of reach of a half-hearted swing.

"Hey keep your rock paws of my daughter." Johnny jogged over stepping between Dannie-Lynn and Ben.

"Your princess started it." Ben turned showing Johnny his back. Johnny and Dannie-Lynn both snickered. Johnny turned to her nodding and smirking with approval.

"Nice." He said and they high-five'd.

"Johnny would you stop encouraging her. Danielle Lynn Storm next time you scheme on anyone and you wont be allowed to use your powers for two weeks." Sue said assertively.

Dannie-Lynn glared at her. "I love you Aunt Sue but you are not my mother."

Johnny stepped between them. "Now come on. Dannie-Lynn stop and Sue she's a teenager you were once too remember."

"She's just like you Johnny. You need to grow up and show your daughter how to be an adult. She isn't going to make it in the world if she acts like you all the time." Sue said firmly frowning at him.

"What's wrong with how I'm making it in the world?" Dannie-Lynn snorted at her Aunt. "At least I have friends."

"What was that?" Sue asked her angrily.

"Ok chill out. Now." Reed said. "What's done is done. Sue Dannie-Lynn is Johnny's daughter and no matter how much we lack the enjoyment of some of the things she's done, she isn't an all around bad kid. And we don't need to worry to much about her we have two of our own to take care of."

"Fine." Sue said and then looked at Dannie-Lynn who was now standing next to her father. "You're right. I'm not your mother I just wish you'd try to behave a little more."

Dannie-Lynn sighed softly and then looked up at her aunt. "Sorry Aunt Sue."

Sue smiled at her and turned to Ben and smirked. "Oh Ben what have they done to you?" She asked sardonically. "Come on I have some stuff in the lab that will remove that. Reed why don't you join the girls in showing our guests to where they'll be staying. We'll join you in a bit to introduce ourselves." Sue suggested.

Reed nodded kissed her cheek and Sue went on her way. She took the stairs up with Ben so he'd have some company. Johnny, Reed, and Dannie-Lynn walked back over to the six students from sky high. "Hey there kids I'm Johnny and it seems you've met my daughter Dannie-Lynn." Johnny said enthusiastically.

He was still a hothead and loved pissing Ben off for fun just as much as Dannie-Lynn did even at forty-two, but he did look good for his age. He didn't pass for a day over thirty-five.

"I'm Reed Richards and you've met my daughter Sydney. Welcome to New York. This summer we're going to expose you to the other side of being a hero. You've learned in school and now you're going to get up front first hand knowledge, all though growing up and attending sky high I'm sure you've seen a few things."

"Dad talking to much." Sydney told her father.

Reed nodded and looked back to the teens. "Anyways why don't we get you upstairs and settled. Sue was planning on preparing a nice home cooked meal for your arrival. Johnny you take Dannie, Will, Warren and Layla in one elevator and I'll take the rest."

Johnny nodded and the respective kids followed their respective adults to the right elevators and started up to the thirtieth floor. "So Dannie-Lynn how was school?" Johnny asked randomly as the elevator went up.

"Obligatory Dad questions…um fine for the most part." Dannie-Lynn said. She looked at Will and Layla. "I'm sorry I don't think I got your names." She said kindly, for her anyways.

"I'm Layla and this is Will." Layla said smiling.

"Right. K now I at least know what to scream at you if you get to suck face on the couch." She said bluntly. Johnny smacked her upside the head and earned a soft snort of laughter from Warren. "Shut up hothead." Dannie-Lynn glared at him over her shoulder. The elevator came to a halt and they all disembarked and walked down the hall and into the enormous loft. There was an open kitchen and living room and up the floating staircase lead to the rooms upstairs.

"This will be a coed stay." Johnny said smirking. "Boys you will be staying upstairs to the left and the girls will be on the right. Dannie-Lynn why don't you take them up and show them their rooms."

Dannie-Lynn nodded and took Sydney's wrist and dragged her up as soon as she walked in the door. "Come on!" She called. "Will start with the girls. Magenta first door on the left and Layla last door on the right. Layla and Magenta each entered their respective rooms and Dannie-Lynn turned and headed down the other side of the hall. "Warren, Will, these rooms and Ethan and Zach you'll share." As she went she pointed to the door. "Any questions?"

"Yeah what's the last door on the left than?" Zach asked.

"That is my brother TJ's room and do not enter unless you're invited." Sydney answered.

The boys went into their rooms and Sydney and Dannie-Lynn went to theirs. Dannie-Lynn grabbed the remote for her stereo and turned it on.


Break me down
You got a lovely face
We're going to your place
And now you got to freak me out
Scream so loud
Getting fucking laid
You want me to stay
But I got to make my way

You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream
I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on

(Repeat Chorus)

Take it off
The paper is your game
You jump in bed with fame
Another one night paid in full
You're so fine
It won't be a loss
Cashing in the rocks
Just to get you face to face

(Chorus x2)

Get the video
Fuck you so good
Get the video
Fuck you so good

Crazy bitch
Crazy bitch
Crazy... bitch


You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream
I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back
Come on!

Baby girl
You want it all
To be a star you'll have to go down
Take it off
No need to talk
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me!

(Chorus x2)

You keep me right on
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me!

Just as the song was coming to an end there was a knock on Dannie-Lynn's door and she answered it closing her laptop and setting it aside on her bed. She had grabbed it from her desk and lay on her bed to check her messages.

Dannie-Lynn got up from her bed and went and opened her door.

Warren shut the door to his room dropping his army duffle on the bed. Maybe this trip wouldn't be as bad as he thought. A summer of verbal sparring with a hot girl could I get any luckier? He thought amusedly to himself.

"I should apologize for earlier though. My mom would have my head if she knew I stared, got bitched at and snapped back." Warren muttered to himself.

He got up and went down the hall not exactly certain, which out of the two that rooms Hippie and rodent girl weren't occupying was hers. But it soon became clear when the sounds of rock could be heard booming in the farthest room on the left. That has to be her. He thought. He went to the door and listened for a minute to the song.

"Crazy bitch, crazy bitch, crazy…bitch…Hey you're crazy bitch but you fuck so good I'm on top of it, when I dream, I'm doing you all night, scratches all down my back to keep me right on…" Warren hadn't ever heard the song before, but he liked it. From the little bit he had heard anyway. When the song ended he knocked.

Soft shuffling around could be heard and then the door opened his head was tilted down to avoid eye contact. He didn't usually do this but he felt he owed her at least this. "I came to apologize for being rude earlier." Warren said. He didn't look up but he did glance her over without her knowledge, he hoped.

Something he hadn't noticed downstairs in the lobby was that she seemed to have a tattoo on the front of her body as well, but it wasn't visible, well fully anyway. There were small flickers of flaming dancing up part way up her abdomen and beneath the front of her jeans. I wonder what it looks like in full view? Warren pondered silently.

"You're ogling me again." Dannie-Lynn said. Warren jerked his head up but saw that she was smirking at him playfulness evident in her eyes. "Gottcha." She said confidently. "Maybe sometime I'll show you the final product."

"What?" Warren asked confused.

"My tattoo." Dannie-Lynn said glancing down at her abdomen. And then back at him. "I can sort of feel when people have their eyes on me. It's like this sixth sense or something."

Warren nodded. "Oh." He said lamely. "Well I shouldn't…"

"It's fine really. I'm over it. I was just in a bad mood is all." Dannie-Lynn said.

"So what do you mean by I wasn't what you expected?" Warren asked.

Dannie-Lynn laughed softly tilting her head down. "I knew that was coming. I bet I can describe you in one word."

"Let's hear it." Warren said smugly.

"Anitsocial." Dannie-Lynn replied.

Warren nodded crossing his arms over his chest slightly defensive. "Ok you caught me." He said.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything but I was expecting…ok think of it this way Fire likes to spread it's wild and uncontrollable. No offense but you seem to be the loner type and besides looking the part and a couple red streaks you don't look all that wild to me. But don't take it personally I've never actually been around someone who's had generations of family hero's and what not."

"What do you mean?" Warren asked confused.

Dannie-Lynn invited him into her room and he looked around. She had a stereo system shelved on one wall a couch on another, a walk in closet just to the right looking dead on of the couch and a window on the wall directly opposite the wall with the stereo system. Her bed on the opposing wall from the couch and closet. It was a nice size room and was decently decorate.

There was a guitar in the corner next to Dannie-Lynn's bed and different band posters and paintings on the walls. The walls were a dark gray and everything else was blue, black or red. "Have a seat." Dannie-Lynn pointed to her small couch and Warren did just that. "What I mean is, my aunt, uncle, father and Ben weren't born with their powers."

"Oh." Warren said. He had read about the fantastic four he should know this, but he was to tranced by Dannie-Lynn to think.

"I was but that's because my father's DNA was mutated and it was bound to happen. Same for Syd and TJ." Dannie-Lynn explained.

Warren nodded. "What about your mom she have powers?" Warren asked. He saw the instantly sad look on Dannie-Lynn's face.

"She died when I was ten before I ever got my full powers. And no she wasn't a hero or anything she was just a plain Jane." Dannie-Lynn said sadly. Before Warren could apologize for his nosiness there was a knock on the door. "Come in!"

The door opened and Johnny Storm poked his head in. "I was hoping to avoid embarrassing you, but oh well. Got a call from school today?"

"Yeah?" Dannie-Lynn said biting her lip and looking at him guiltily.

"When were you planning on telling me you got suspended for three days?" Johnny asked. "And your summer vacation starts in like a week."

"Umm after you saved the world from a cataclysmic event and were pumped on adrenaline and wouldn't pay no never mind to my petty problems." She said not taking any short cuts or round about ways around what she was thinking. It all just came out.

Johnny sighed and looked at Warren across the room and then back to his daughter. "We talked about this Dannie-Lynn."

"I know dad, but Jimmy kept purposefully pissing me off. You know he calls me matchstick? I am not a matchstick if anything I'm a full blown bonfire, but a matchstick?" She said in disgust. "So I decided to show him where he could stick his matchstick." She said sarcastically making a proud face.

Johnny grinned and then bit it back. "You stuffed him in a locker and he's almost four inches taller than you." He said frowning, but she knew on the inside he was proud.

"I've never been accused of two things, stupidity and being weak." Dannie-Lynn said simply. "He got what he deserved as far as I am concerned."

"Yeah but how am I going to explain to his parents about the locker being welded shut?" Johnny asked.

"Dad you're Johnny Storm charm the pants off them or something. You save the city on a weekly basis I'm sure it'll be fine. Really." Dannie-Lynn said with confidence.

Johnny couldn't hold back a smirk and just left shutting her door. "Does your dad always let you get away with stuff like that?"

"Most the time, unless it's like super bad. Petty fighting and skipping classes he's relatively lenient about. There are things he get's really heated about almost to the point of a full-blown flame up, but I rarely do anything that bad." Dannie-Lynn explained.

"It must be nice having a father with a good reputation?" Warren pondered out loud.

Dannie-Lynn looked at him and sighed. "Yeah they filled us in. Let me guess when you do something wrong everyone assumes they can connect it back to your father?"

Warren nodded. "I wish they didn't. Besides sharing his power I'm nothing like him."

Dannie-Lynn gave a half-hearted smile. "Well if it makes you feel better it really isn't any better being Johnny Storm's daughter."

"How's that?" Warren asked.

"Every little tiny thing I do is scrutinized. I make the enquirer a lot more than I would like sometimes. 'Mini Torch caught exiting notorious drug club,' or 'Dannie-Lynn caught using her powers for mischief.' It gets old after a while. No matter where I go there's always someone following hoping I'll make a mistake."

"Drug club?" Warren asked smirking at her.

Dannie-Lynn rolled her eyes. "No. One of my friends lives in a building next door to a club. I was walking passed when some photographer snapped my picture. Next thing I know my dad is waking me up at ten a.m. on a Saturday shoving a paper in my face."

"Well at least no one says you're going to be a super villain." Warren said.

Dannie-Lyn nodded. "Touché. But all you have to do is do something spectacular and prove them wrong."

Warren snorted. "I've done that and trust me nothing changed."

"Think bigger." Dannie Lynn said. She put her laptop into her lap and started typing while Warren pondered her words.

"So you're a pyro?" Warren asked giving up on his thoughts.

Dannie-Lynn snorted back laughter and nodded somewhat not taking her eyes off the screen in front of her. "Sort of. The difference between you and me is I can channel my power through my entire body. And I can fly." She said cockily.


"Sidders?" Dannie-Lynn responded. Sydney opened the door and popped her head in.

"Dinner." She said.

Dannie-Lynn looked at her watch and then at the screen. "K? Will you cover for me tonight?"

"Before or after dinner?" Sydney asked.

"After. I'll eat with the family, but I want to go out after and with what happened at school today…"

"Ok fine. But I'm not covering if they figure it out." Sydney said and left the room.