A/N: Hmm, yes, rather AU, but something I wanted to write, so I wrote. What would have happened had Hagrid given Harry to Sirius?

The door to a dark house in London was opened by an old house elf, who looked severely disgruntled. Three men pushed their way past the house elf, led by the youngest they hurried up the stairs and opened the door to a bedroom in which a young man sat on the bed, a sleeping toddler in his arms. He was crying, floods of tears pouring down his cheeks. The youngest of the visitors had fire in his eyes as he stormed into the bedroom.

"Give me Harry. Now."

"Remus….Lily, James…they're….we can't leave Harry."

"I won't let you kill him too!" Remus drew his wand, not wanting to curse the man whilst he had the child in his arms, he stepped towards him.

"K...k...kill Harry? Why would I kill Harry….he's, he's my godson! James' son! And he's so small… he's lost everything and he doesn't even know…" He began to sob again. Remus was unsure what to do, he had never seen his friend cry like this, he knew James was like a brother to him and he, just like Remus himself, had become very fond of Lily. His tears were genuine, they weren't tears of guilt, they were tears of sorrow. And they were for Lily and James, not Voldemort. He turned to look at the other men, standing in the doorway. The oldest spoke.

"Sirius. Hagrid was to bring Harry to me."

"No godson of mine's going to live with muggles. Especially not those muggles. James wouldn't have stood for it. He hated them, and they hated him, Lily too! I've met them, they're vile." Tears rolled down his cheeks as he stared at the small boy, brushing his hair away from his face. A scar was visible on his forehead, shaped like a lightening bolt.

"They are his family. You are not."

"I'm practically his uncle! James was like a brother to me…" A fresh wave of tears over came him, but Remus couldn't suppress his anger.

"Then why did you betray him?!"

"Didn't. Not me…" He lay Harry in the centre of the bed and he slept on, oblivious to all that was going on around him, blissfully unaware that his parents had died, that he would never see their faces again.

"You were their secret keeper!"

"Not me, changed it, Peter…" Fury shot through Remus' face.

"PETER? They changed, without telling me?"

"I told them to… said it'd be too obvious it was me… I'd would have died before I betrayed them, but other people knew where they were, if I died… then… then they'd all be able to tell, and I didn't know who… who the spy was, If I'd died… if it was me…." He wiped his eyes furiously. "I wish it was me."

"Peter?" Remus repeated, it was barely more than a whisper, his face filled with disbelief.

"I didn't know what to do. Wanted to kill him, but….Harry…James would never forgive us…"

"Give Harry to me and go kill him." It was not normally in Remus' nature to hate, but James had been one of his first friends, he had accepted him, even when he had learned the truth he didn't turn his back on him. Nor did Lily. Nor did Sirius. Nor, he thought sadly, had Peter. Sirius looked as though he was very tempted to do just that, but Dumbledore stepped forward.

"You're no use to Harry in Azkaban, Sirius." He turned to the third man, who until now had remained silent. "The ministry can catch Pettigrew, I suppose?" He nodded and seconds later he had disappeared. "We had better get going, I need to take Harry to Little Whinging."

"No. He's staying with me."

"Sirius, do you think that wise? It is not unknown to Voldemort's followers that you were James' dearest friend, I think it would not be surprising if they came looking for you, for Harry."

"I wouldn't let them take him!"

"Nor would Lily and James have." Remus whispered. "And now they…." He said no more.

"This is the last place they'd look." He glanced at Remus. "How did you know I was here?"

"Because this is the last place anyone would look, so the first place you'd hide." He sat beside his friend on the bed and looked down at Harry. "Battle scarred already…."

"He can join your club." Sirius smiled, trying to make light of the situation, he would grieve, he knew, for some time, but it was in his nature to joke as much as he could, he suppose it came with having grown up in this miserable house. He turned to look at Dumbledore again. "Is he gone then, Voldemort?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not, I suspect the latter."

"Harry's going to grow up famous." Remus said, lifting the toddler into his arms, looking as though he couldn't bear to let go of the last connection to his best friends. The expression on Sirius' face was much the same as he took hold of Harry's fingers.

"Yes, he will. It is better he grows up with the muggles, fame can go to one's head if they come to expect it." Sirius glanced from Remus to Dumbledore.

"I want to bring him up, I can….live as a muggle, or something."

"I see you are not to be persuaded to part with him."

"Never. He's James' son." Remus turned his attentions from Harry to their old headmaster.

"Lily and James would want Sirius to raise him." Dumbledore seemed to take this as the final word and nodded.

"Perhaps you should bring him to the school for a while, he would be safe there, and I do believe, we need a new defence against the dark arts teacher." Despite the seriousness of the situation, and the anger and sorrow imbedded inside him, Remus burst out laughing.

"Sirius? He's broken more rules than the entire historical student body put together." Sirius had to laugh too, he knew James would also have found the idea incredibly laughable, whilst Lily would have thought Dumbledore mad for suggesting such a thing. Dumbledore himself chuckled, and shook his head.

"Oh no, Sirius has the ability, of course he does, but I was thinking you might like to take the job, Remus? We are no longer at war, your services won't be required elsewhere.

"Me? But… the parents would never let me teach their children."

"You won't be of any danger to them, the Shrieking Shack and Whomping Willow both still stand. Sirius can cover your lessons after the full moon, and there will be plenty hands to take care of Harry."

"I thought you wanted him to grow up away from fame? Every child in our world will know his name."

"Indeed, but one so young can not comprehend the nature of fame. He would be safe at Hogwarts until such a time as all Voldemort's followers have been rounded up, and then we will consider what next to do for the best."

Neither Sirius or Remus was sure about this arrangement, but neither had an opportunity to object as a small hand reached away from Remus and tugged on Dumbledore's exceedingly long beard. It appeared Harry Potter had made the decision for them.