I felt like writing a fanfic for Final Fantasy XII, and this is what I came up with. Yeah, this chapter's pretty short. They'll get longer, trust me. I don't own Final Fantasy or any other Square Enix games. Enjoy!

When Larsa Went on Vacation

Chapter 1 -- The Plan

Larsa grabbed his head suddenly and groaned.

"Lord Larsa! Is everything all right?" asked a concerned Basch. Larsa blearily looked up and nodded.

"Yeah, it's just a small headache." He sat up straight and looked at the mountain of papers that sat before him, petitions from various Archadian nobles and merchants.

Basch looked closely at the little emperor and noticed how tired and worn his face was. "My lord, are you sure you're well?" Larsa nodded and began writing answers to the petitions.

Meanwhile in Rabanastre, Penelo was opening up a letter she had just received from Basch. She was always excited to read letters from her former comrades, and Basch was usually the quickest to respond. As she began reading the letter, she did not notice a person creeping up behind her.


The person jumped on Penelo and tried to grab the letter from her hands, but she was too quick for him. The figure finally gave up and went to the ground. Penelo turned to see Vaan standing before her, hungrily eyeing the letter.

"Wait your turn," she ordered, and she continued reading. "Basch says that Larsa's really stressed with all the work of being an emperor."

"Stressed? What kind of work does an emperor do?" Vaan asked.

"Well, I guess he has to fix everything from when his brother and father were in charge." Penelo was reading about how Basch was worried about Larsa's health, when suddenly Vaan grabbed the letter and tried to yank it from her hands.

"Okay, my turn now!"

"No, I'm almost done!"

The two played tug-of-war with the letter, until suddenly it ripped down the middle, causing both Penelo and Vaan to fall backwards. Vaan accidenly let go of his half of the letter.

"Quick, catch it!" Penelo shouted, but the wind blew it off before Vaan could grab it. Penelo sighed, but Vaan put on a mischievous grin.

"Oh well, you read it. So what did it say?" he asked innocently.

Penelo glared at him. "I didn't finish it," she shouted, "because you lost the part I was just about to read!"

Vaan gulped. "Oops."

Penelo sighed again, and repeated, "Anyway, Larsa's been pretty stressed out lately, but Basch thinks he'll be able to handle it if he takes a little break --"

"We should help him out!" declared Vaan. He grabbed the letter from Penelo and read the last sentences out loud:

I am concerned for Lord Larsa's health. While he is doing a good job in taking over the duties of an emperor, his headaches seem to be getting a bit more severe. I am sure that the young Larsa would appreciate it if the two of you would...

The letter was torn off there.

"See?" said Vaan. "We should go there and help Larsa with his emperor duties! That's what Basch was probably going to ask us, right?"

Penelo started to say, "I'm not sure about that," but Vaan suddenly blurted out, "We should send Larsa on vacation and take over for him!"

"What?!" Penelo stared at Vaan, shocked that he could really be this stupid. "We can't just send Larsa by himself to go on some vacation when the people of Archades need him most right now!"

Vaan thought for a bit. "You're right; we can't just send him by himself." Penelo was about to sigh in relief, but Vaan quickly added, "But we're still going to Archades to see how Larsa's doing!"

Before Penelo could protest, Vaan grabbed her hand and dragged her to the Aerodrome.

This could be bad... she thought gloomily.