WANTED: 6th Ranger Sue

The charges: 6th Ranger Sue is one is of the many off spring of the notorious evil overlord, Mistress Mary Sue. She has infected hundreds of fan fictions within the Power Ranger genre resulting in various counts of failure to respect cannon, OOC behaviour by cannon characters, and the creation of plot holes.

Age: 16-23

Ranger Colour: Silver, Gold, Purple, Black, White, Diamond, or some sort of themed outfit (fire is a rather popular choice as are lunar, lightning, mystic, and celestial). Basically, anything shinier than what the other rangers have is popular with her. And if it doesn't shine, it will glow, sparkle, or flame.

Genetic Abilities: Besides amazing fighting skills with little or no martial arts training? Anything! She can fly, shape shift, read minds, teleport, move things telekinetically, and/or do everything and anything necessary to justify the plot line. Along with these many powers, she also has the ability to suck all the fighting skills out of any rangers within100 yards making them look like tenth degree white belts when compared to her grace and agility.

Marital Status: Single [at the beginning of the fanfic at least but eventually she hooks up with the team's resident pretty boy ranger (or a particularly good looking mentor figure) who has zero power to resist her intoxicating personality and stunning good looks (no matter what cannon may say about their current love interests or sexual preferences). Sky, Dustin, Tommy, Jason, Zhane, Xander, Bridge, and grown up Justin (who apparently has grown up to be every girl's tall, dark and handsome cobana boy fantasy) are all common victims of Miss Sue's… ahem, charm.

Physical Description: She has been described by cannon characters as "the most beautiful girl they had ever seen. Her purple/silver/golden/amber eyes" will "shine fiercly" as you meet her gaze. They are "perfectly framed by her long, dark/golden/silver/shimmering locks of hair" that are often seen being "blown softly in the breeze, cascading across her narrow shoulders and down the back of her slim yet toned figure." Many in her presence have expressed the desire to "reach out and caress that soft/creamy/tanned/translucent/glowing skin of hers... to kiss those full pouty lips… to breath in her lavender/vanilla/[insert flower or spice scent." She is also said to be between the height of 5'2 and 5'10.

Chances of Dying within the fan fiction: Very slim. At the very most one can hope for a tragic ending where Mary must leave her true love (one of her fellow male ranger team mates of course) and return to her home planet / dimension / kingdom / mystical realm so she can assume the throne and rule her people in peace. This, of course, is due to the fact she is an alien/mystical princess who was raised in the human realm.

If found by any fan fiction officials, she is it to be judged and contained immediately… or if you're a Mighty Morphin fan you can just blow her up. But under no circumstance do you engage her in conversation or you may run the risk of being affected by her hypnotic, mind altering powers and be forced to fall in love with her and/or become her best friend.