This is a Naruto/Warriors Fanfic Crossover. And now, unlike some other crossovers where people turn into cats, I just made it so they are cats, but have the same personalities and such.

My Co-author is one of the Wise Crack Idiots, Alex. We are splitting the credit 50/50. And remember to check out some of her stories too!


Leader: Tsunamistar (Tsunada)- light gray (with darker flecks) she-cat with stormy
blue eyes; succeeded Brownstar as leader

Deputy: Loyalheart (Shizune)- golden long-furred she-cat with unusually long claws

Medicine Cat: Fawnspots (Nara Shikaku)—tabby brown tom with moss-green eyes

Warriors and Apprentices:

Blackmask (Kakashi)- handsome swift white tom with a black muzzle, black
underbelly, paws, tail-tip, ears, and scarred left eye; rumored as a legendary

-Foxpaw, Rosepaw, Nightpaw

Eveningsun (Kurenai)- cream-colored she-cat with amber eyes

-Fangpaw, Sunpaw, Bugpaw

Mighteye (Guy)- black-gray tom with green eyes; cheery, competitive, and a bit
too confident in his own prowess

-Rockpaw, Dragonpaw, Whitepaw

Smokeheart (Asuma)- small gray and black-spotted tom with a raspy voice

-Largepaw, Mountainpaw, Cleverpaw

Scarface (Iruka)- swift tortoiseshell tom with a scarred muzzle

Moontree (Mizuki)- large white tabby tom with darker stripes

Flowernose (Inuzuka Hana; Kiba's sister)- pale white she-cat with
distinctive red smudges on her cheeks; brown eyes

Palefur (Hyuuga Hiashi)—muscular short-furred white tom with blue eyes;
Sunpaw, Whitepaw and Firekit's father

Russeteye (Ebisu)—black-and-white tom with amber eyes

Greentail (Mitarashi Anko)—sleek-furred brown tabby she-cat with bright
green eyes; hyperactive, serious, and easy-going


Foxpaw (Naruto)- bright flame-orange tom with warm green eyes

Rosepaw (Sakura)- white with ginger splotches she-cat and green eyes

Nightpaw (Sasuke)- raven-black tabby tom with dark, ice-blue eyes

Fangpaw (Kiba)- enthusiastic mottled tabby tom with abnormally long fangs

Sunpaw (Hinata)- black-and-white tom with a long tail; quiet and anti-social

Bugpaw (Shino)- calm white-furred tom with pale opaque eyes

Rockpaw (Lee)- cheerful black tom with brown eyes; idolizes teamwork, the
warrior code, and his mentor

Dragonpaw (Tenten)- messy-furred brown she-cat with purple eyes

Whitepaw (Neji)- shy, light ginger, almost sand-colored she-cat with pale opaque eyes

Largepaw (Choji)- heavyset thick-furred gray tom with black eyes

Mountainpaw (Ino)- shrewd, spunky tortoiseshell she-cat with small ears; shares
a bitter rivalry with Rosepaw

Cleverpaw (Shikamaru)- intelligent brown tabby tom with green eyes


Talonwing (Inuzuka Tsume; Fangpaw and Hana's mom)—black she-cat with a
white patch on her forehead and distinctive red smudges on her cheeks
Moonflower (Uzuki Yugao)—pretty silver she-cat with gray eyes; her mate,
Windscruff(Gekko Hayate), was killed in one of the many wars during
Brownstar's reign


Bristlepelt (Homura Mitokado)—fierce-tempered white she-cat with dark
eyes and a bushy tail


Eagerkit (Konohamaru)- dappled tom with unblinking yellow eyes

Redkit (Moegi)- gentle pale-furred she-cat

Sleepykit (Udon)- light silver tabby with a running nose and constant habit of
dozing off

Firekit (Hyuuga Hanabi)- exotic creamy-tan she-cat with brown paws

Short Explanation:

When a kit is a season old, one of the warriors, in this case Scarface starts teaching them minor rules about how to be a warrior. When they are seven moons old, they are separated into teams, which is lead by one mentor. There are three cats in each team. The mentor gives them tasks and assignments, missions, obstacles, and trains them in the way of a warrior. Sometimes, the different teams fight against each other in tournaments. When they are ready, they receive their warrior name. The leader, (basically the Hokage) leads the clan.

Special thanks goes to Alex, who made the Allegiances a WHOLE lot better!