Nami's State


Chapter 1


It was late at night and Nami was heading back to the Thousand Sunny with a full five bags of clothes she had purchased that day. She had spent the whole day shopping since they arrived on the island that morning.

She had a large, happy grin on her face. "With bargaining, I only wound up spending 20,000 beri today!" she exclaimed. "I practically got everything for free!"

"And these shirts should last me a full month!" she added, intent on never wearing the same shirt twice.

She was eager to get back to the ship where she could take a nice hot bath. The sun had been out all day and she had worked up a sweat, which was currently causing her to itch all over.

She turned a corner, humming to herself while imagining the pleasant feeling of laying back in the tub, the warm water relaxing her muscles.

"Hey girl, you got a minute?" A rough voice came from behind her, followed by a series of laughs from what sounded like a fairly large group of men.

Before she could turn around, something had hit her in the back of her head. Her bags flew out of her hands as she fell to the ground, scraping her knees.

She winced from the pain but quickly regained her senses and attempted to get to her feet. This action was stopped, however, as someone sat on top of her, pinning her down.

More laughter came from behind her and she felt a sudden terror she had never experienced before.

She desperately tried to get out from under the man, thrashing her limbs over the ground while twisting her waist in every way it could be twisted.

But the man'st weight was too great. He grabbed her arms to keep them in place and straddled her legs with his own.

"This is going to be fun." he said, smirking.

She saw the feet of many men form a circle around her. One of them kneeled down in front of her and took over the task of holding her arms down while another pushed down on her legs.

"GET OFF ME!" she shrieked. "HELP! SOME ONE, HELP!!"

They flipped her onto her back and another man approached to cover her mouth.

She could now see the faces of her assailants, at least ten men, all staring down at her, laughing.

'They're going to rape me!' she realized, a cold shiver running down her spine.

The man sitting on top of her suddenly ripped her shirt off, then her bra.

He clutched her breasts, squeezing them with intense force. She let out a muffled scream.

She strained every part of her body in an attempt to move and managed to open her jaw enough for one of the fingers of the man muffling her to slip into her mouth. She bit down as hard as she could and instantly tasted blood. The man cried out in pain.

"Haha looks like she got you, Barty." one of the men laughed.

The man wrenched his finger out of her mouth.

"YOU BITCH!" he roared, hitting her repeatedly.

He punched her in her forehead, her arms, her jaw.

She wailed in agony as waves of pain struck her.

"Hey, ease up man! This is only fun if she's awake!"

The man cuffed her one last time before covering her mouth again, this time with both hands and adding an aching amount of pressure.

She couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She could barely even breathe.

The man on top of her leaned down and licked one of her nipples, then bit it, hard.

Tears began to stream down her cheeks. She felt nauseous.

The man then sat up and tore her skirt in two.

She could barely think. Her face and arms were throbbing, her chest stung immensely, her heart was beating rapidly and her eyes were drowning in a lake of tears.

She could only think one thing: 'I have to escape.'

The man pulled out his erect member and guided it towards her.

She couldn't believe this was happening. Why was this happening? She should be on the ship now, taking a bath. She should be laughing with her crew. She should be sleeping sound in her room, in her comfortable bed.

He reached a finger behind her undergarment and pulled it to the side, then stared at her exposed womanhood with lustful eyes.

No, this couldn't be happening. No! She couldn't let this happen!

She tried as hard as she could to break free, exerting all of her strength. She shook madly, begging her body to overcome its restraints.

Pushing his hand between her legs, the man pinched one of her folds, digging his finger nails in enough to draw blood.

She had never felt such excruciating pain before in her life. Her ears were ringing with the shock that was sent into her skull. She was close to passing out.

Then she felt it. She felt her skin being forced apart as he slowly entered her. She felt it from the tips of her quivering toes to those of her fingers. The terror she felt surpassed all boundaries. Every part of her fought to escape this nightmare. Her will, her power, her memories, they all collided, and something in her broke.

She stopped attempting to move and began to give in to her fate. All of her thoughts started to vanish as she felt her world coming to a close. Then it happened.

He was moments away from reaching her hymen when somehow, by some unimaginably great fortune, the grip of the man holding her arms down slipped, granting her right arm its freedom.

Without a moment's hesitation, she shot her arm downward and wrenched the intruding organ out of her. She then proceeded to dig her nails into it, causing the man to release a thundering scream. Nami jerked her left arm out from the grip of the disbalanced other man, then pushed her main assaulter backwards onto the arms of the men trapping her legs. Now completely free, she rolled to her side and managed to get to her feet before anyone could stop her.

Acting on pure instinct, she darted through an opening in the surrounding group of men and ran as fast as her legs could take her.

From behind her, someone shouted, "GET THAT BITCH!!" and she could hear men start to chase after her.

She was scared beyond all measure. She was crying so much, she could barely see. Her entire body was in so much pain, she could barely think. She was shaking so much, she could barely keep her balance. She wanted to scream but her voice was caught in her throat.

She ran for her life.


Luffy had been walking around for a long time now. He was trying to get back to the ship, but he had no idea where he was. He would have asked someone for directions, but there was no one around.

His stomach grumbled and he thought about how much he would like to be on the ship, eating dinner.

"I'm hungry.." he moaned. "What's up with this town anyway..Everything looks the same!"

The Strawhat captain mumbled to himself, wishing the ship would just turn up already.

Suddenly he heard footsteps.


They were still chasing her. Nami could feel them getting closer. She couldn't run much longer. They were going to catch up with her.

She turned a corner. Then another corner. Their footsteps were getting louder. She was sure any second now she was going to feel one of their grimy hands grab her shoulder. Her legs were getting weaker. It took all of her will power to keep running despite the massive pain she was experiencing throughout her body.

She ran for a few more seconds, then one of her knees buckled under her. She fell onto her hands, then quickly forced herself back up. She couldn't run anymore, she could only stumble. She turned one more corner, sure it would be her last.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Ahead of her, standing in the middle of the road, was Luffy.


Luffy had stopped walking to look in the direction the footsteps were coming from. Maybe whoever that was could tell him how to get back to the ship. He waited there a few seconds, then saw someone appear from around the corner.

Though it was dark, he instantly recognized her face.

"Oh, Nami!" he called cheerfully.

She was running, or rather stumbling, towards him.

When she was a few yards away from him, he realized that she was wearing nothing but her underwear.

"EH!? Nami, why are you na-" he was cut off when she ran right into his chest. She latched onto his vest and dug her hands into his skin with such intensity it drew blood.

"OW! NAMI, WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" he shouted.

In a voice so tiny he could barely hear it, Nami whispered, "L-L-Luffy! He-help. Help! HELP ME!"

Nami looked up at him and from the light of a nearby lantern he was able to discern that she had bruises all over her face, including a black eye, tears were rushing down her cheeks, and blood was trinkling down her forehead, out of her nose, and out of her mouth. She was shaking violently and wheezing each time she took a breath.

"L-L-Luffy..!" she stuttered, wheezing as her words came out. "Th-they t-tried t-to r-r-rape m-me..! H-help...! Help..!"

At that moment, a large group of men jutted around the corner Nami had come out from.

"There she is!" one of them yelled.

"It looks like she's with someone!" another one shouted. "Hey, you! Leave that girl with us and get the hell out of here!"

Luffy had a look of death on his face. He stared at the men for a moment, then looked back at Nami.

"Nami. These men, did they do this to you?"

"Y-y-yes..!" she stuttered, sobbing against his chest. "Th-they..! Th-they tried to R-RAPE ME!!"

Luffy paused for a moment, then said, "Nami, stand back."

He started to move forward, but she was still latched onto him.

"L-Luffy, I-I'm s-scared..!!" she sobbed, leaning against him to support herself while shaking increasingly more violently.

Luffy removed his hat and put it on her head.

"Hey, you!" bellowed one of the men. "I said leave her with us and get the HELL out of here! Do you want to die!?"

Luffy gently eased Nami to her knees, then detached himself from her. He stood up and faced the group of men.

"You know.." he began. "You're all going to be dead one minute from now."

"What was that!?"

"You have a death wish, brat!?"

"Get him!"


Forty seconds later


Luffy laid a final punch into the last of the eleven men, sending him falling to the ground with blood gushing out of his mouth.

He walked back over to Nami.

She was still on her knees, sobbing.

He squatted down in front of her.

"I kicked their asses." he said.

Nami continued to sob.

"Let's go back to the ship.." he said softly. "You should see Chopper and -"

She cut him off by flinging her arms around his kneck and burying her face in his chest. He could feel the damp warmth of her blood and tears as they soaked through his vest.

"I-I can't stop the sh-shaking..!" she stuttered.

"I'll carry you then.." he said. "Come on, get on my back.."

She didn't move. She held him tighter and sobbed into his shoulder.

After a few seconds, she raised her head slightly.

"C-can y-you..h-hug m-me..?" she asked between sobs.

"..Okay." he said, wrapping his arms around her in a light embrace.

After a moment, Luffy slowly let go of her.

"..We should go back now..Let me carry you.." he said, trying to ease her arms off him so she could get on his back.

She wouldn't let go.

"..C-carry y-your arms..?" she asked, nuzzling her head against his neck.

"...Okay." he said again.

He carefully tucked one arm under her legs and lifted them up slightly so she was leaning back, then he held her back up with his other arm. Holding her like that, he gently stood up. Then, he started walking. He still wasn't sure which way to go, but he didn't care how long it took anymore.

After a few minutes, Nami fell asleep.


"Everyone! Get out here!" Luffy yelled as he stepped onto the Thousand Sunny.

A few seconds passed and Luffy could hear people moving in the men's sleeping quarters.

"Luffy, you're late, you know..If you wanted dinner you should have hurried back here.." mumbled Sanji, stepping onto the deck while rubbing his eyes. It took the cook a moment to notice Nami and the state she was in.


Each member of the Strawhat crew was now coming onto the deck. Zoro was climbing down from the crow's nest, Robin had just stepped out of the women's quarters, and Usopp, Franky, and Chopper were following Sanji out onto the deck.

When everyone had gathered, they were all staring at Nami, who was unconscious in Luffy arms, half-naked, covered in blood and bruises.

"Sh-she's in really bad shape!" exclaimed Chopper, changing into his human form and rushing over to her. "I need to look at her right away!"

Luffy followed Chopper into the medical room and lay Nami down on the bed.

"Leave the room for now!" ordered Chopper. "I'll let you know when I'm done!"

Luffy did as he was told, and met with the others on deck.

"Luffy! What the hell happened!?" exclaimed Sanji, grabbing Luffy by his collar.

"..Some guys hurt Nami." the captain replied. "I kicked their asses."

"They hurt her!?" repeated Sanji. "How the hell could you have let that happen!?"

"That's enough!" shouted Zoro. "Don't take your anger out on Luffy!"

Sanji released Luffy and stepped back, his head lowered.

"Luffy.." Zoro began, a grim look in his eyes. "..Was Nami raped?"

"..I don't know." Luffy replied.

Everyone's face darkened.

" really bad.." muttered Franky.

"Nami.." Usopp breathed.

They all waited on deck for the next few minutes until Chopper came back out.

"I've tended to her wounds.." he said. "She has bruises and scrapes all over her body and.." he cringed. " seems part of her skull is cracked.."

Luffy clenched his fists.

"Also.." he continued. "..I thought I should check because of the state she's in and...her hymen isn't broken, so it seems she wasn't raped.."

"But it's pretty obvious that's what they were trying to do.." scowled Sanji.

"Robin," Chopper began, "can you bathe Nami and get her some new clothes?"

"Of course." the archaeologist replied.

Chopper and Robin brought Nami to the bath room while the rest of the crew went to their sleeping quarters.

Everyone had trouble sleeping that night.



The crew all woke up to Nami's scream.

They rushed onto deck and to her room.

"What happened!?" shouted Usopp as everyone gathered around the door to Nami and Robin's room.

Robin was kneeling beside Nami's bed with her hand on her shoulder. "She just woke up and started screaming..." she said.

Sanji stepped forward. "Nami-san.."

"KYAAAA!!" Nami screamed as she saw Sanji. "S-stay away!! D-don't come near me!"

She was staring at Sanji with a look of horror in her eyes.

She saw Luffy standing with the others at the door. "LUFFY!!" she called, reaching her arms out in his direction.

"Eh?" said Sanji and Luffy at the same time.

Robin looked slightly nervous. "Nami was calling out Luffy's name in her sleep last night.." she said.

"Eh? Me?" asked Luffy, pointing to himself and looking around.

"LUFFY!!" Nami called again, tears forming in her eyes.

"..What's wrong, Nami?" he asked, perplexed by the fact that she was calling him, and only him.

She was staring at him with watery eyes and her arms reached out towards him.

"Maybe..she wants you to come over here.." theorized Robin.

Luffy walked past the others towards Nami's bed. The crew was silent as they watched.

When he got within her reach, she flung her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her, causing him to sink to his knees. She held onto him from where she lay at the edge of her bed and rubbed her bandaged face against his shoulder.


Everyone continued to watch in minor shock.

"Luffy.." Nami said, pressing her forehead against his chest, "I love you."

Sanji's, Usopp's, Franky's, and Chopper's jaws all dropped.

Luffy was unsettled. "...Eh?"

Nami lifted her head from his chest and raised it to the point where their eyes were level.

"Eh? Eh? Nami, wha-" he started to say but suddenly found himself unable to speak as his navigator's mouth found residence over his own.

The crew gaped in astonishment.

When Nami pulled back, Luffy had an unreadable expression.

She sunk back down to the level of his chest and tilted her head forward so her eyes were hidden by her hair.

The room was dead silent.

The only audible sounds were the light splashing of waves against the ship and the creaking of wood.

Eventually, Luffy spoke up. "..You love me?" he asked, confused.

"I love you." she repeated, dropping her head on his chest again.

Another brief period of silence ensued and Luffy started to look a little nervous.

This time, it was Chopper who spoke.

"I think she might be suffering from post-traumatic stress." he said.

"What does that mean?" asked Luffy.

"Well," Chopper replied, "in this case, it would mean that she went through something really horrible and now she wants to rely on you to help her cope with it..And, it seems like she gets scared around other men.."

"So, how do you cure it?"

"I can't cure that."

"Why not?"

"Because it's a sickness of the mind, not the body."

"But maybe you can help.." Robin began, looking at Luffy. "..It seems you're the only person she wants to be around, after all.."

Luffy was even more confused now. He looked down at Nami, who was still leaning her head against his chest, then back at Robin.

"What can I do?" he asked.

"Just try to comfort her." replied Robin.

Robin looked at the five men standing around the doorway. "Perhaps we should leave the two of them alone for a little while." she suggested.

Not waiting for their response, she stood up and guided them out the doorway, then closed the door behind her.

Luffy was extremely unsure of what to do now.

Nami just kept her head on his chest, not moving.

He gulped. "..Nami?"

Nami raised her head to look at him.

Her left eye was swollen and purple and she had bandages on different parts of her face.

"..Is there anything you want?" he asked.

She smiled weakly. "Could you sit next to me?"

"..Okay." He took a seat next to her.

She slipped her hand under his, then leaned her head onto his shoulder.

He didn't understand why she wanted to do this nor why she wanted to do this with him.

They stayed like that for a while until Sanji announced that breakfast was ready.

Luffy immediately jumped up.

"Where are you going..?" she asked.

He looked at her strangely. "Don't you want to eat?"

She hesitated for a moment, then stood up and latched onto his arm.

"Can we go like this..?" she asked.

"...Okay." he said again, still confused.


Nami sat next to Luffy and held onto his arm throughout breakfast.

Luffy didn't seem to care though. He still ate the same way as usual, finishing his own food in a few seconds, then helping himself to what was on his crew mates' plates.

At some point, Sanji noticed that Nami hadn't touched the food on her plate yet.

Not wanting Nami to look at him like he was a monster again, Sanji decided to alert Luffy to this.

"Luffy, Nami-san hasn't touched her food yet." the cook sighed.

Luffy looked at Nami. "Okay, since you don't want it, I'll have it." he said reaching towards her plate.

"LUFFY!!" Sanji roared, landing a kick square on his captain's head. "Don't steal her food! Ask her why she isn't eating!"

"Nami, why aren't you eating?" Luffy asked obediently.

Nami stared at him for a moment, then said, "..Feed me..?"

"AGH!" shouted Zoro. "This is ridiculous! I feel sick just looking at them!"

"Keep your mouth shut, marimo!" ordered Sanji.

Luffy brought a spoonful of soup to Nami's mouth, a bored look on his face.

Zoro cringed as he watched them.


That morning, the Thousand Sunny departed the island with Robin acting as temporary navigator.