Disclaimer: Same as it has ever been; same as it has ever been.

Author's Notes: I am not one hundred percent happy with this chapter, and it may have a re-write later. I wanted to get it down before the muse left me again, and the plot bunnies from another story overtook this one.

Xander took a moment to excuse his self and headed to the restroom. As he stood in front of the urinal, a nagging sensation in the base of his skull would not be ignored any longer. It was a left over trait that any Sunnydale Survivor had, the sensation to know when someone that you couldn't see was watching you. It was amazing how much stealthy people, and Xander had learned to use the term loosely, give themselves away by the vibes they give off. Xander sighed as the amber liquid coursed from its reservoir, he wondered when his stalker was going to make itself known, and then the lights went out.

Xander checked his breathing and calmed his heart rate as he kept an even stream going till he finished. He knew that this was unavoidable, if the intelligence that they had gathered had been anywhere near accurate. "Okay Batman, nice execution, but really, accosting someone in the restroom isn't good if you have any plans on public office," quipped Xander.

Xander smirked at the slight growl that came out of the darkness as he zipped up his fly. He knew he had scored a point in his scoring system, and that was enough for him, but not as much as he decided to go for. "So, could you turn the lights back on? I would like to wash my hands, hygiene and all that. Not all of us wander around in a rubber suit."

At the sound of a hand clenching hard in a glove, Xander chalked up another point in his mental tally. "So, are you just going to stand there breathing hard, in a skin tight rubber and leather suit, or are you actually going to get down to what you want to do? Cause, I tell you, this anticipation thing works wonders in books and movies, but real life, not so much." With that, Xander felt the movement as he was lifted up off the ground and pressed to the wall. Not that he minded much at all. On his score card, he had won the match. Luckily for him his previous experiences muted the impressive style of the self styled Dark Knight. Xander knew that he wouldn't use excessive force on him; it would tarnish his image among his allies. It was all mental, and that, Xander could handle. This was nothing compared to staring down Angelus, Spike, Adam, Glory, or even Dark Willow. Those he knew could, would, and did hurt him, but Batman was bound by his mental fetters.

"What are you doing here?" questioned the Caped Crusader.

"Oh, right now, just hanging around." With the answer Xander felt himself pulled away from the wall and pushed back against it.

"That is not what I meant. What game are you playing? Why did they send you?"

"Oh, that, well it is quite simple, really. The game is called piss off the pompous, anal-retentive, and self-pious. I am a master player at the game. I can piss off most middle class and higher English people in less than twenty seconds flat. Some have called it a gift, others a curse, but truth be told I have worked hard at it for many years. As to the reason that they sent me, the answer to that is easy. If things go belly up, then I am the least to sacrifice."

"You are no pawn. No one that expendable has the position that you have. What do you have that allows you in that crowd?"

Xander felt his face go slack. He knew that his eye was focused into the other pair in the darkness. "Faith, loyalty, doggedness, a fierceness to protect, kindness, love, tenderness, forgiveness, understanding, and compassion that is just on the surface. I'm not sure any of that means anything to you. Let me ask you a question Fliegenmaus, if you protect the city, why do you allow the Big Bads to come back again and again to terrorize the people?"

Xander was dropped to the floor. "What do you mean?"

Xander smirked, "You wind up fighting the same people again and again. They keep killing and stealing and causing havoc on your watch, and yet you do nothing to stop them, just delay them for the time being. How much blood is on your hands from the innocents that have died? You do illegal things all the time in your 'investigations'. Breaking and entering, coercion of information, illegal search and seizure, assault, the list just goes on, yet you are one of the good guys. Have you ever wondered how many people you have 'put away' are released because of your actions? You fight for truth and justice, but disregard the procedures of the justice system. You yourself create a revolving door in Gotham for the low level thugs. They are the ones more likely to involve themselves with the day to day life of the citizenry.

"We recognize that. That is why we constantly patrol the areas that we cover and stop the vamps from getting a foothold. We go on the offensive when we find them massing. We eliminate them, and neutralize anything major that they are planning, especially if it involves opening up a bigger evil. Are we always successful? No, but we make up for it when we don't get there quick enough. That and we know that it is a war we are in. It is a kill or be killed fight that we fight. There are eighteen year old girls out there that make more life or death decisions in a night than you do in a month, and because of her hundreds of people are still alive, unharmed, and blissfully ignorant of the world as it truly is."

Xander stepped around the black clad man and moved towards the light that was struggling against the door frame. "If you will now excuse me, I have a tour to complete with a much more charming host than yourself."