If you told me a year ago, three months ago, hell even two days ago that I'd be locked in a freezer with four of King High's elite I would have laughed in your face, sure that what ever drug you were on had been faulty. But here I' am, freezing my ass off in the back of a truck designed to deliver meat and the guys just happened to leave the cold switch on. My mind was in a buzz going over every detail I could remember leading here, which oddly wasn't very much...

I awoke to the smell of rotting wood and dry sand, my throat was scratchy from what ever those three men held on my mouth and nose to knock me out. Legs stretching I sat up hesitantly making sure all my limbs still functioned properly, eyes opening trying to adjust to the dimly lit room. Sighing I saw four other teens in the room with me, the four who had been kidnapped before me, their faces had been plastered on every news station on television, the news people swarmed King High.

In the corner staring up into the only window, which was ten feet from the ground, was Aiden Dennison. King High's own starting point guard on the basketball team, well for the sophomore class anyway we'd have to wait till next year to see about junior. He stood about five foot nine inches with thick brown hair and brown eyes, he was the leader of the jocks for his class and the cheerleaders followed him around like little puppy dogs waiting for their master to throw them a bone, but would he...no cause he is a jerk, a no brain thinking with his lower region jerk.

Next was Sean Miller, a boy of many talents, He was five foot eight, African American who was captain of almost every nerd activity there was, chess, science, math you name it he was their leader. Nice guy all around except he was always spouting off what upset him, looking for the next best argument, was he captain of the debate team? Yep and proud of it as well, his hair was black as night but his eyes spoke volumes.

Chelsea Lewis, the artist, the let's make love not war. She was the quiet type yet she could yell out her emotions by painting, it was weird that she led the outcasts, the ones who decided to not fall under a category which in turn put them in a category, I had to smile at that one. She was five foot seven with beautiful black hair and soft comforting eyes, a smile that melted the toughest of souls and made you want to spill your heart to her.

And last but not least unfortunately was my tormentor, Ashley Davies. A rebel born and raised although looking at her parents you would think she couldn't possible be this way but here she was, long auburn hair that always curled around her face and chocolate brown eyes that held fire and ice at the same time and when she smirked my stomach did a somersaults. She was the leader of the rockers, punks and bad asses, the ones who didn't care about school or anything other than loud music and head banging. This girl loved to make fun of me why I don't know, I tried to figure out what I ever did to her but nothing ever came to mind.

Than there is me, Spencer Carlin, a girl who really didn't belong anywhere. I stayed out of all the groups, sitting by myself near a tear in the quad so I could watch the groups interact. No one noticed me not even my parents as they were always running off somewhere either with each other or their secret lovers that both knew they had but lost the love a long time ago to care. I wished desperately for a brother or sister to argue with to make the house seem more alive and less quiet but that never happened, my parents telling me one kids was enough, I didn't know how to take that, I did everything to make them love me. Good grades, no parties, no sex, no friends, quiet and only spoke when spoken too but it still wasn't enough.

The five of us, The Hollywood Five, all born to famous or important parents pretty much in the same month, well except me I was born a month after all of them, probably why Ashley is always calling me a baby and making fun of me like a little kid, god she couldn't even assault me like a teenager or adult.

"Well if the kid ain't awake," Ashley glared. My eyes still fuzzy tried to focus.

"Where are we?"

"If we knew you'd think we'd still be here!" Aiden growled stepping away from his spot of looking out the window trying to find something outside that would locate where they were.

"Sorry," I whispered my head pounded and I really didn't want to start fighting.

"You okay?" Chelsea asked coming to sit down next to me. I nodded.

"How'd they get you?" Sean wondered as he, Aiden and Ashley all came to sit down next to me too.


"How'd they kidnap you, I mean I was riding my bike home from the library taking a short cut down an empty ally way when they got me." Sean offered.

"Yeah and I was alone in my studio," Chelsea said still rubbing my back.

"After basketball practice I had to put the balls away while the rest of the team went to take showers," Aiden sneered he hated how coach was putting more pressure on him than the other guys.

I turned to face Ashley waiting for her explanation although I knew how each and everyone was taken as I watched the news in my room trying to figure out how the popular kids had been left alone long enough to be kidnapped, she looked me up and down for a minute before settling her icy brown eyes on my blues, "Home alone...you?" she challenged as all eyes turned to me.

I truly didn't want to tell them how I was taken, it was embarrassing and made my heart clench in hatred for the people around me for I wasn't taken when I was alone or vulnerable, no that would have been better than how they dragged me away. I was actually in school, last day of my sophomore year before summer, walking the hallways with all the other kids traveling to their different class rooms. As three men picked me up and held a cloth over my nose hauling me away almost in plain view of all the kids at the high school. It showed me how much of an invisible person I was, how unimportant my life was to be kidnapped and no one caring to think that maybe those three guys weren't my uncles or brothers or what ever they thought as they let them put me in a van half unconscious.

Lucky me I didn't have to answer as the door behind us screeched to life. Turning we all stared at the three men who had taken us, large and tough, two were middle eastern with piecing eyes while the third was white yet his eyes were just as hard, "Get up!" he bellowed.

The five of us scrambled to our feet afraid of what he would do if we hesitated for even a second, "Come on!" the older Middle Eastern man called out. We walked out the door; the older man held a gun behind us while we followed the other two down a dark hallway into what seemed to be a large hanger where planes used to be held.

"Which one is Carlin?" the older man asked staring at each of us and the way he said my last name made me want to vomit.

"That one Joe," the white guy pointed to me. I was sure the older man's name wasn't Joe but than again why use your real names while kidnapping people.

"Grab her Charlie," I went to run but whitey got my arm quickly and hauled me over to a chair where he tied me down, "You know what to do Mark..." Joe spoke to the younger Middle Eastern man who nodded and brought out his hand gun.

"Sit!" he ordered the rest of them, they quickly followed.

"Now Carlin we have asked your parents for a decent ransom, just like the other four but unlike the other four they have refused payment today..." my eyes widen, my parents refused to pay for me, I knew they didn't like me but to flat out refuse, "So we need to make an example out of you, let's see how much your parents really do love you, cause I'm sure the cops told them not to pay."

That sort of made me feel better, not the whole example no that scared the shit out of me but if the cops told them not to pay maybe they had been thinking about it, maybe they were going to pay...hope surged thru me until I saw them setting up a camera in front of me, "Joe..."


"Where you want this, in or out of the shot?" Charlie wondered as he set a machine down.

"Out of it, I just want to focus on this beauty right here..." he smiled as his rough hand stoked my cheek which I pulled away quickly.

"What are you doing?" Aiden questioned to be met with his answer of a smack across the face. He wanted to bolt up from the floor but Sean had a firm grip on his shirt.

"If they move kill her," he pointed to me. My eyes scanned over them, silently begging them not to move I did not want to die.

"Now Carlin I want you to just sit there, scream if you like...I'd prefer it and I bet your parents would too." He laughed as if what he said had to be the funniest thing he had ever heard. Charlie flipped a switch that allowed the machine to hum to life, my throat closed up and tears already started to rise to my eyes afraid of what was to come.

"Now?" Charlie asked in glee like a child on Christmas waiting to open his presents.

"Now," Joe confirmed.

Charlie lowered the wand in his hand till it met my stomach, electricity surged thru my body. It hurt so bad as my whole body shook with pain, even when he pulled it back I still felt it coursing into me. My heart seemed to speed up double the amount to keep up with the new energy flowing in me. Tears fell, no use trying to control them when I could hardly control my breathing. Soon screams of agony flew from my mouth as he hit me again and again with the pulsing wand. Head slumping forward I couldn't make anything out, eyes rolling back, sounds melding together, I was sure the other four were pleading with them to stop but it seemed to make them do it more.

"Stop!" Joe yelled, I was only catching small bites of their conversation as the red sticky blood dribbled down my ears, "You idiot...too much voltage...small body weight..." that was it. They torture was stopped but my head hurt and I couldn't move and the scene around me was like a silent movie, I no longer could hear a single word as the four of them was rushed off the floor and toward a truck near the back. I was untied and lifted into Mark's strong arms carried after the rest.

Ashley, Aiden, Chelsea and Sean coward in the very back of the truck as Mark crawled in and set me down. I curled into a ball trying to get my flesh to stop crawling and shaking but it was useless. Mark grabbed blankets from Charlie and threw them back at us than hopped out and slammed the door close making everyone but me jump.

Aiden's mouth moved as he unfolded the blankets to reveal only three, growling he gave one to Chelsea and Ashley and Sean but Sean shook his head and cuddled in with Chelsea that way everyone could be warm as the air conditioner kicked it in.

Ashley came over to me sitting with her back against the wall she picked me up like a little kid pulling me on to her lap, although she was an inch smaller than me she was stronger emotionally and physically. She wrapped the blanket around herself and me, holding me as close as possible her hand running thru my hair soothingly. Her mouth moved, I could tell she was singing for comfort for her self and the other three but I couldn't hear it. Ashley lowered my head to her chest, I felt her heart thumping, the rise and fall of her breathing and the vibrations traveling up to her mouth. Even thought I couldn't hear I could feel, my eyes started to close as I felt safe.

If you would have told me I would be locked in a freezer with King High's elite, shivering cold wrapped up in my tormentors arms feeling the safest I have ever been and deaf I would have laughed...but it isn't funny any more...