Her new psyche.

"Mam, please calm down un." the blond man said to the fuming woman.

"Calm? I am calm!" the petite woman retorted. Diedara sighed clenching his fists at his sides, seeing red. He then reverted to the teachings in his last meeting at the Anger Management course.

'Count to ten, breathe,think a calming thought (kill Grandma), breathe, count down from ten, find a safe way to release your anger, breathe.' he thought. But then the descending numbers had a different affect on him. ' 5, 4, 3, ah yes only two more before my fist collides with her face. Annoying granny styled punching bag, who could ask for more, 2, 1, the blood splatter was be soo artistic, fleeting and beautiful, just the perfe...' but then he was forcibly brought back to reality.

"Young man, explain to me why i can't collect my daughter's things." the woman said in a way far too calm for his liking, a small smile playing on her lips, not one of amusement but rather it hidden mischief and malice.

Diedara slapped his forehead in irritancy. 'Fucking old wench, what is this the fifth time? The fucking fifth time!' he screamed, mentally pummeling the woman.

"You have to understand, Mam, i cannot release these things into your charge since they were not addressed to you. I am not saying that you are not the biological mother of the specified client but..." Diedara's explanation was cut short when the woman he was facing glared at him and then diverted her attention to another woman making her way towards them.

"Hinata, here." the woman said waving just slightly. Hinata's hands almost automatically flew to temples, moving in a circular pattern to prevent her present headache form accelerating into a giant annoyance. She then straightened her jacket and placed her phone on vibrate.

"Hello, mother." she said casually and then turned to the customs official, a man yes but with rather long hair and a far too feminine appearance. "Good afternoon Mister..." she said waiting for him to fill the blank.

"Yes, Great afternoon actually," Mrs. Huyga said sarcastically rolling her eyes. Hinata shot her mom an amused glare while Diedara's was more menacing, promising certain death.

"Diedara, just Diedara." he responded smiling brightly and then took one more look at the beauty before him. There was no way she was related to the old wench, the saying was garbage in garbage out not garbage in gold out. Her mere existence was threatening his very sanity. and to think he was planning on killing her mother, 'oh forgive me, forgive me sweet damsel' inner Deidara cried, running to a dark corner of his mind, so his intentions would not be reviled. 'forgive me...' wait her name. " And you are?" he asked maintaining his cool guy appearance.

"Oh, Hinata, Hinata Huyga." her voice was like music to his ear, lulling him into a midday stupor.

"Oh lets get on with it!" a rather grating voice broke into his 'droll over the hot girl' moment. 'oh yes the wretch, how could i forget.' he thought, bowing courtly.

As they continued to organize the papers which needed to be signed and information collected and recorded, deidara couldn't help but to occasionally glance between the two, noting anything that might say they really were related. The mother, wretch was short with short brown tresses, elaborately styled, she had hazel green eyes and a few freckles underneath both eyes, she didn't appear old, in fact she was quite pretty for her age but the gold band on her finger deterred any other thought. fortunately the other's finger was void of any sure indicator of being bound to another by law. Hinata, what a lovely name, hinata. she on the other hand had long ebony locks which had a strange yet intriguing blue hue when the light hit it a certain angle, she had the same small almost invisible freckles like her mother though she had these crazy sexy almost sea washed violent shade eyes. Diedara could just feel himself getting lose in them. He could also feel her mother glaring daggers in his direction.

just as they had finished up all the needed paper work and deidara was about to have a 'one on one' chat with the present object of his affection, her phone buzzed loudly. after conversing for about a minute on the phone the girl turned to her mother telling her to finish up since she had to leave. Deidara's stomach fell. leave? no!

"home at 9?" Mrs. Huyga asked walking away. "yeah" Hinata called over her shoulder continuing to walk in the opposite direction. Deidara quickly called out to his supervisor saying he was going on lunch.

"Don't keep the clients waiting." was the reply, "I know, I know, you hate to keep clients waiting" he grumbled walking behind hinata, he quicken his pace until he was beside her.

"hey!" he said smiling, the reply was dead and hardly there. soon enough they were at the packing lot and he noticed her reach into her pocket pulling out a key chain.

"busy today yeah?" he asked, "very" was the only reply.

"same thing tomorrow un?" he asked hopeful to hear the negative, pleading with the gods, promising to burn his entire porn collection,well maybe just his hardcopy collection, it still was quite a sacrifice, damn it! "most likely" she said putting on sunglasses as she neared a red car.

"How about the weekend?" he asked leaning against the car. hinata stopped and looked a t him, pulling off the glasses she asked " what exactly are you asking?"

Deidara grinned and chuckled lightly, 'feisty un? i like'. getting off from the car he stood and relished in the difference between their heights. "am asking if you'd like to go out with me yea" he said bending so that he was close to her face. he smirked when the slightest of pink appeared on her cheeks but then his ego was rather rudely deflated.

"Sorry, Mr. deidara but am pretty busy and almost always am, so thank you for you help today and you have a good day now." she said as she entered her car, then stuck her head outside the window "Plus i have better things to do, you know" she wore a smirk of her own at his fallen countenance.

Deidara stood there gawking as she drove off, "better things to do?" he repeated to himself, not believing his ears. 'I will never really fathom the female psyche.' he thought.