Yugi isn't quite certain what to feel when he spots Kaiba in the lobby of one hotel amongst the hundreds he's passed through, mere days after his middle of the night phone call. A hot blush staining his cheeks and his eyes immediately dance away from the steady gaze locked on him. Softly stuttering, "H- hello, Kaiba-kun," as the other man strides coolly up to his side. Wishing he could be elsewhere. Wishing he hadn't made that pathetic call in the first place.

"I know you have some damn appearance or another to get to." Kaiba's words slightly clipped as he glances at his watch. "But afterwards, we need to discuss a few things. Sometime later this evening. All right?"

"I... All right."

He spends most of the day worrying about what it is that Kaiba wants. Chewing his thumbnail ragged during the limo ride back to the hotel that evening and when he stops to check at the front desk for his messages he's unsurprised to find that, "Mr. Kaiba is waiting in the bar." Murmuring an absent thanks and immediately going back to worrying at his nail as he decides to not delay the inevitable any further. Heading straight towards where Kaiba is waiting without heading upstairs first to take a quick shower or change. Trying his best to smile brightly as Kaiba's eyes settle on him.

"Took you long enough."

"I got held up, sorry. You know. Conventions..."

A noise somewhere between a hum and a snort in response from Kaiba, who shakes his head when Yugi tries to slide into the chair across from him. Swiftly getting to his own feet.

"Oh no you don't. I'm not letting you anywhere near the booze this time. I'd prefer to have a coherent discussion. Without the risk of someone getting a picture of you slamming back tequila shooters like before." Smirking as Yugi's cheeks flush bright red.

"I told you. I don't--"

"Of course not. But just to be safe. We'll take dinner, your suite. I want to keep this meeting as private as possible and my hotel is across town."

"Oh? And that won't look worse to the media than me in a bar would?" Yugi mutters even as he attempts to ignore the sudden rapid-fire thundering of his heart. Wishing like hell that Kaiba's smile wasn't so damn... knowing.

"That's a risk I guess we're going to have to take."

The instant Kaiba is certain they're alone, the question comes. Quick and cutting and straight to the painful point. "So, you're not happy." Yugi quickly glancing away, wishing he could crawl under a rock (or, hell, the bed would work) and not come out.

"I shouldn't have made that call," he mumbles after a moment. Pushing the food around on his plate and all too aware of the frown that is beginning to crease Kaiba's brow.

"What is it with you and your continual obsession with the martyr act?" Kaiba not bothering to hide his disgust, pausing only long enough to take a quick sip of his drink before continuing. "You've damn near killed yourself how many times over, trying to keep everyone around you happy. And every time you almost admit that you want something for yourself, you pull back." A vicious grin twisting his lips and he stands so suddenly that Yugi jumps. Eyes going wide when the taller man begins stalking slowly around the table. Leaning in so their lips are nearly touching.

"What do you want, Yugi? Do you want out of the tournament circuit? Do you want your life back?" Smile somehow going even colder as he presses their foreheads together, voice dropping to a husky, intimate, whisper. "Do you want me to finish what the clumsy, drunken, kiss in Vegas started?"

"I- I--" The words are locked in his throat. Face tilted upwards, leaning towards Kaiba almost desperately, waiting for the other man to just finish this. That hope quickly dashed by a low laugh as Kaiba pulls away slightly.

"Oh, no. I'm not going to make the first move. If you want it, you're going to have to say what you want. Or, even better, take it." Fingertips gently skim across one pale cheek, Kaiba's lips still twisted into an almost cruel smirk. "Could you, Yugi? Or are you just going to let yourself ache again. Content to play the martyr over everything."

He tries to speak. Words tangled up in the tightness of his throat. And as Kaiba lets out another small snort of disgust, looking about ready to move away again, an icy thread of panic races along his spine. Suddenly unwilling to fail the test this time. Arms looping clumsily around Kaiba's neck as he presses their mouths together.

It's the awkward, open mouthed, sloppy sort of kiss one would expect from an untried, anxious, teenager. Only further proving that Yugi doesn't do much taking. His eyes wide and worried when Kaiba pulls back with a laugh. Relaxing only a fraction when Kaiba murmurs, "There, was that so hard?" Lips feathering gently over Yugi's forehead. "Although I suppose it could have been better. Did Mazaki not teach you how to kiss?" Unable to hide his amusement at the sudden steeliness that filters into Yugi's gaze.

"Anzu's not..."

"Like that. Yes. She's a very nice girl, I'm sure. After all, she's part of your little gang of hangers-on. And it's nice to see that still gets under your skin. That something can still bring out the old fire. No matter how ridiculous it is." Tucking a gentle finger under Yugi's chin when soft lips draw into an irritated pout. Easily drawing Yugi into a second, more elegant, kiss that leaves his blood singing through his veins. Dazed and breathless and only half aware of a soft murmur of, "Make me a promise," against his ear.

"W- what?"

"Make me a promise, Yugi. That tonight you won't bend to me because you think it's what I want. That this will be about what you want. I'm damn tired of watching you fold."

"I- all right." A genuine smile of relief touching his lips as he finds himself sliding into Kaiba's arms. "I promise."

Yugi gets a wake-up call at seven. Room service showing up with a small tray and a complementary newspaper shortly thereafter and Kaiba is careful to be discretely hidden somewhat in the bathroom before it shows up. Taking a lightning quick shower and when he gets out Yugi is curled up in bed, absently nibbling at a slice of toast and working his way through the page of puzzles, the other sections of the paper stacked up carefully at his side, entirely forgotten.

Kaiba watches him in silence for a moment, somewhat bemused as Yugi deftly polishes off some foolish number game and immediately moves on to the crossword without missing a beat. That finally enough to slow him down, his nose crinkling slightly as his eyes skim over the clues, and Kaiba smiles as he settles down on the bed beside him. Snagging a slice of toast for himself and studying the clues over Yugi's shoulder. Murmuring an answer into Yugi's ear after a moment and the other man blinks up at him in surprise. As if he'd forgotten that Kaiba was even there. Murmuring a shy, "Thank-you," and Kaiba nods.

"Pass me the business section, will you?"

There's a faint rustling sound as the proper section is retrieved and passed over. Kaiba opening the pages with a deft snap and the pair of them fall into an odd sort of polite silence. As if they hadn't spent the previous night intimately tangled together.

The last bite of toast polished off, juice glass drained (Kaiba gets the feeling that Yugi only eats because he knows he needs to) and Yugi stretches. Setting the half-finished crossword aside and studying Kaiba warily. Teeth sinking nervously into his lower lip as if he's afraid of what foolish statement might escape if he doesn't keep his mouth otherwise occupied.

"Um, Kaiba-kun..."

"I think you can stop calling me that, don't you?"

A blush. "I- I guess, ah..."

"Try, 'Seto.'"

"Right. Seto." Another blush and a fidget and Kaiba finally takes pity on him. Folding up the section of newspaper he'd been reading and shooting a mocking grin in Yugi's direction. "You're not used to the morning after. Are you?"

"No. I mean-- It's not that. It's just. There's things I should probably do and..."

"You can tell me to get the hell out, Yugi. I won't break and I won't be offended. I'll just leave."

"But, you'll come back. Right?" Another blush as one of Kaiba's brows lifts at the question. "I- I like having you here."

"I'll come back. If it's what you want." Kaiba slowly standing with a lazy, almost feline stretch as he begins to hunt up his clothing. "I won't be attached to your damn hip like your worthless crew used to be, if that's what you're asking, but I will come back. When it's suitable. The last thing we need is the tabloids all over this and squishing our names together like we're a single entity." A sigh escapes his lips as he glances at his watch. "But really, there's things I should be doing too. You have my cell number." A statement, not a question but Yugi nods nonetheless. "I'll see you later, then."

Then he's gone. Leaving Yugi feeling strangely out of sorts. Uncertain as to how he should feel about having Kaiba Seto (nearly) at his beck and call. Slowly shaking his head in an attempt to clear it as he heads for the shower to start getting ready for his day.