Jack Sparrow sat there stunned at the intense blow of light; his arms still shielding his face expecting something else to happen. "Jack sparrow" a raspy voice called his name.

Jack carefully lowered his arms also amazingly he didn't correct the speaker about the "captain" part of his name. He opened his eyes and saw he was in a dark room with a faint red light, the ceilings were high vaulted and everything appeared to be made out of molten rock! Even the floor he was standing on!

In realizing this he yelped and quickly jumped up, "that's interesting" he thought to himself at how the molten rock wasn't burning him alive or dead as he would saw now.

Out of the darkness he heard a chuckle or rather cold and evil giggling. He whipped around and saw what was not a man but something almost human yet not, the it sat on a throne like chair and even though his or its features were mostly covered in shadow he could make out grey colored skin and what appeared to be wings?

Jack looked suspiciously at the figure but didn't say anything instead the thing spoke, "Jack Sparrow i have heard a lot about you". Jack wasn't really sure if this was a good thing so he spoke his next sentence carefully "its good't' knows that I'm appreciated….."

"So sparrow do you know why you are here?" it asked in its creepy voice "cause I'm dead?" Jack asked raising an eyebrow a little bit at the question.

" I am talking about how you are dead" the creature corrected him, Jack paused for a moment not really knowing what to say but he already knew what the answer was "Elizabeth" he thought angrily to himself.

The creature seemed to read his mind and it saw the hatred etched on Jacks face for her, he then spoke again " I have a proposition for you Jack Sparrow" at this Jacks face brightened " and what sort of proposition did you have in mind?" he asked trying not to sound too curious.

"I can see into your heart Jack and I can see what you want…. You are possibly the only one who can do what I ask" the thing replied "and what exactly is this thing that ye ask of ol jack?"

"I can give you what you really want Jack….. You want immortality, you want freedom, you want to get revenge on the swann, and I can help you do this if you will destroy calypso"

"CALYPSO! Isn't she like a sea goddess how can I kill a god?!" Jack asked stunned at his suggestion. " the only way to kill a god is to be the opposite of a god…………"

the creature said in sly tone.

Jack however betrayed his confusion in his gaze " A demon is the only thing that can kill a God Jack the spawn of hell the opposite of a God the spawn of heaven" the creature said a little exasperated now at Jacks iggnorence.

"Wait hold a second mate… are you implying that I go and find a demon?" Jack questioned him. "No I am saying that you become the demon" the thing said in an evil voice.

Jack just stared at him, he of course knew about what demons were and he had never been that keen on having a soulless thing of evil but hey he it would get him what he wanted and what he wanted most was revenge on a certain swann.

The thing smiled at Jack knowing his answer before he said it, the thing stood up and into a shaft of red light. Jack could now observe it's features; it had black demonic wings coming from its back and its grey skin shone bright like it was doused in moonlight, the eyes though were really creepy they were red with black cat like pupils that seemed to burn as if the fires of hell were contained within them.

Jack knew now that this guy was a demon and judging from the gold and red crown resting on his head he was probably the king.

A box then appeared in his hands and he slowing walked towards jack with it "just reach out and take it! Seize your new destiny" Jack heard the demon say but his eyes were fixated on the box as it was opening.

Inside there was an orb of burning red energy, Jack stretched his hand forth to receive it.

The instant it made contact with his hand red energy flowed up his arm and through his body! He yelled in agony as the power engulfed him sending him into the abyss of a deep and dreamless sleep.


Mean while back in tia dalmas hut…….

" So would ye face da perils of worlds end to get back with the Jack Sparrow?" she asked them seriously " aye" assented gibbs and all of the remaining crew. Tia looked to Will and Elizabeth who sat their in their own turmoil.

Tia fixed her eyes on Elizabeth and Will awaiting there answer "Aye" said Will. And after another moment long battle with her conscience Elizabeth consented too.

"You will need a guide to bring back de Jack" she said with a still serious look on her face.

They all turned in unison as they heard heavy foot steps "BARBOSSA!" Elizabeth exclaimed in surprise mixed with a healthy dose of fear.

"So we going to rescue Jack Sparrow are we and what has become of my ship?" He asked them all in his heavily piratey voice.

They all set sail for worlds end and over the edge they go! They made it to worlds end now all they need to do is get Jack back.