-Cereal Killer-

Written for my brother. Slight inferences of Shawn/Gus. I own nothing. Hope you like. Completely random.

Shawn rolled over in his bed, snuggling his huge body pillow closer and burrowing into the heavy down comforter. "… roof shingles…" He mumbled randomly, half asleep, a habit he'd picked up a while back, while working in a sleep clinic for a few weeks.

However, odd as his sleep patterns were, crunchy objects were not part of them. So, upon seeing hundreds of teeny, tiny bits when he turned onto his stomach, he became rather confused. "What…?"

The overly observant man forced his eyes open, noting the blue LCD display of his iHome on the bedside table, surrounded by the latest magazines and his cell phone. 6:19? Who got up that early!? And what the hell was in his bed!?

He looked down. "Cheerios?"

"No, Shawn." The familiar voice of the figure lurking in his doorway corrected. "They're not Cheerios." Gus waltzed into the room, still wearing only a pair of pajama pants and an old t-shirt. "They're Lucky Charms."

"That's ridiculous, Gus. There aren't any marshmallows. I would know, I've been sleeping on them." The younger of the two commented, launching a handful of the cereal toward his best friend.

In response, Gus moved further into the room, brandishing an opened Lucky Charms box. "Exactly, Shawn!" He yelled, tossing the object toward Shawn. "I went to enjoy my cereal this morning and there weren't any marshmallows! I just bought it yesterday, how'd you even get to it?"

The other laughed. "Don't be such a silly pants, Gus. Why would I do a thing like that? Though I have to say the idea is ingenious, we should praise the one responsible for doing such a thing."

"Why would you do it? Ugh… because you're you?" Gus suggested, incredulously. "And the bottom of the box is opened. That's a big clue. Like a neon sign pointing to y-o-u."

Shawn scoffed. "I'm insulted that you think so little of me, Guster." He burst out laughing at that point.


"Yeah, dude, couldn't keep it going any more." He smiled, and even Gus couldn't stay mad for long. "The marshmallows are in a Ziploc baggie in the Fruit Loops box. I'm going back to sleep now." He gave the comforter a shake, sending the cheerios flying everywhere.

Gus huffed, realizing that he may have the marshmallows now, but the rest of the cereal was scattered across the floor. "You couldn't have told me that before I poured it all over you?"

"Come back to bed and quit whining." Shawn ordered, lifting the other side of the blanket in silent invitation.

Gus rolled his eyes, but slid in anyway. "Fine! But, you have to vacuum all this up later."