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Eyes shot open at the sound of the door opening, I noticed a long red haired woman enter. She wore the normal doctor outfit, held a clip board and a shocked look on her face as she saw me and Spencer curled up together on the bed, her steely grey eyes focused on me before settling on Spencer than back to me, slowly her shock turns to a smirk as she walks quietly over to us, "I'm doctor Amanda Barnes," she whispered.


"So I assume that is Spencer?" she pointed to the girl in my arms, I nodded, "I need to have her wake up."

Nodding I shifted a bit, "Spence..." she only grabbed onto my shirt tighter and whimpered a don't leave, "I'm not but Spence you got to wake up..." I smiled laying a kiss on her forehead, she stirred and sleepy blue eyes locked onto my brown ones.

"Hey," she smiled lazily.

"Hey...um the doctor is...um," I nodded toward Dr. Barnes. Spencer quickly released my shirt and sat up; our soaking clothes were now some what dry.


"Hi Spencer, I'm Dr. Barnes...why don't you change into a hospital gown so I can have a look, Ashley you might want to change into some scrubs to get out of those wet clothes, the bathroom is down the hall." Dr. Barnes looked thru some drawers handing me scrubs and Spencer a light blue hospital gown that brought out her eyes.

"No...Please she can stay I don't mind," Spencer's voice shook from fear of being left alone. The doctor smirked again and signaled I could stay; she stepped out for a minute as we changed into the new clothes.

"Ready?" Dr. Barnes knocked on the door.

"Yeah," she came in again and sat on a stool in front of the bed.

"Okay Spencer I need you to lie on the bed...that's right, just like that," she smiled encouragingly, "Okay now bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the bed..." Spencer did as she was told; her body seemed to start shaking, "Are you okay?"

"Yes," it was a lie both the doctor and I could see thru but the doctor decided to go with it for now.

"I'm going to touch you now don't be alarmed," her voice was gentle and soothing I was glad she was the doc attending my...wait are we girlfriend's now or some where in between...arggg Ashley don't think like that the girl doesn't need you to add any kind of pressure on her for a commitment.

"Do you know...wow that's cold," Spencer squeezed her legs together and shifted away from Dr. Barnes' hands.

"I know but please stay still," the doc told her.

"Do you know how the others are?" she finally got out thru clenched teeth, I walked over from where I was standing and held her hand, just like the times in the truck she played with my fingers. Usually when she did this her concentration was on that and only that, she'd squint and a half smile would spread across her face like she was a million miles away living in a dream world of her own creation.

"Yes, Aiden is doing fine. He was lucky and only suffered second degree burns to the first two layers of skin; he's been bandaged up and is in room 134 where all of you will be staying for the duration. Chelsea by a miracle doesn't need surgery; who ever sewed the finger back on did a fine job."

"Thanks," Spencer hissed as the metal object the doctor was using bumped against her hot flesh.

"You...you sewed it back on?" Dr. Barnes was skeptical and slightly shocked.

"Yea me and Aiden, well actually Aiden sewed it on I just sort of held her hand."

"She is very lucky to have friends like you," the woman nodded returning to her work, finally after what felt like forever she finished, "When he broke your hymen..." she trailed off as if this was some secret conversation not meant to be had, "His appendage..."


The heartless and cold tone which uttered the one word took both me and the doctor off guard, "Um...sure, it scraped against your walls. You have several cuts, not to deep, it'll probably hurt to pee for a while and you shouldn't take part in any sexual activity for at least two weeks."

"Damn," Spencer snapped her fingers earning a glare from both me and the doc, "Kidding," she laughed nervously.

"Well you two should head up to your room, security is right out side, when ever you are ready just step out side and they will take you upstairs," she smiled and walked out.

"Spence?" her eyes landed on me, I saw the pain and fear living behind the bright blue she used to mask the emotions.

"Yeah," her hand once again played with my fingers.

"I don't want to pressure you or anything with what we've all been thru but um...earlier before the doctor came in, does that mean we're um...girlfriends?" I asked hopeful.

"If you want, I can't let people know until my dad stops being president but if you can hide it for awhile than yeah I'd really like that." She glanced down probably trying to not see the disappointment on my face, except there was none because if I could only have her in the dark for now it was fine with me.

"Than girlfriend lets head upstairs," I linked our arms together and headed for the door but she stopped me, turning I know she saw the concern in my eyes, "What's wrong?"

"Ash..." she trailed off, sighing so deeply as if it would explain the hesitant shake in her voice, "This isn't going to be easy," she whispered and I knew what she meant, knowing that hard emotional times lay before us.

"Spence, baby," I cooed leaning in and placing my forehead to her forehead, our eyes locking, "I'm here for life...no matter how hard you push I'm staying because unless you become Donkey Kong and throw a barrel at me knocking me off the tower there is no way I'm leaving."

"Is that so Mario?"

"Totally true Luigi," I said in my best Italian voice making her laugh, it was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard, something from heaven bottled up in her throat to make my body melt at the slightest giggle and now that I heard it, now that it was directed at me I was never letting it head off somewhere else, she was stuck with me.


To say that Ash and I had a great relationship at first would be a lie, that first day we became girlfriend's was great, she led us to the room where we saw Sean lying in bed his arm in a sling and IV's in his hand, Chelsea sat by him in a chair the two talking away, Aiden smiled at us and they all asked if we were and we said yes. The room became lighter as we joked and laughed, than our parents came rushing in. Scooping each of us into their arms, it was raw emotion and not one eye was dry.

We spent the rest of summer locked in that room, attending therapy sessions together and separate. Being forced to talk about it when all we wanted to do was bury it so far deep into our souls that it connected with us, never letting us forget yet taking all memories away from our conscious mind and storing them in the unconscious left overs for rainy days ahead.

Ashley and I fought constantly; my fault and I know it. I didn't mean to but sometimes she would touch me and it was like I was back there again, under him, feeling him. We yelled, I even pushed her away literally a few times. She ended up in a knee brace after one of our fights, I cried and apologized, she held me and told me everything was going to be okay and I believed her, I had to she sounded so sure.

Our kisses and caress came shorter and fewer during our stay in the hospital, not like we have privacy anyway with nurses and parents dodging in and out and we did share the room with Aiden, Chelsea and Sean. The group got closer and closer. Me and Ashley started to bond again after a while, I could let her touch my thigh with out blowing a fuse, it's funny because no matter how angry or scared I was or made Ashley we both calmed down when I played with her hand, it gave me something to concentrate on, put my energy into with out a negative response while it let Ashley take a breath and reevaluate how she wanted to word her next sentence or at least that was what Ashley told me.

Three days now until school starts up, the five of us are being released today, a Friday, we all sat in the room quietly absorbing the thought of not being near each other anymore.

"Wow," Aiden sighed rubbing his neck, "It's going to be weird trying to sleep with out hearing you snore,"

"I do not," Sean insisted.

"You do too,"

"Do not and what is with that murmuring you do in your sleep?" Sean bit the inside of his cheek to stop laughing when Aiden turned red.

"I don't murmur,"

"Oh you murmur all right," Chelsea agreed, "And it won't be the same with out your voice Ash,"

"Hey you guys sound like we aren't going to see each other again, I mean schools starting up," She smiled but I cringed, no one noticed not even Ashley and it felt right. I didn't want to go back to school, to the building where no one cared least of all my girlfriend, where the students allowed me to be kidnapped, allowed me to be tortured. At the thought my breath hitched and I felt hatred for all of them.

Standing up but before I could move she called out to me and why because she noticed, she always does, some things slip by as one person can't see everything but it feels like she does, "Where you going?" three simple words yet I felt the need to yell and push her away to break the bond we built the past three months.

Smiling I said nothing and headed into the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet rocking back and forth taking deep long breaths trying to stabilize my mind and body before I had yet another panic attack, "Spence?" head shot up I saw Ashley standing in the door way, she rushed in and sat in front of me, "Panic attack?" I nodded, "You can speak now Spence," she reminded me of the voice I thought I lost months ago along with the hearing.

"Yea panic attack,"

"You're getting better at breathing thru them," she encouraged with a smile her hands running up and down my arms for support, "I'm sorry..."

"For what?"

"Bringing up school, I know you don't like it,"

"It's not that I just...when we go back are we still..."

"Still what?"


"Yeah why would you even ask, Spencer you're the love of my life, I love you, what's going on inside..." she cupped my cheek for reference but the reason she didn't finish was because she said exactly what she meant, she didn't want to know what was going on inside my brain she wanted to know what was happening inside me, every part, every inch.

"I'm scared,"

"Of what?" she pulled me down so I was sitting on the floor with her, wrapped in her arms.

"Things going back to normal, no one caring, no one seeing..." tears spilled down my cheeks.

"Hey hey now I thought no more tears sweetie..." she wiped them away with her thumbs, I took one hand away from my face playing with the fingers the touch automatically putting me at ease and slowing my tears, "I will not let anything happen to you," she stated slow so I understood completely.

"None of us will," our eyes danced from each other to the three standing in the door way smiling at us.

"We will all notice Spencer," Chelsea's eyes twinkled.

"We won't let anyone take you again," Sean said defiantly becoming like a mini bodyguard for their group.

"We are stuck with each other," Aiden smiled a tear sliding down his face. Finally he let it show, he was allowing me to feel less guilty about showing emotion, he was finally letting us in. I got up and hugged all of them, I felt Ashley slip in behind me, squishing me in the middle.

"Because we are a family," she spoke loud and clear, the others agreed and we spent the last few hours huddled together talking about everything and nothing until our parents came to take us home, last goodbyes said and done we all parted with sad faces because it was the first time in three months we weren't going to be there for each other day and night, every hour and second. It was finally time to learn to be with out the others, it was time to grow apart and become different people again but no matter what we'd always be one.