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Chapter One

They say that inside of all of us is a dreamer just waiting to get out, but we are afraid to let people see that side of ourselves so we keep it locked deep away. I guess I'm one of those people because I have a dream and if anyone ever found out what it was then they'd probably lock me up and throw away the key. But every once in awhile that part of me longs to break free open it's wings and soar high in the clouds and never come back down. Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to come true but were afraid to allow it to become reality? Well this is my story of how I allowed my dream to soar high and free and I didn't give a damn who found out what it was.

Joey and the rest of the "gang" were in the cafeteria having lunch when he saw the reason of his dream walk in and sit down and work as he ate. As Joey watched him, he wondered what it would be like to have those nimble fingers run over his body. Then reality set in and it happened again, he was excited and had an erection of all erections and couldn't move or he'd scream out in pain. Tristan said "come on; let's go before we're late for class." As the others stood to leave, Joey still sat there trying to will himself to calm down enough for him to be able to walk, but it wasn't working. Tristan touched his shoulder and Joey nearly jumped out of his skin and with a startled look Joey said "I'll see you guys there, I have a horrible cramp in my leg and can't walk just yet." They all left and still he sat there telling his body to relax and then finally after what seemed an eternity he was able to stand and walk with out any pain. As he made his way out of the cafeteria, he heard "hey Wheeler, have those cramps often?" It was Seto Kaiba's voice, and Joey just walked away. Why did his dream seem so different then the real thing?

Later that day as Joey was sitting in Math class, he got a whiff of Seto's aftershave and there went his damn body reacting again and he prayed that when class was over he could walk out without anyone including Kaiba noticing his physical condition. Well when the bell rang he was lucky, because when he looked around he noticed that Kaiba wasn't in the room anymore and he got up and walked out to his locker and as he opened it, he heard "hey Wheeler, still having that same little problem?" Damn that Kaiba, why could he just leave me alone? Joey ignored him and getting his things he started towards the gates and walking out started towards home.

As he walked, Joey started thinking about the Party that Duke was throwing that week-end and whether he would go, when all of a sudden there was a blare of a car horn and nearly caused Joey to jump right in the path of that vehicle. Then he heard the voice of the one causing him all his problems saying "better be careful or I might run you over." Then Kaiba sped away, leaving Joey standing there cursing the very day that he was ever born and wondering why he was having dreams of that egotistical person in the first place.

When he got home that afternoon he noticed a strange car in the drive way and as he opened the front door he saw sitting in the living room, his grandparents and they were arguing with his father. "You know that if he were to come and live with us he would have a better chance to become someone." His grandfather said.

Joey wasn't going to stand there listening to them decide his future without saying something, so he went in there and as he stood listening to them he said "what gives you the right to come here and tell my father how to raise me when you couldn't even raise his brother right?" Hank stood up and said "Joseph have more respect for your grandparents, their only thinking of you well being."

Joey started laughing and then he said "the hell they are, they only want an heir to take over their business because there isn't anyone else to do it, but I'll be damned if it's going to be me!" Then Joey stormed to his room and slammed the door shut and lay on his bed and started crying. "Why do they always come here and start trouble for us? Hell dad and I are alright by ourselves we don't need anyone else."

Hank heard his son crying and knocked on his door and when Joey said "come in" he opened the door and said "son, listen maybe they are right and you'd have a better chance to finally live out your dream of becoming someone if you went to live with them." Joey stood up and facing his dad he said "are you out of your mind? If I went to live with them I'd never be who I wanted to be and you know it!"

Hank then said "alright, lets not get into it right now, they've gone back to their Hotel for the night, but they'll be back tomorrow and if you'd only listen to what they have to say" his father couldn't continue it was to hard to think of his son leaving and moving to America and never seeing him again.

Joey went to his dad and holding him in his arms he said "I'd rather be living in the slums then to go live with them and if you make me go well I'll just leave and never come back and you know that I have a lot of friends who would help me leave, so before you even try to ask me to listen to them think about what I just said." Hank smiled and wiped his face and he said "son, I would never ask you to leave here, but just think about it alright?" Then Hank left and closed his son's door and as he went to his room and sat on the bed he completely lost it.

Without even thinking Joey called someone and asked "can you help me get the hell out of Domino tonight?" The person he called told him "are you sure that this is what you really want?" Joey closed his eyes and tears fell down his face and he said "yes." Then the person said "meet me at the corner of Clements and 19th Place in one hour and bring everything that you'll need." Then the phone went dead and Joey went to his closet and got out his duffle bag and started putting his clothes and shoes and he also put the picture of his father and him taken last Christmas. Then he let his father a note and opening his bedroom window, Joey snuck out of the house and left not knowing when he'd ever be back.

When he finally got to the location he found the person he'd just talked to there and then Joey said "thanks Bakura for helping me, I have to disappear for awhile, just until I know that it is safe to come home again." Joey put his duffle bag over his shoulder and climbed onto the back of Bakura's Harley and they were off to who knows where, Joey only knew that he'd never go to America and that's all he wanted.

Hank went to call Joey for dinner and all he found was this note:


Listen I had to leave for a little while. I'm alright, I discovered a few things. And they wouldn't be in America that's for sure. I will contact you when I get to where I'm going. I hope that you understand why I had to go, and that I love you with all my heart.


Hank sat down on his son's bed as tear fell onto the letter and deep down inside he did understand more then Joey knew why he had to leave and tomorrow when his parents came back he'd tell them to get the hell out of their lives and never come back. They destroyed his older brothers life and he'd be damned if they'd do it to his and Joey's.

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