The Girl That Fell Out Of the Sky

Chapter 12: The UnForgettable EyEs BliNd MoMenT…

"Gosh, what have I gotten myself into, Kai…you got to think of a way to get back to your own time…you just have too…Saya…"

Seeing both of them together, both Saya…and Kairo…Does she truly love him? You're eyes are so beautiful and at the same time sad…but why…why did you fall out of the sky unknowingly?… Why did you land on my hands?…I'm being so selfish now, wanting Saya all to myself even though she has someone…someone she loves…why does it bother me so much…why can't I forget you…Aarggg… I'm thinking too much now…

"Hey Kai…"


Suddenly I noticed that Solomon was standing in front of me with strange look on his face…

"What is it Solomon…?"

"What are you thinking about now…?"

"What do you mean?"

"I can tell that you're thinking about something and it's really bothering you a lot…"

"How do you know…?"

Suddenly I looked at him with a nervous look on my face…

I'm hoping that I'm not that obvious to read…

"Instead of resting in bed like how Doctor suggested, YOU sneak out of bed and go off into the outskirts without a word…do you know how nervous you made us…?"

"I'm sorry…"

I really did it this time; I made all the people who took care of me worried…

"It's ok Kai, just as long has you didn't get any new injuries I'm ok…"

Solomon just looked at me with a smile…

"So what are you doing out in these fields Kai again…"

"What do you mean again…"

"Well if you still don't recall but this are the fields where both Haji and me found you the other day…"

"Are you for real…?"

Suddenly I looked out and realized it was…I saw that same bush of roses…in this exact field where Kairo proposed to Saya…this is the field where I realized my feelings for Saya and this was the same field that got me transported to this time period…

"It seems that I am back where I was found…"

"Yeah, it seems like something must of happen to you here. If nothing happened here, it would have meant that you wouldn't return to this place again…"

"For a teenager, you talk too much…"

It's true, he knew too much for average teenager…

"For you information, I'm turning 15 in 6 months so I'm not that young, ok…"

"Yeah, right, ha ha…"

"By the way Kai, how old are you…?"

"Well, in a few months I'll be turning 18…"

"So you're 17, right?"


I can't believe this kid is barely 14 yrs old, I bet he can really read my face clearly. Especially how I feel right now, I'm just going to lay on my back now and just watch the sky. Seeing the clouds moving slowly makes me real happy, it makes me think about Okinawa…even though I'm in a different time period, the sky will always stay the same. No matter how far I'm away from home, I know that if one day I return, it would still be the same because the sky is still the same.


"Yeah, what is it Solomon…?"

"What are you thinking about…?"

"Why do you want to know…"


Suddenly I noticed Solomon lying on the ground with me…

"Because…I'm a really curious guy…"



"Well, I'm just thinking about home…how back where I come from…the sky looks exactly beautiful like right here…"

"Yeah…it's true."

"Was that all Solomon?"


"What else do you want?"

"Well, I'm just wondering…how did you end up here…?"

"What do you mean…?"

"Well, I can tell that you don't belong in this region…"

"Ummm…well…I can't really say?"

"Why not?"

Would you really believe me If I told you that I didn't belong in this time period Solomon…you would believe me or would you think I was just kidding around…All I could do is just look up at the sky…wondering how I got myself in this situation. I can't be like this all the time, I know that but it's hard to believe that somehow I traveled back in time…All I can say right now Solomon is that I don't recall getting here, and lie to you about everything that involves me and Okinawa. I should take this has a good opportunity and pretty much start a new beginning in this era. Even though I know I may leave Riku and the others forever…

"I just don't know why, but can we not talk about how I got here, thinking about it makes me have a bigger headache that I already have right now..."

"Sorry Kai but I was just wondering about it…"

"It's ok dude, don't worry about…"

I just looked at him with a smile and he looked back at me too…


Suddenly Solomon stood from where he was laying and he stretched his arms far…"

"Well dude, I have to go now…"

He started walking away…


I shouted to him…

"What is it Kai…?"

"Can I ask you a favor Solomon…?"

"Yeah what is it…?"

"Well, you already know that I'm not part of this region already…"


"Well, at the same time I don't have a place to stay or even money to even pay to rent a room…?"

"So you're asking me if you could stay at our house, am I right…?"


I desperately replied back, if I was going to stay in this time period for a while…I needed a place to stay for a while.


"Well what…?"

"Well, if you're going to be staying with us for a while, you're going to have to start working…"

"What do you mean…"

"Okay, if you're going to be living with us, you cannot slack off…you have to do something to contribute for us. Like me, I work, Carl is a doctor and then Haji keeps the house clean…do you get what I was saying…?"

"Yes, so what do you want me to do…?"

"Well, if you can, you can get a job in the village…?"

"Ok, don't worry Solomon…I wont fail…"

"Good. Let's go back to the house, I bet the others are still worried about you still…"

"Oh shit, dammit I totally forgot…gosh…"

So I stood up from where I was laying, both I and Solomon started walking towards the house again…

"By the way Solomon, what's the name of the village…?"

"You don't know…"


"Well, it's called Un Feng, it's really an interesting village.?"


"Let's just say that I've gone to other villages before and Un Feng was the only village that caught my attention…There's something about this village that made me move here, well right now…our house is currently outside of Un Feng but either way…just as long has I'm close to this village, I'm ok."


"Yeah, whoa. Even Carl and Haji agree with me."

"That's really interesting…"

"Yeah, so tomorrow you and I are going to wake up early in the morning and we are going to find you a job in Un Feng, is that ok with you Kai?"

"Yes, as long has I get to live in the house, I'm ok with any job I have to get…"

"That's good."

So Solomon and I continued walking towards the house again. I can't wait for tomorrow especially it's going to be my first time in Un Feng Village; I'm hoping that I won't get into any trouble.

To be continue…

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Even though I close my eyes for a second…

All I can see is you in the dark…

I try to forget you…

But it seems like that I can only remember you more…