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One Bones too many

Chapter 1- Sarah

Around noon, a taxi pulled up outside the Jeffersonian Institute. A girl stepped out. She was about 14, but looked at least 16. Her long, wavy, auburn hair hung gently around her shoulders and swayed as she turned to pay the driver.

She blinked and her green eyes stood out, they contrasted brilliantly with her hair and were easily noticed. She took a deep breath and walked up to the building. She'd waited for this day for 6 years. She'd longed for this day, since the day she found her mother.

14 years ago a young woman of 19 had turned up at a foster home in Washington D.C. She had with her a tiny child with bright green eyes. She had asked them to look after the child. She had never wanted children and even though she hated to leave her in the foster system she couldn't take care of her. She had said she was going to university and the child could not go with her. But before she'd left, she had given the child a locket and told them their names.

Her mother had never returned and Sarah hadn't found out her name till she was 6 years old, She remembered the day well. The carers had tried to give her a birthday party. It was pretty pathetic, a balloon here and there, a cake and a couple of presents. Sarah hadn't really given thought to her parents, but she had started to notice other people's parents.

"Who's my mommy?" She had asked innocently like she was asking the date. They'd told her that her mom's name was Temperance Brennan and was a scientist or something. Even at that young age she had decided she wanted to find her mom.

She had had no idea where to find her mom until one day she'd gone shopping.


Sarah walked into the bookshop. She causally looked at different books. She saw someone coming towards her. It was a guy of 50 or so. He had a uniform on, so she thought he worked there.

"Hey miss, do I know you?" Sarah shook her head, she'd never seen this man in her whole life.

"I don't think so"

"What about your parents?"

"I don't know my parents."

"Well what about their names?"

"I don't know my Dad, but my Mom's name is Temperance Brennan." The guy's eyes opened wide.

"I know where I know you from." He ran over to a shelve and pulled out a book. He flipped it so he could see the back cover. It had a picture on it.

"That's Dr. Temperance Brennan." Sarah stared in awe. It was her Mom. She looked exactly like her.

"Wow. Thanks."

"No problem…" He paused for a name.

"Sarah Brennan."

"And it's Jake."

"Jake who?"

"Just Jake."


Sarah had bought the book immediately, but she remembered that the guy Jake had been wearing a different uniform from everyone else. But she had ignored this. After Sarah had read her Mom's book she had become obsessed with finding out how to identity bones. But it wasn't till she read the about the author bit before she knew where to find her mother.

It said her mother worked at the Jeffersonian Institute, not far from her home. So she saved up every scrap of money she got her hands on. She had even missed a day of school for this. She stepped into the Jeffersonian, she soon found the bit where her mom worked and was abut to go in when a guard stopped her.

"Excuse me, miss, you can't go in there."

"But I need to talk to my… Temperance Brennan."

"Well I'll go and get her, who should I say is here?"


"Sarah who?"

"Just Sarah."

… … … … … … … …

As Sarah stepped into the Jeffersonian, she hadn't noticed a car outside. A car which contained Jake. He picked up a phone, dialled a number and said.

"She gone in, everything is going to plan." From the other end came laughter.