She slipped out of the car and took a deep breath as she removed the bags from the back seat. They were really going to do this… after all these years Brigadier General Jack O'Neill and Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter were going on a date!

She had journeyed back to her house in the springs as she needed to do some tweeking to a programme up at the SGC, he had been there to see how Hank Landry was settling in, they bumped into each other on the way to the bottom level elevators and by the time they got into the one to take them to the surface he had asked her out for dinner!

She immediately rushed to the boutique she loved to look in, the one she had only been inside once before, and picked up the small black dress that she and Cassie had seen two weeks before as she was packing the bare essentials to go to '51, they had gone to get a burger from their favourite place, and Cassie had pointed out the dress in the window.

"Look at that! Now if you wore THAT when Jack was around I bet you wouldn't be sleeping alone!" Sam had blushed, she knew Cassie was old enough to talk about sex… hell she was old enough to have done it herself for at least the last 2 years, but Sam couldn't see her as anything other than the 12 year old she had carried into the bunker to die.

However she HAD looked at the dress, and now he had asked her, she decided she needed that 'something extra' and had gone and got it.

She went into Victoria Secret and treated herself to some new knickers, she also bought herself some stockings and a suspender belt, not her usual wear, but if there was one thing Jack O'Neill was it was male, and she had yet to meet a man who didn't like stockings.

She spent an hour doing other shopping, and collected her mail from the postal service, after the first extended mission with SG1, back almost 9 years ago, she had used this service, the little old lady across the street had called the police in every day after the mail box filled, she made sure it didn't happen again.

She had been in '51 for 12 full days and was amazed at the mail that had accumulated. She had decided not to sell up and move everything, after all she would be in and out of the mountain regularly, updating programmes, escorting tech… and Cassie needed somewhere she could run to when the pressure of school became too much, somewhere that was not the sterile based quarters Sam was living in. She had left all her furniture, in fact she had only packed 4 boxes of books and half her clothes to take with her. She rushed in through the front door and looked at her watch… 5 hours until THE DATE… she had to do something to fill the time! She opened the letters addressed to her personally, sorted out the bills from the 'you have been pre approved for a $10,000 loan' rubbish, then she stared on the REAL junk mail.

One caught her attention, it was a free sample of perfume, could she try it and respond to the survey? She carefully opened the tiny vial, it had maybe 2ml in. A clean and sweet smell arose out of the small container, this wasn't the usual Eau de Toilette, this was REAL perfume, and she liked it, it was not overpowering, not flowery, and not even too sweet, it was… perfect.

She decided to try it on the date, after all women don't just wear perfume for themselves, she smiled slightly, thinking of the smell that surrounded the General, she could tell he was in a room by it, and where he was in the room, she could tell when he was walking up behind her. She closed her eyes, day dreaming for a while. She looked at her watch… 4.5 hours!

She had a snack, talked an hour on the phone with Cassie, then Daniel called, she thought he was due to ship out that morning so hadn't contacted him, but there was yet another delay, she could see the disgust on his face even over the voice line, he so wanted to get to Atlantis!

She took a shower, shaving everything she thought could possibly need shaving, and slowly got herself ready, trying to drag it out so nerves wouldn't have too long to make her a wreck before he turned up.

She slipped on the expensive black material, it was strapless, and only reached about 4 inches below her backside, if she bent over slightly he would be able to see the stocking tops, it was almost totally see through at the back, showing the fact that she did not have a bra on, only a scoop of darker lining saving her from exposing herself, the lining travelled all the way around the front, with a small circle over her navel see through as the back was. The lace was delicate and the pattern subtle… yes she was glad Cassie had pointed it out to her!

She slipped on her bath robe and did her hair, it was still too short to do a lot with, but she managed to get some light curls into it, she applied her makeup, and the perfume, slipped on the heels that should make her and the General the same height, and she was ready… 40 minutes until THE DATE!

She was debating putting on nail varnish, something she wouldn't usually wear, when she heard a vehicle pull up, she knew he didn't have the large truck any more, he had sold it when he went to DC, he was 30 minutes early! She got to the door as he reached out to ring the bell, she pulled it open and the look on his face was worth every penny she had spent!

He went red, then white, then red again, his eyes travelled up and down her body from floor to the top of her head and back again. She stood back slightly to allow him to enter, he walked in, never taking his eyes off her.

He too was dressed all in black, her favourite colour for him to wear, he had a black dress shirt over lose black trousers, black silk tie, and highly polished black dress shoes. His grey hair was almost tidy, just that bit at the back of his head that stood up perpetually, tempting her fingers to smooth it down for him, his eyes were as dark as she had ever seen them!

"You look beautiful" he managed to say at last "not that you don't always, but this…" she saw him shake his head slightly, and she thought she saw a slightly puzzled look for a split second.

"Would you like a drink before we leave?" she asked him

"Huh? Erm no thanks, I think we better set off" he shook his head again, she saw his eyes slightly unfocused and then normal again.

"Is everything alright Jack?" she asked and put a hand on his arm, he jumped slightly at the contact, she snatched her hand back

"I… I, something…" he looked puzzled again and was shaking his head as if trying to clear it, she moved to stand as close as possible, but not touching

"Jack?" she was getting worried now, he scrubbed his face with one hand, and he was swaying slightly as if drunk, but she knew he wouldn't risk driving if he was drinking, the look in his eyes now was getting slightly wilder, she took half a step back… and that's when he attacked!