Butterfly lashes scrape shallow cheek-
bones, high on her blushed skin.
fingers graze the glass
of his chest,
fragments strewn in sunlight.
a million heartbeats spin
in her chest,

His autumn eyes
Are hazy, a smouldered mess
She recognizes at once as
Her heart-shaped lips
P ar t in echo of a scene;
a boy's wolfish grin flashes
in warm dream,
behind her closed eyelids.

His cold mouth catches her own
And she shivers:
From the breaking dream,
as well as the cold.
Yet the sun beats down on her,
Letting her know she
Still l i v e s –
The lion and the lamb once again
Shifting nature to their liking.

In defeat,
The sun closes its weary eyes,
And the lion now ceases to give his own
Beckoning light…

Too late?
But the meadow now sheds strange
She opens her eyes,
And her heart hammers at the shadow
She thought she had seen:
A cub, ambling along the grass,
Intent on play.

She thinks, Loyal pup,
but does not break the kiss.