Chapter 22:

"Oh come on tell me."


"It can't be that bad."

"It's not."

"Then tell me."


"Including me?"

"Including you. So four before you and then just you."


"Now you?"

"Three including you."

"Three? So the blonde ice bitch, waitress and me?" Dannie-Lynn asked running her fingers over his bare torso as they lay on the couch in her living room covered only by a fleece blanket.

"Yeah." Warren said quietly lifting her head up by her chin and kissing her soundlessly on the lips. "Wanna order in?" He asked quietly against her lips.

Dannie-Lynn gave him a quick peck of agreement. "Yeah. Paper lantern?"

"Employee discount." Warren said with a grin reaching for his cell phone on the coffee table.

Dannie-Lynn snagged his phone from his hand before he could dial. "It's on me this time." She said cheekily and flipped his cell open and started dialing.

Taking the phone back from her Warren shook his head. "No it's on me Torch."

She nodded. "Fine tomorrow foods on me?"

"Hey I am all for that." Warren said grinning impishly at her.

Smirking back at him Dannie-Lynn waited for him to say hello to whoever answer the phone and then proceeded to kiss up his chest and nibbled lightly on his neck and Warren gave a slightly nervously chuckled. "Uh yeah Karalee just the usual and have it sent…uh…to Dannie's place."

"What's the matter hothead?" Dannie-Lynn whispered softly in his ear with a wicked grin.

"Thanks." Warren hung up and dropped his phone on the floor beside the couch and abruptly turned his head capturing Dannie-Lynn's lips against his. Dannie-Lynn moaned and let him do as he pleased.

45 Min Later:

The buzzing made Dannie-Lynn laugh lightly at Warren's look of displeasure as she reached up to the back of the couch grabbing Warren's t-shirt and stood up slipping it on. The shirt hung to her mid thigh so she didn't bother slipping something on underneath and she walked to the door and pressed the intercom button. "Hello?"

"Hey. It's Jimmy I got your food." Dannie-Lynn buzzed him up and looked back at Warren on the couch.

"Get up hothead." She said playfully. She watched as Warren threw back the throw blanket off his body and grabbed his boxers from the floor and slipped them on. He stretched and then searched for his pants just as the elevator reach the loft/apartment and Dannie-Lynn opened it for Jimmy, the other delivery boy for the Paper Lantern. "Hi Jimmy." Dannie-Lynn said kindly.

Jimmy grinned at her attire. "The usual. Where's Peace?"

"Right here." Warren said walking over wallet in hand with pants on as Jimmy handed Dannie-Lynn the bag of food.

"How's the girlfriend Jimmy?" Dannie-Lynn asked making conversation.

"We broke up." Jimmy said rolling his eyes.

Dannie-Lynn gave him a sympathetic smile. "Oh sorry to hear that. Bye Jimmy." With that said Dannie-Lynn walked away with the bags of food leaving Jimmy and Warren along. Jimmy wasn't quite as tall as Warren, and didn't look to be as built but he wasn't anything bad to look at either.

He had dark black spiked hair, green eyes and olive skin. "Man you are so lucky." Jimmy said smirking at Warren.

Warren looked up at him and grinned. "Yes I am. See you later man." Warren handed him a fifty knowing that Jimmy wouldn't be able to break it, thus the twenty some odd dollars not spent on food would end up as tip. Jimmy closed the elevator gate and it went back down.

"There's extra rolls." Dannie-Lynn said digging through the bag of food still, munching on a spring roll.

"Of course." Warren said as he grabbed her waist from behind and kissed her neck gently. Dannie-Lynn turned her head catching his lips for only a second and then broke away and took another bite of her spring roll. "Needs sauce." She giggled softly.

Warren opened the to go take out box that contained the dipping sauce for the spring rolls dipping his finger in the warm liquid and lifted his finger up to her mouth. "Here." He said huskily nipping her ear.

Dannie-Lynn grinned grabbing his hand with her free one and proceeded to suck the sauce from his finger. Then the next thing she knew Dannie-Lynn found herself turned around, Warren lips working passionately against hers. His body was pressing her back against the lower cabinets and she moaned softly in to his mouth.

Setting the roll on the counter she lifted her hands to tangle in his hair kissing him back intensely. "Hothead." She mumbled against his lips.

"Hmm…" Warren hummed in reply not breaking from her lips.

Dannie-Lynn broke contact smirking at him. "We should eat first." She said softly.

Warren nodded. "Yeah…rebuild our strength then go to bed."

Nodding at his reply Dannie-Lynn pecked his cheek softly. "Are you staying tonight?" She asked sweetly while she turned back around purposely pressing her backside against his groan.

"If you let me." He replied kissing her covered shoulder.

"Like I'd say no." Dannie-Lynn replied sarcastically. Just as she was getting ready to say something else her cell phone, sitting on the counter in front of her, started to ring. Reaching forward she snatched it from where it had come to sit since her return home that day and answered it. "Dannie here."

"Turn on the news."

"Syd I hate the news."

"Dannie just listen to me and turn on channel five." Syd said obviously not willing to put up with any of Dannie-Lynn's sarcastic comments.

Dannie-Lynn moved out from the sandwich Warren had her in and walked over to her tv and turned it on. She quickly channeled to five and watched as Warren walked over. "Ok. I'm watching, call you back in a bit." With that she hung up and watched.

"And now breaking news…a seventeen year old girl found herself lucky today when a man who attempted to kidnap her, ran away." The anchorman said.

"I was walking around town with some friends, we got separated for a bit and I was alone. This guy came up and grabbed my arm and started to pull me in to the alley, but when he looked at me…it was like he realized something, let go and took off…" A teen girl, with wildly colored dark brown hair probably Dannie-Lynn's height and skin color said to the camera.

Warren looked from the tv to Dannie-Lynn. "Torch she kind of…"

"Looks like me?" Dannie-Lynn questioned looking at him. Warren nodded.

"The girl described the man as tall, pale skin, sandy or dirty blond hair and his eyes were grayish blue in appearance. He's also the man suspected in the attempted kidnapping of a little girl in the airport a few months ago. Parents are being cautioned to keep safety procedures in mind when letting their children leave the house…"

Dannie-Lynn flipped off the tv. "You don't think…." She trailed off.

"It would be an awfully big coincidence that she looks like you and the guys description." Warren said shaking his head in frustration. Dannie-Lynn called Sydney back.


"I know. I already talked with my dad. Uncle Johnny was there, he said he wanted someone around you at all times. And while under normal circumstances he would fillet Warren for staying with you, he doesn't want him to leave you alone in your place."

Dannie-Lynn gave a small laugh. "I'll call him. Look I can't be watched twenty four seven Sidders. You know that as well as I do. You guys go home to New York soon remember."

"Actually dad thinks it would be a good idea for me and TJ to finish the school year here." Syd told her.

"Oh. Ok."

"Call Uncle Johnny. I'll see you at school tomorrow." Syd said.

Dannie-Lynn nodded her head silently. "Sure. Later."

"Bye." And they hung up.

"Apparently my father thinks it would be best if you stayed around her with me for a while." Dannie-Lynn said looking to Warren. Warren scoffed.

"I wasn't leaving anyways. Knowing he's escalating to kidnapping." Warren said. "Girls off the street that look like you." He added quickly when she started to answer him.

"Ok I'll give you that. But I can take care of myself." Dannie-Lynn said standing up from the couch and going back towards the kitchen. She flipped her phone open and called her father. When she didn't get an answer she assumed he was busy and set the phone down on the counter just as Warren came up behind her and put his arms around her.

"I know you can babe, but you shouldn't have to do it alone." Warren said kissing her tousled hair on the back of her head.

Dannie-Lynn leaned back against him closing her eyes momentarily. "Yeah. Maybe you have a point." Her eyes opened and as she looked out the large windows across from her to the sky getting darker and darker by the minute she saw… "Oh my god." She muttered.

Warren looked up and didn't see anything. "What?"

"Oh I am so killing him!" She bit out angrily before going to her room and returning in her suit. This one was a one piece zip up, the legs cut off at the knees like a wet suit. She opened the window in the 'dining room' and looked back at Warren. "Back in a few?"

"Where are you going?"

"I know why my father didn't answer his phone." She gritted out before jumping. Warren heard her yell flame on and then saw the ball of fire zoom around passed the bay windows and towards the city.

With Dannie-Lynn:

Dannie-Lynn zoomed around the city quickly picking up on the heat trail left behind by her father. When she sensed that she was being watched she flew to the nearest roof top and dropped down. "Dad!" She yelled angrily.

Johnny came out from the shadows and smiled at her. "Hey."

"Dad, how could you?"

"Dannie it was an accident. Really I was just coming to check up on you." Johnny said. "But while we're…"

"No dad, you were spying on me!" Dannie-Lynn was furious. "If you wanted to make sure I was ok, you could've just come up, but instead you hung around outside my window watching us. How much did you see?" Dannie-Lynn was mortified at the thought of her father possibly having seen her and Warren having sex.

"I saw you two after you got your food…in the kitchen…I honestly wasn't spying on you. I flew off and when I came back you saw me. It's the father in me Dannie, I can't help wanting to know what my teenage daughter is doing alone in her own apartment with her boyfriend. I'm sorry!" He said heatedly.

Dannie-Lynn sighed. "But dad, you spied on me. Whether you meant to or not."

"You lied to me!"

"I'm sorry! But would you have rather me told you the truth!" Dannie-Lynn replied.

Johnny cracked his neck and rubbed his forehead. "That you were having sex with him?" He asked.

Dannie-Lynn hung her head and looked up at him sad tears in her eyes. "Dad I'm sorry ok. You don't understand what it's like for me. I don't have a mother to tell these things too. And I didn't want you to be mad at me!"

"Why would I be mad? If anyone knows hormones its me!" Johnny retorted aggressively.

"It's not hormones dad! Do you still think Warren and I are just a fling? We're not! We love each other. I love him dad! And eventually you are going to have to accept that fact!"

"You're my little girl! I can't." Johnny replied walking closer to her.

"I'm not a little girl anymore!" Dannie-Lynn yelled. "I've done everything asked of me for years! I trained and trained and took the classes you guys wanted! Just let me have one thing for myself! Warren and I, that's all I want to keep for myself! For once!"

Johnny sighed. "I know there's things daughter's can only share with their mothers, but I want you to know I'm trying. I want you to be able to trust in me enough to tell me these things."

Dannie-Lynn bit her lip and looked at her father and gave him a nod. "What would you do dad? If I told you me and Warren were intimate? What? Besides lecture me about being safe and not ending up like you and mom. I never saw anything wrong with you and mom, you loved each other. Yeah you fought but who doesn't?"

"No dad wants to know his little girl is sleeping with her boyfriend, but eventually we have to come to grips with it. And if you feel like its right for the both of you, then I wont stand in your way, but I just want to know your safe in all ways imaginable." Johnny said.

Dannie-Lynn nodded and sighed softly. "Dad it is right for us. And we are safe about it."

"Good. I'm sorry I was spying."

"S'ok. You just have to understand I'm not that little girl I use to be dad. I know how to protect myself, physically, mentally and emotionally. You just have to trust that I can make decisions for myself." Dannie-Lynn said softly.

Johnny nodded. "You I trust. It's the boys I don't trust."

Dannie-Lynn laughed softly. "Dad, Warren would never hurt me. If something should happen, he'd be there for me. You have to know and believe that whole heartedly or we're just going to keep having this same argument. Better yet, talk to him. Let him tell you himself, maybe you'd believe him more then me. I dunno, but all I know is that this has got to stop dad. I'm eighteen and I have to be able to live my life the way I see fit."

"You're right. I should talk to him." Johnny said a small grin appearing on his face.

"Dad, please don't hurt him."

"Nobody said anything about hurting him. I'm just talking about a chat."

"Dad." Dannie-Lynn said warningly.

Johnny smiled father like at her. "I'm kidding."

Dannie-Lynn smiled. "Dad would you like to come have dinner with us? You'll have to use the elevator like everyone else though."

"That would be great." Johnny smiled. "I'm starving."

"You can't tell me aunt Sue forgot to feed you?" She teased.

"Nah, but you know my appetite!" He joked. They headed towards the ledge together and stepped up on it. "Ready?" Johnny asked.

Dannie-Lynn reached out her hand to him. "Together?"

"Like when you just got your powers." Johnny smiled accepting her hand.

"I wouldn't go alone." Dannie-Lynn said looking ahead of her. The sun was almost set in the sky. "But you told everyone I went by myself. I did it all alone."

"It gave you confidence."

"Thanks dad."

"Anytime." He nodded his head towards the sky and she smiled as they leapt from the ledge. "FLAME ON!" They yelled at the same time, their bodies bursting in to flame and they soared up towards the clouds.

Dannie-Lynn's Place:

Warren was just pulled his shirt on as the elevator came up. Dannie-Lynn stepped out after opening the gate and Johnny was with her. "Mr. Storm." Warren said as he looked to Dannie.

"Warren." Johnny said not unkindly though.

Dannie-Lynn smiled. "I invited him for dinner. There's always plenty." She said sweetly.

Warren nodded and smiled at her. "Yeah I haven't dished up yet, so feel free." He grabbed his jacket from the back of the couch.

"Where are you going?" Dannie-Lynn asked a very faint pout on her lips.

"I figured you guys would want to talk alone so…"

"No stay." Johnny said. "Actually you're just the person I want to talk with." He added.

Warren looked at Dannie-Lynn slight alarm in his eyes. "Uh sure." He said looking back at Johnny.

"I'm gonna go change." Dannie-Lynn kissed Johnny's cheek and then Warren's as she walked passed to her room. Warren followed her with his eyes till the door was shut and looked back around at Johnny. Warren threw his coat back on the back of the couch and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"I just want to reiterate that Dannie's my little girl…"

"Sir I…"

"No let me finish." Johnny held up his hand. "I'm not trying to intimidate you Warren. I just want you to know how much she mean's to me. After her mother died, she was all I had left. I let her get away with things because I thought petty fights were stupid. I never had the chance to apologize to Julie before she died, for something so stupid. She died, mad at me, and I would hate for that to happen with Dannie. I couldn't stand it to be completely honest.

"While Dannie thought I wasn't being fatherly, the truth was it just got harder to look at her each day with that reminder of her mother. She looks just like her you know. I love my daughter…no matter what anyone thinks or says, she's still my little girl. I know I have to accept the relationship you two have and that's fine. I accept it, but I just want to know she's safe, protected and cared for if anything happens to me. And right now that falls on you. She really loves you and I don't want her hurt."

"Mr. Storm I love Dannie more then anything and would do anything to know she was safe and protected." Warren told him.

Johnny nodded his head. "I have to let go sometime. It might've seemed like I already had, but that isn't true."

Warren nodded. "As long as she knows that I think everything with you guys will be ok. And who says anythings going to happen to you?"

"Warren if it came down to him coming after me personally or going for what would hurt me the most, I'd gladly let him have me." Warren looked down at his hands. He thought the same. "He thinks I've hurt him somehow. And if he wants revenge he'll stop at nothing to have it. But he's not killing my daughter. I will not let her die because of me like her mother did. I just wont let that happen." Johnny was sullen and soft spoken.

Dannie-Lynn's bedroom door open and she walked out in jersey shorts, white, and a blue tank. "Ok I'm officially starving." She said with a smile and walked in to the kitchen and started dishing up.

Johnny gave Warren one last look. "I'm right behind you Dannie." He said lightly and started for the kitchen. Warren turned and watched as they interacted in the kitchen. Dannie-Lynn laughed when Johnny snatch the spring rolls from her and she proceeded to dip her finger in the dipping sauce and smear it on his cheek.

He was jostled out of his thoughts when Dannie-Lynn ran over running behind him and grabbed the back of his t-shirt. "Protect me." She laughed softly. Warren looked up and saw Johnny holding the whole container of sauce. "He's gonna pour it on me."

"Ok, ok, both of you come on grow up." Warren laughed.

Johnny laughed walking back in to the kitchen and Dannie-Lynn moved around to face Warren. "Everything alright hothead." Dannie-Lynn asked kindly.

Warren nodded. "Everything's great babe." He kissed her forehead lightly and they both headed in to the kitchen to eat.