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A/N: A little Kyoya and Haruhi magic inspired by Pride and Prejudice. Part One of Two.

"Are you sure this dress isn't too low cut, Renge?" Haruhi fussed as she adjusted the elegant and of course high fashion dress the twins had provided for her.

"It's very flattering to your figure!!" Renge exclaimed excitedly, slapping Haruhi's fidgeting hands.

"What figure?" Haruhi grumbled. Ouran High School included a graduation ball in all its fancy and expensive traditions. Haruhi wasn't very fond of this tradition. In fact she was dreading it. Of course, since the last of the original Host Club was graduating, the other members thought it fitting to attend the ball. That would mean dealing with all of the troublesome friends she had made throughout her time at that school.

Not to mention, since clubs had ended for the year, the twins thought it fit to reveal her gender and forced her to wear her "proper" uniform. The knowledge of her being a girl had mixed reactions. Some girls became pissed due to their deception. Others became depressed because their precious Haruhi turned out to be a girl. Others were delighted at the romantic thought of a poor girl forced to cross dressing due to her poverty (Renge being one of them). In any case one thing was for sure: all the boys were absolutely ecstatic, and she'd received about twenty love confessions in one week (all of which she turned down, of course).

In any case, Haruhi wanted nothing more than to escape this and get to college already. She had of course, entered the law program of one of the best colleges in Japan, and was counting the days until she could finally take her leave. Unfortunately, several months of summer lay between her and salvation.

"Come on Haruhi!" Renge urged, snapping her out of thought. "Let's not keep everyone waiting much longer—you look so adorable!!" She practically squealed and tugged an unwilling Haruhi into the Central Salon, which lay as extravagantly decorated as ever.

Haruhi, who had long perfected the waltz, was a much desired dance partner from every male in the room. It was a dance for the immense senior class and their guests (which were many), and the whole room buzzed with conversation and excitement. Haruhi was tired out before half the night was over. She had shared a dance with several boys from her class, Hani, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru, and of course, Tamaki. At last she took a place by the wall, watching the dancing with a drink in hand. A few moments passed before she noticed exactly whom she was standing next to.

"Ah, Kyoya-senpai… I don't think you've danced all evening… That's unlike you." Haruhi observed to the bespectacled man who stood stoically next to her.

"On the contrary I dislike dancing quite a bit. I only do it when it would merit me." Kyoya replied, crossing his arms. He seemed exceptionally bored.

"Ah. Well, we haven't danced together either tonight." Haruhi said slowly, hoping it would provoke him. It's not that dancing with him was anything special, but more that she felt bad because he was so bored. If he preferred dancing with someone he knew than a random person, then she'd oblige.

"Well I'm not the least bit interested in dancing if that's what you want. There are countless men in this room looking hopefully towards you. Dance with one of them." He gave her a sidelong glance. "By the way… that dress doesn't suit you. Next time wear something that didn't so plainly show your lack of curves, in a color that didn't make you look so ghostly pale."

Haruhi had the urge to throw something at him. She vowed to never feel bad for him or try to help him again. "Thank you for your opinion. And I would advise you to never attend a public gathering that would merit you so little that you lose all sense of politeness." She said coldly through gritted teeth before walking away to dance with a classmate. The entire time she distractedly built up her newfound dislike for Ohtori Kyoya and by the end of the song she was convinced she had never met such a disagreeable and rude man in her life.

Kyoya, on the other hand, spent much of the night staring at her, and wondering why despite his comments, he couldn't help but start at her while she wore that dress.

She spent a majority of the evening with a newfound friend she had made that year. Ayano was one of the first people she'd met in Ouran who wasn't completely ridiculous. She was a sensible person, and didn't get carried away by her wealth. They were even going to the same college, and she was hoping to see more of her in the future.

"Kyoya's never been a favorite of mine, I admit…" Ayano giggled as Haruhi spilled her complaints onto her trusted friend. "I must say I prefer someone like Tamaki… he's a bit of an idiot, but he's really sweet."

Haruhi raised her eyebrows with a knowing smile. "Mr. Stupid-but-Sweet is staring at you as we speak."

Ayano spun to see where Haruhi was looking to catch Tamaki looking hastily back at his current dance partner. Ayano smiled. "He was probably staring at you."

"Give me a break, he got over me ages ago." Haruhi laughed. "It was definitely you."

Ayano shrugged. "Well in any case, he and I shouldn't go out anyway. Even though you see me as wealthy, I'm only a C-class student at Ouran, and my family is not nearly as high up as Tamaki's. We could never…"

Haruhi elbowed her. "You have no confidence."

The two of them laughed a bit more. Haruhi's apparent dislike for Kyoya was forgotten in her teasing Ayano, who danced with Tamaki twice more that night.

The ball ended in Tamaki (after persuading from Haruhi) inviting Ayano to go out with him that weekend, and left Haruhi looking on with a satisfied smile at having set up two of her closest friends.

However, that weekend, Ayano called with the distressing news that Tamaki had fallen ill. Haruhi immediately made up her mind that the two of them would visit him in his house to see how he was. Ayano hesitantly agreed.

Surprisingly, Tamaki's father greeted them at the door. He was just leaving after visiting his son, and the three practically collided.

"Ah, Haruhi-chan! Haven't seen you since the ball, how have you been?" Tamaki's father addressed Haruhi with his usual affectionate familiarity. Haruhi smiled and politely answered his usual pleasantries, when he seemed to notice Ayano for the first time.

"Sakamoto Ayano." Ayano bowed an introduction nervously. "I… I'm here to see Tamaki-kun."

Tamaki's father studied her. "Ah yes, Sakamoto… from… Class C, I believe…" There was certain stiffness in his tone of voice. "You speak of Tamaki with such informality…" He seemed almost disapproving and cold.

"S-sorry…" Ayano bowed again.

"Well, I'll see you later, I have a lot of business to attend to you." He strode away without another word.

Ayano's demeanor was much more serious than before.

"I… I'm sure he didn't mean anything of it." Haruhi assured, touching her shoulder.

"You wouldn't understand the importance of pedigree, would you?" Ayano said, colder than Haruhi had ever known her to be before.

"No. It has no value in my eyes, or in those of Tamaki-senpai. And if I know his father, if Tamaki were to fall for you, he would not object." Haruhi said softly, knowing this to be truth. Ayano didn't answer, and the two went upstairs in silence.

"Ah, Haruhi!!" Tamaki called hoarsely when he saw her. "Thank you for visiting! And you've brought Ayano! You're looking as fair as ever, but you're only missing your beautiful smile." Tamaki addressed Ayano with as much charm as he could produce in his sorry state in the tangle of bed sheets.

Haruhi watched Tamaki dote and compliment Ayano with every turn, and Ayano shyly nod or shrug, or offer a comment of her own. She smiled and slipped silently away, pretending to be observing some books on a table on the other side of the room. It was at that time that she noticed the other person who was in the room.

Kyoya was sitting in a chair not far from the table Haruhi was at, staring involuntarily at her. He watched her as she trailed her slender fingers over the books, occasionally lifting one to examine it. Her movements were clumsy, yet delicate, and held an elegance entirely her own. Her hand lifted to brush away a stray lock, and her eyes flickered up for a moment to rest on Kyoya. She paused, and Kyoya flitted his eyes quickly back to his book and pretended to be engrossed in his book on economics. She had, thankfully for him, missed his gaze and blinked with surprise at his presence.

"Kyoya-senpai, what are you doing here?" She asked with an air of someone who could care less of his answer.

"Watching over Tamaki, what does it look like?" Kyoya replied with an air of someone who could care less for the question.

"Oh, I didn't know you were capable of such sentiments." Haruhi's voice dripped in sarcasm.

"If you're still angry about the other night, I'll tell you that words can only hurt if you take them to heart." Kyoya replied simply, taking the hint that she had been insulted. It was not quite an apology, but Kyoya felt it enough.

Apparently Haruhi disagreed. She laughed bitterly. "Who said I was angry about that. Rest assured I took none of your lack of manners and social skills to heart." With that she slammed the book onto the table slightly louder than necessary, and turned to join Tamaki and Ayano.

Kyoya felt himself let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Despite his efforts, he felt as if he'd just insulted her further. He tried to return to his book, but ended up reading the same page several times for the rest of the evening.

Their visit had been towards the evening, and as their animated talking of the future and their plans took them far into the night, Tamaki insisted it was only proper for them to stay the night. Kyoya, who had been planning to do so anyway, simply nodded, and though Haruhi and Ayano protested, Tamaki's persistence convinced them.

Though the mansion could spare more than enough rooms, to make things easier on the maids, Haruhi insisted to share a room with Ayano, who had no objections. So the two of them changed and got ready for bed with borrowed clothes and toiletries laughing and teasing each other.

"I see you and Tamaki-senpai are getting along well, aren't you?" Haruhi smirked as she watched Ayano brush her long, dark hair.

She blushed and swung the hairbrush at Haruhi. "Quit teasing—you know I like him, just leave me alone about it!"

Haruhi dodged with a giggle. "Whatever you say, but I'm telling you, you should make it official before we go off to college."

"Mm… we'll see…" Ayano muttered, before placing the hairbrush down on the dresser. "By the way…" Her sleek hair swung loosely a she spun around. "What was going on between you and Kyoya-senpai back there?"

Haruhi gave a snort of obvious dislike. "Nothing outside of the usual implied insults and lack of conversation."

"You sure?" She raised her eyebrows. "It's unlike you to be so against a person."

Haruhi crossed her arms. "I just dislike it when people can blatantly throw around insults with such a straight face, and have no conscience about it, whatsoever. I had once thought that Kyoya was simply pretending to only do things for his own merit, but now my better judgment is telling me he really is a selfish person."

"He sure brings out the worst in you, I commend him for that." Ayano flopped onto the bed next to Haruhi laughing.

Haruhi shrugged before realizing something. "Oh! I dropped a hairclip in Tamaki-senpai's room. It's just next door, and I'm pretty sure I know where it is, so I'll be right back."

After a short response from Ayano, Haruhi hurried out of the room. Her hairclip was there, on the floor by Tamaki's bed, where he lay sleeping soundly. It seemed certain that he would have a quick recovery, and she smiled slightly as she saw him hug his precious stuffed bear tighter. She tucked the blankets more securely around him before leaving the room.

As she left the room she walked straight into Kyoya, who was on his way to check on Tamaki once before retiring to sleep. They stared at each other a moment. Haruhi wore a light and slightly revealing summer nightdress provided for he by Tamaki, and Kyoya stood shirtless in just a pair of sweatpants. Both had put little thought into their appearance, counting on the fact that they wouldn't run into anyone.

"E-excuse me…" Haruhi bowed before skirting around Kyoya and hurrying to her room. The experience had been more awkward than it should have, considering they had both seen each other in scarce clothing during previous instances. Yet somehow, it had caused her heart to falter a few beats.

Kyoya, meanwhile, was thankful the darkness had masked how his face had turned about five shades paler. He leaned against the doorframe suddenly feeling worn out. He wondered vaguely what she might have thought of him wandering around shirtless, and tried to avert her image from his mind. He had forgotten how slender her arms and shoulders were and how her slight curves appealed to her thin frame. And the milky color of her skin… He physically shook his head and continued on the task he had come for.

The next morning was filled with lavish breakfast, which Haruhi thoroughly enjoyed, and Tamaki promising to take Ayano out next weekend, which satisfied her. Tamaki had also seemed to be improving in health, which set a bit of relief on Kyoya; so all three were able to return home in good spirits.

Back home, Haruhi busied herself with packing for college. She knew it was early, but she really had little else to do, aside from the usual chores and outings with friends. All other preparations had been duly made and the summer heat inflicted a haze of laziness even on Haruhi. Even though she was going to college in a place easily commutable from where they lived, Haruhi figured dorm life would be good for her. Due to her excellent scholarship, it was affordable even. So, much to Ranka's displeasure, she decided she would live on her own from now on. Of course she and Ayano had already decided to be roommates, and spent much time on the phone deciding on what to bring and how their schedules fit. The weeks after Tamaki's recovery passed slowly, and he and Ayano had busied themselves with several other dates since, while Haruhi and the twins spied on with satisfied grins.

The phone rung on the table a few feet from where Haruhi lay, face in the fan, a good book in hand. She rolled over and crawled her way towards it before snatching it up.

"Hello?" Haruhi's voice came out in a half sigh.

"Haruhiii!" Haruhi cringed as Renge's signature squeals floated through the receiver. "I haven't seen you in ages! You must come over to my house, I would adore your company!"

"Ah… sure, why not." Haruhi agreed only in hopes that she would be treated to some good food and air conditioning. The visit would undoubtedly be filled with videogames, but thankfully this allowed much time for some gourmet snacking.

However, before Renge could squeal her way through the first five levels of her latest dating game, a call came.

"Hellooo?" Renge sang. "Oh!! Amélie! Lunch? May I bring a friend? Splendid! See you then!" Renge hung up and declared that they were going to have lunch with one of her fellow French friends and it would be perfectly okay for Haruhi to tag along. She of course, first supplied Haruhi with a better choice in clothing, and this gave Haruhi the feeling that this Amélie person must be an important family connection worthy of impressing.

They arrived and were escorted to an extravagant living room where a woman with long red curls greeted them with a kiss on the cheek. Haruhi followed Renge's example and returned the kiss, before introducing each other.

They had just seated themselves when Amélie called out suddenly. "Why don't you join us here?"

Haruhi spun around, realizing that there was another addition to their party.

Kyoya stepped away from the window he had been gazing distractedly out of to join them.

"Kyoya-senpai!" She spilled out before she could resist.

Amélie raised her eyebrows. "You know each other?"

Kyoya shrugged. "You could say that." He made a move to sit next to Haruhi.

"No, no, Kyoya, come sit next to me!" Amélie insisted.

Kyoya looked stopped and looked as if he would object, but then dutifully sat down by Amélie's side, opposite Haruhi. She smiled in a satisfied way.

Kyoya was equally surprised to see Haruhi there. He was convinced he'd have to spend an afternoon with a pair of completely ridiculous women, despite their high bloodline. In fact, it was their family credibility that was the only reason he accepted the invitation. However, now he felt a little more assured by Haruhi's presence that he wouldn't be the only person there bored half to death. He couldn't imagine such a gathering would be to her taste at all, though she remained as polite as ever.

Haruhi also noticed by Kyoya's blank face and plentiful silence that he was not enjoying himself. He spoke only when spoken to, and answered with as few words as possible. Kyoya would take to staring at Haruhi to occupy his time, and observed her movements and speech. Haruhi thought he was just spacing out while staring in her general direction.

As lunch came around, Kyoya observed with a small smirk that Haruhi became ever more cheerful. As they went to take their seats, Amélie stopped Kyoya before he settled across from Haruhi, determined to entertain himself with watching her again. "Please, sit across from me, I'd like to sit next to Renge!"

None of them could be fooled into believing that, because they all knew she just wanted Kyoya across from her. However this landed Kyoya right next to Haruhi. He could no longer stare at her to his liberty, because it would certainly not escape notice, and their closeness intimidated him. He sat quite stiffly, and was keenly aware of the fact that their elbows nearly touched.

Haruhi of course, took no notice in anything aside from the delicious food that now filled her plate. Over dessert of exquisite strawberry cakes, Haruhi was in a bright enough mood to engage her companion in conversation. Renge and Amélie being preoccupied in some gossip, Haruhi spoke quietly to the man next to her, unnoticed by the other women in the room. "Kyoya-senpai is as sober as ever, I see. When invited to lunch with someone, you could at least be a bit engaging. Tamaki would be disappointed."

"I don't find it necessary to engage myself in unnecessary conversation." Kyoya replied slowly, wondering if he would insult her further this afternoon.

"Then I suppose we should never speak to each other again." Haruhi said coldly before popping a strawberry into her mouth.

"I don't think…talking to you is unnecessary." Kyoya prodded his cake nervously.

"And why not? What could talking to a lowly commoner such as me possibly gain you?"

"Because… we've known each other so long, it…" He trailed off, not sure of how else to reply.

"Well if it really isn't a waste of time to you, then you could at least try having more pleasant conversations with me. A little effort couldn't hurt." That was the last Haruhi could say before the other two girls brought her into their own conversation.

However, it left Kyoya with a most peculiar feeling unknown to him. He was only allowed a few fleeting moments to meet her challenging chocolate eyes, but for some reason, he went home with only those moments from the outing imprinted in his mind.

That evening, Haruhi was once again reclined, this time writing a letter to Hani and Mori, who were currently on vacation in Europe. Hani had made her promise to write him at least one letter, and she agreed, unable to resist his adorable pout.

The doorbell rang and she took her time getting to it, expecting her father home from work about that time. However, when she opened the door, she saw Kyoya standing rather awkwardly there in formal attire, jacket unbuttoned, pulling his tie looser.

"Kyoya-senpai… what brings you here?" Haruhi asked politely, stepping aside so he could come in.

"Um well… I was in the neighborhood… and um…" She had never seen Kyoya stumble so much in his speech, and it brought and amused smile to her lips.

"If you're here for my dad, he should be home shortly." Haruhi explained, thinking there to be no other reason for his presence at her house. Her father and Kyoya often had tea together; the two seemed to get along fair enough.

Kyoya nodded quickly, fidgeting again with his tie. "You… you look nice today." He blurted after a pause.

Haruhi looked down at her jean shorts and white tank. "Um… thanks. So do you?" At this point she was more confused than anything.

"I was on my way back from a business party." He explained. His eyes darted around the room and another awkward pause passed before he turned his attention outside. "Summer nights are nice, aren't they?"

Haruhi smiled and joined him by the door. "Yeah… especially with this breeze. Of course, you must be really hot in that."

Kyoya shrugged. "A little, but I'm used to it. I don't have the time you do to hang around in casual clothes so much."

Haruhi crossed her arms. "I'm sorry for my lack of business parties to attend."

Kyoya looked surprised and then nervous again. "That's not what I meant! I mean… y-you… um…" he looked briefly at Haruhi's expectant expression. "…Your eyes are pretty." He said before he could stop himself.

Haruhi blinked, dumbfounded. "Thanks?" She replied uncertainly for the second time that night.

"Ah, Haruhi, Kyoya!" Ranka had just come down the hallway to their house. "What brings you here?"

Kyoya looked at Ranka as distractedly as ever. "N-nothing. Goodnight Haruhi." He lingered briefly on Haruhi before shuffling hurriedly across the hall and down the stairs. They heard a loud thump and Kyoya swearing loudly, having tripped on one of the stairs. The Fujioka family blinked as they finally heard the car door slam shut and the limo drive away.

"What's up with him?" Ranka asked Haruhi, quite shocked to see Kyoya in such a state.

Haruhi just blinked and blinked again, before laughing. "I have no clue. Maybe it's his form of an apology?"

"For what? If you ask me he's acting like someone who just fell in love and doesn't know what to do about it." Ranka added jokingly.

Haruhi laughed even harder. "No way!"

Before they could continue to further venture into the reasons for Kyoya's odd behavior, the phone rang from within the house. Haruhi stumbled inside, still laughing, before picking it up. "Hello?"

Muffled sniffles came from the other end. "Haruhi… it's Ayano. Tamaki…" There was a brief, choked pause. "Tamaki doesn't want to see me anymore."