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CH. 1: Dreams of an Unknown Past

"NEE-SAN!" she yelled, clutching a taller, older version of herself. The older girl stood between her and the monster that was after her.

"Stay behind me joji…I promise I'll protect you." the older girl turned to her and smiled. The monster stalking them laughed.

"Why do you fight so hard, Tsunade. I will take her eventually, you can not stop me. I will take her and make her my weapon. You will die here if you defy me." the man with snake-like eyes taunted the older girl. The older girl curled her lip at the man and snarled.

"Orochimaru…you'll never get your hands on her…I'll kill you if you touch her. She's a human being, not some weapon you can use." the older girl slightly moved her leg, subtle, so as not to alert her prey.

"She holds one of the tailed beasts. Of course she is nothing but a tool. She is a mindless killing machine waiting for the right master." the man called Orochimaru laughed as the older girl smiled wickedly.

"That's where you're wrong teme. She is not mindless…unlike you, she has a soul, pure and untouched. And she'll stay that way. I'll never let you touch her. Even if I have to send her far away, where you'll never find her. The older girl started a series of symbols that made Orochimaru's eyes widen in disbelief.

"You wouldn't dare…she'd never survive. You'll destroy her…" Orochimaru lunged at her and the older girl blocked it with her own body. She could see blood seeping from the older girl's mouth, splashing on the floor.

"Better…to have her…destroyed trying…to save…her than let…you get…your hands on…her." the girl gave another wicked smile and used her chakra to hold him to her. She then looked down at the little girl behind her. "Always remember…that I love you…my joji…my sister…Sakura…" and then everything faded to black. It felt like she was free falling. She screamed.

Sakura shot straight up in her bed, screaming. Her breathing was heavy and she was shaking. She rubbed her face and looked over at her clock. 5:00 in the morning, and she knew she'd never get back to sleep.

"This damn nightmare keeps getting more detailed. I haven't had it since I was twelve…so…why now?" she asked out loud, looking over in the corner only to see a pair of silver eyes flash at her. She smiled.

"Hime…I know you're there…come here joji." as she said the word, the face of the older girl from her nightmare flashed before her eyes. She grunted and held her hand out on the left side of her bed. Feeling something head but it, she looked down to see the little calico kitten she had saved from some boys who had been torturing it.


Sakura was walking home from school, having just been issued a warning that if she got into another fight she would be kicked out of yet another school. She was running out of options as far as available schools go and her guardian was not going to like this. Suddenly she heard a pitiful mewling noise and some evil laughter.

Sakura walked to the ally that led behind her apartment complex. Two boys were cornering something, their laughter cruel and evil. Sakura flinched at the sound of their laughter and craned her neck to see what was going on. On the ground in front of the two boys, was a small, rough looking kitten. The poor thing looked like it had been being tortured for a while now.

"What the fuck do you two think you're doing to Hime!!" she screamed, rushing into the ally to retrieve the small kitten. The two boys looked up to see a young girl, much shorter than themselves, running at them with her bag in hand. They both blinked, looked at one another, then looked at her again.

"What the hell are you talking about you stupid girl? its just a stupid stray cat." the one with long black hair said, glaring at her with outright fury at his game being interrupted.

"That 'stray cat' happens to be my fucking pet you moron! What the hell have you done to her!? Don't make me ask you again you stupid bastards!" she growled, her eyes flashing dangerously, her temper showing through her aura. Both boys looked surprised at her language.

"Who would want such an ugly creature for a pet anyways?" the other boy tried to talk them out of trouble. He saw the look in Sakura's eyes and shut up pretty quickly.

"She is NOT ugly!" her voice was gravelly, almost demonic. Both boys gasped as a visible thread of energy surrounded her.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size…or can you not handle something that can fight back?" she taunted, her normally emerald eyes flashing a startling silver color. Both boys looked perturbed.

"What the hell are you getting at? We aren't afraid of you!" the long haired boy scoffed at her, not paying attention to her eyes.

"You should be…it's not a good idea to piss off someone that has not qualms about killing you." her voice was calm and collected. Both boys took a step back, involuntarily of course. Just as they turned to run away, Sakura charged at them.

End Flashback

Sakura chuckled at the memory of beating the holy hell out of the two boys. She stopped when she remembered what saving the kitten had cost her. News of her violent act had reached the Dean of her private school. He had not been pleased and had immediately expelled her from the academy. She hissed at the memory of how he had treated her. He had never treated her like a human because she had no memory of who she was or where she came from. All she could remember was walking out of the water onto a beach and then being carted to the hospital because she collapsed right in the lap of the lifeguard.

Sakura rolled onto her stomach and sighed. She heard the soft patter before she felt the weight of the small calico right by her head. A soft, questioning 'meow' brought her head up and a smile to her face.

"It's been ten years since they found me on that beach. I have no memories of how I got here or where I came from. I can only remember my name and how old I am. Weird, huh, Hime? Almost as weird as having naturally pink hair." she looked down at her hands and stared for a while.

"That girl…she called me little sister…who was she…and where was that place?" she asked herself in a low tone. A small head butting into her hand brought her back to her senses.

"Haha…hungry are you Hime? Well, I might as well get up and get our things together. We are moving away from here Hime…far from this place. How would you like a house with a yard and trees for you to climb?" she asked the little calico, who was now contentedly curled up in her chest. The small cat purred at her and went back to snoozing.

"I agree…apartments suck." she giggled out, stroking the small cat's head. Carefully removing the cat from her chest, she placed her on one of the pillows and went back to packing. She only had a few more boxes to load up in her SUV, then she would be on her way to her knew home.

"I hope this 'Konoha' place is better than this dump." she muttered under her breath. Hime mewed at her then, making her laugh lightly. "Yeah…I can't wait to see how life outside the city will be either." she giggled again, then sighed, her eyes glazing as she spaced out again.


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CH. Glossary:

Nee-san (neesan)--> older sister

joji--> baby girl/little girl (little one)

teme--> bastard

Hime (Sakura's Cat)--> Princess