Reflections On Parting

By Rosemary For Remembrance

The two men stood on the road, both only just recently reconciled to the exposure of their unique relationship, looking in either direction, savoring their first true moments as father and son and their last few minutes together before yet another parting. There was so much yet that had not been said.

"When did you first know?" Olivier asked.

"When you described your mother." Cadfael responded. "I do not blame you for feeling cheated of the knowledge." Olivier's face was blank. Cadfael was almost sheepish. "But what need had you of a father? So many opportunities lay ahead of you, I did not want to dig up the past."

"When you said, 'My son, go in peace,'" Olivier reflected, "you truly meant it."

"As much now as ever, my son."