Chapter Thirty-Two

It's been four years now since Margie, Belinda, Connie, Cynthia and Diana first came into their lives and today is Mokuba's Graduation from Domino High and he's the Valedictorian of his Class and everyone is so proud of him.

Belinda, Connie, Cynthia and Diana are all very successful at their jobs in fact they are all the highest paid women in all of the Kaiba Corp. Companies. This is one thing that Margie is the most proud of is how these four ladies did succeed and who became part of her family and now they are all part of the Kaiba/Wheeler families.

As they were all getting ready to go to Mokuba's Graduation, they all thought back on the day that changed all their lives, and that was the day that Joey came to live with them. He was the catalyst that changed all their lives for the best. Each of them had dreams of their own and they have all finally realized what that dream was and as of today, all their dreams have been fulfilled.

They all get into two limo's and the drivers get them to the Grand Ball Room at Kaiba Corp. where every year Domino High has it's Graduation and Dance. As they all walk inside and find their table and sit down, Margie reaches over and takes Seto's hand and she tells him "you've help raise a very well adjusted young man and he knows exactly what his dream is and you can be sure that he'll follow dream and make it reality." Seto squeezed her hand and said "thanks, he really loves you as much as I love you and we are thankful for having you as our friend."

Then the Principal walks across the stage and he says "Welcome Parents and families to the Graduation Class of 2007. Today we have one of our students who is Valedictorian and so I am proud to introduce you to Mokuba James Kaiba. Everyone claps as Mokie walks up to the podium and he begins his speech.

To the Principal, Teacher, Students, Parents and Family I want to welcome you to the Graduation Class of 2007. As we sit up here ready to accept our Diploma's, I look back on the four years that got us here. It was a struggle and for some of us more then others, but we made it and now we are looking at College or a Vocational School, but whatever we are going to go next shows how devoted all of us were to be able to reach this pinnacle in our lives.

Like every student up here I have my family to thank for believing in me and for showing me that no matter what I wanted out of life all I had to do was work hard and there was nothing that I couldn't achieve. My step-parents have been there for my brother and me and have taught us to believe in ourselves and never let anyone tell us that we couldn't have what we wanted out of life. To my brother, thank you for being there for me when I was scared of the storms and for not making fun of me but for showing me that it was just loud noise and nothing that would hurt me.

To Hank, Margie, Joey, Belinda, Connie, Cynthia and Diana, thanks to all of you for making me fell like I was part of your families and for just being the best friends anybody could ask for.

In Conclusion, I can say that everyone up here has given 110 percent of themselves and showed the world that we are not quitters and that we have seen our dreams and now we are following them and someday we will show the world, Hey, we did it we found our dreams and they are now our realities. Thanks for coming and now I will turn it back to the Principal.

Everyone especially the Kaiba/Wheeler group stood up and cheered the loudest. Roland had gone closer to the stage and taped Mokie's speech, and tears blurred his vision because he was so damn proud of his youngest son because he had never allowed anything to stop him from following his dreams.

Roland stood there and when the Principal call each students name and when they each walked across the stage to get their diploma Roland made sure that he got it on film. As the last student walked across the stage to accept his diploma it was on film. Then the Principal stood in front of the students and announced "May I present the Graduation Class of 2007!"

The place went nuts with the clapping and cheering from all the parents and family members and Mokuba's family was just a loud. As the waiters brought around the meal to each table and as they all enjoyed this time with their sons and daughters, it was a very magical time for all of them.

Then the Principal announced "I want to thank each and everyone of you parents and family members for coming and supporting your son or daughter and I want to say to all the student, follow your dreams and never stop…. Good Luck and we may see each other again sometime…. Then Graduation was over and all of the people filed out and went home and we were on our way home too.

When we got home, Joey took a piece of paper out of his pocket and said "I wrote this down the other day and I really think that now is the time to read it, so here I go:

Chasing a Dream

Dreams are our ways of dealing with what life throws our way

Sometimes we try to reach out and catch that dream and sometimes we're just to frightened to even try

I'm no different from the next person, I have my dreams too, and even if it seems so far fetched their are mine to dream

I may seem different from you, but we still are the same when it comes to having and wanting to reach our dreams

What's different is that I've finally reached out and I caught my dream by the tail and now it isn't a dream anymore, it's real

I love one person with all my heart and he is the reason behind my dream, and guess what, he has had the same dream as I have and together we are making that dream come true

So keep on dreaming and maybe someday your dream will come true like mine did.

When Joey was done, there wasn't a dry eye among any of them. Hank walked over to his son and took him in his arms and said "the day you were born was the day you mom and my dream came true." Joey held his father and they cried tears of sorrow and happiness and then everyone join in and they all held each other and held Joey and his dad too.

Finally they have all found what their dreams were and one by one they are all reaching out and making their dreams come true. You know you can too, just keep on trying and maybe like the people in this story, yours will come true too………


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