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The months had passed quite eventless after Tamaki and Ayano's wedding. The two now lived together in the Suoh mansion, making a good pair as Ayano's sense kept Tamaki's childish side in check, and Tamaki's positive outlook on life kept Ayano from loosing touch of the fun things in life. Seeing no point in paying dorm expenses, since the prospect of living with Ayano was out, Haruhi decided to remain at home. That way she would be closer to Kyoya, too, yet still in commutable range from the university. As a result she had to unpack all the things she had packed up already, which would have been extremely tedious had Kyoya not come to help during his time off. Soon enough, Haruhi's classes at the university started, not to mention she decided to take on a part time job. Kyoya, too, was busy between work and classes as the couple didn't see each other much, but when they could, they enjoyed taking walks in the fall chill while discussing the recent happenings in their life. Kyoya also often liked to sketch Haruhi, and sometimes they would often converse over Kyoya's drawing and Haruhi's posing for him. She complained relentlessly about having to model all the time, but she never refused because of her love for his artwork. He himself didn't put much value into it, as his mother had once said, but considered it an enjoyable hobby.

The two weren't the most affectionate couple, in truth. They actually spent more time talking than doing anything else, and Tamaki had dubbed them the "boring couple". They had probably kissed once since the wedding and done nothing further at all since the morning after. It was almost unnerving, actually, and often made times when there was a possibility of affection awkward because neither made any move towards it. Kyoya, while watching Haruhi being her adorable self in doing things such as getting excited over a simple strawberry crepe, sometimes wanted to just squeeze her cuteness. Yet something about the way Haruhi carried herself or spoke to him discouraged him from making such a move. Though on the day after the wedding the two of them got caught up in the heat of the moment, the anticipation having gotten the best of them, afterwards there remained something untouchable about Haruhi.

Haruhi herself really didn't care for physical affection too much. She wasn't against it, but she wouldn't really initiate it either. The day after the wedding, she obliged mostly because Kyoya wanted to, and she didn't really have any oppositions to it. Yet afterwards, she had no interest, and he didn't make any more move for it. Except one time he kissed her goodnight after they'd gone for an evening walk, but it was rather sudden and awkward, and afterwards he hadn't found the guts to do anything more. Kyoya's awkward personality and Haruhi's indifferent one didn't result in the most lovey-dovey relationship. Yet they continued to see each other and enjoyed each other's company above all else, and were otherwise quite a happy couple.

Finally, came the fateful moment Kyoya knew he would have to answer to as soon as he kissed Haruhi. His father called for a private audience with Kyoya, and by the scuffling at the door, Kyoya knew Fuyumi (who was visiting with her husband for the occasion only) and his mother were eavesdropping.

"Kyoya, you're a grown man now, I have acknowledged this." Ohtori Yoshio told his son from behind his large mahogany desk. "And you have the makings of a great man too, if you continue the way you're going now."

"Thank you, father." Kyoya replied politely, but knew that his father was just buttering him up before thrusting him into the oven.

"Kyoya, I believe every great man needs a great woman by his side." Yoshio leaned forward, resting his chin on his folded hands. "Your siblings are all married and settled, and I was about your age when I married your mother. I think it's time you followed suit, don't you agree?"

Kyoya said nothing, but merely stared at his father blankly.

Yoshio sighed and continued. "Normally, at this time we would be lining up suitable women for you to choose from, but I heard from your mother and sister that you are already in a relationship with a woman, is that correct?"

Kyoya nodded stiffly.

"Fujioka Haruhi, the feisty young woman who, so boldly and so out of line, defended you at the Ouran Festival so many years ago." Yoshio chuckled. "Don't think I've forgotten that incident. From that moment forward, I knew that such a remarkable and outspoken young woman could be the only person for you. So," he leaned back with a wide smile. "I wholeheartedly grant you permission to take her as your bride." He was apparently under the impression that he had just parted with the most joyful words his son could hear.

Kyoya was beginning to feel guilty about crushing his father's hopes, but decided he should break the bad news before they started making wedding plans. "Father… it's not as if… I don't want to marry Haruhi. Indeed I've been in love with her for years now, but I am almost certain she will reject me."

Yoshio looked baffled. "But why? Aren't you two lovers now anyway?"

Kyoya twitched. They even knew about that. He had a strong urge to strangle his older sister at this point. "Well father, Haruhi's a very independent woman, you see." Kyoya explained in the most controlled way he could manage. "She's only eighteen and I don't think she'd agree to marrying this young, after only being in a relationship with me for the past few months."

"Ah." Yoshio laughed in realization. "Yes, I suppose her personality did seem like that. But… you said 'almost certain' notcompletely certain. You know what, Kyoya? Out of all my sons, you have been the most diligent in seizing whatever opportunity you could come across. Why should this be any different? Does it really hurt so much to ask?" He urged gently.

"Easy for you to say, you're not the one who has to ask her. And it was different with my brothers… his wife was also part of the upper class society we're accustomed to, and is used to the idea of early marriage, not to mention her sole dream was to be a bride… Haruhi is different, in every way imaginable." He mumbled before sighing. "Alright father. I… I'll try."

Yoshio beamed. "That's my boy. I wish you luck."

Kyoya returned to his room with a headache. He hardly had it in him to kiss her, let alone propose. He had no idea how he would go about it, and was becoming increasingly stressed. He knew something sickeningly romantic that Tamaki would do would have no effect whatsoever on Haruhi. And he had learned his lesson on the proper way to make a love confession since his last disastrous attempt. He pulled out his sketchbook for some stress relief time, but found it very hard to think about something to draw in his scattered mind. Finally, he touched pencil to paper with a wistful expression. Haruhi would look beautiful in a wedding dress…

"Kyoya, you've been awfully quiet today. Is everything alright?" Haruhi inquired the next week as Kyoya walked tensely next to her. He had agreed to accompany her on a quick trip to the grocery store, having dropped in unexpectedly at her house that afternoon.

"Fine…" Kyoya muttered, shifting his gaze, acting similar to a pouting child.

Haruhi grinned knowingly as she examined a pack of half priced meat. "Kyoya, don't think you can pull a 'fine' on me. I've known you far too long to tell just by looking at you when something's bothering you. So are you going to tell me now, or are you going to be subjected to my nagging until you do?"

Kyoya shrugged as he watched her place the meat in the basket he carried for her, apparently satisfied with it. "I'll tell you when I'm ready."

Haruhi laughed. "Yet at times, I just can't understand you. What difference is it going to make whether you tell me now or later?" She slid the few items she had bought through the self-checkout.

"Not everyone can be as sensible as you, Haruhi." He sighed, lifting one of the bags full of their grocery items, as Haruhi lifted the other. As they walked towards the sliding doors, Kyoya caught hints of conversation buzzing around them, and was surprised and horrified to find people watching them with the sunniest expressions on their faces. Their thoughts were obviously somewhere along the lines of "what a cute couple".

"Oh, how cute, they must be newlyweds!" An elderly woman told her daughter as they passed.

Kyoya choked slightly and coughed.

"Everything alright Kyoya?" Haruhi stared curiously at the odd, uncomfortable expression on his face, oblivious as usual to the way the passerby were staring.

"Mm, fine." Kyoya nodded, clearing his throat. As they traveled the usual neighborhood that had become so familiar to Kyoya over the past few months, he was teased more and more by her hand brushing his on the narrow sidewalk. Finally, feeling bold, he grasped her hand in his, soaking its warmth in the cool autumn air. Haruhi returned his grasp, but did so unceremoniously without as much as looking at him. As they reached a street corner, Haruhi slid her hand away again to press the button. While Haruhi waited for the stoplight to turn red, Kyoya waited for Haruhi to renew her grip on his hand. Yet, as they crossed the street, she made no such move towards him. He suddenly realized how distant Haruhi really was from him most of the time. She said she loves him, and he definitely loves her, but since that day Haruhi had never acted towards Kyoya more than a friend would. She wasn't the type to be shy either, so Kyoya was at a loss as to what to think of the situation.

By the time they had reached Haruhi's apartment, Kyoya was feeling more forlorn than ever, and placed the groceries on the counter with his face holding a grim expression. Haruhi noticed this, and tugged on his sleeve. "You look upset…" She frowned, completely unaware that his displeasure was caused by she herself. When Kyoya shrugged, she touched his cheek, and on tiptoe, kissed his forehead. "When you feel like telling me, just say so, okay? I'll listen to whatever it is."

Kyoya gave her a weak smile in return before excusing himself, claiming to have business to attend to. Haruhi saw him off brightly, telling him to cheer up. As the door closed behind Kyoya, he let out a deep breath and leaned on the wall next to it. Just then, he had been so hoping she was going to kiss him at that moment, but instead she treated her like she would a child.

"I can't ask her… there's just… no way." He said through gritted teeth, knowing already what her answer would be. She would laugh and say, "What are you talking about Kyoya, we're not ready for something like that. Be reasonable." But he was already sick of her reasonableness.

Haruhi, meanwhile, was on the other side of the door, feeling slightly guilty. She felt almost as if whatever was bothering him was her own fault. And on top of that, she felt a little lonely having been left so suddenly like that. She wondered if she had unknowingly pushed him away somehow. Finally she took a breath and opened the door, hoping he wouldn't be far, but as she looked out the balcony, she saw his car drive away. She sighed and leaned back, wondering what it was that made him so anxious to tell her.

Kyoya arrived home to find that, to his horror, his entire family had suddenly decided to stay over, and he knew that they were silently trying to provide him with moral support. His mother looked almost expectant as she greeted him at the door, but getting no word about weddings or engagements from him, she seemed substantially disappointed.

He excused himself out of dinner early, not being able to stand the hopeful atmosphere that he knew he would crush in a matter of the time it took to ask Haruhi. To think four simple words could be the hardest to form into one sentence. He found himself lying on his bed, rehearsing what he would say to her. He tried to sound casual, but always ended up sounding sudden and awkward. Finally, with determination, he sat up in bed and exclaimed loudly, "Will you marry me?"

He found himself face-to-face with Fuyumi, who stood in his doorway, blinking at him in surprise. It didn't take her long to burst into laughter and collapse next to him on his bed. He blushed and expertly avoided her gaze, busying himself with moving to his chair and tidying his already immaculate desk.

"Kyoya, is it really that hard?" Fuyumi asked, rubbing his shoulders from behind him. "I really wouldn't know, since I've only been on the receiving end of a proposal, but, is it really that hard? I would think someone like you would find it easier. That must be some woman, getting even you all tongue-tied. But then again, this isn't the first time." She finished with a giggle.

Kyoya sighed and leaned back against his sister's comforting chest. "I don't know… it's just that… Haruhi is just so… distant sometimes. She never shows any affection, and almost discourages me from doing so. It just makes me wonder sometimes."

Fuyumi laughed slightly. "Don't you think that could be because she's shy? Girls can be like that sometimes."

Kyoya snorted. "This is Haruhi we're talking about. She's only about five percent girl."

"Well, that is still five percent. And that five percent fell in love with you. Don't forget that." She kissed him on the forehead and left him to his thoughts.

Kyoya sighed and opened his sketchbook. Haruhi's wedding picture stared back at him unblinkingly, giving him just a small spark of courage.

It had been nearly a week and a half since Haruhi had so much as heard from Kyoya, and she was growing more and more worried everyday. She became clumsier than usual, and even more immersed in studying, trying to distract herself from her current distress. Her mind kept wondering if that day he had been trying to break up with her. When that thought came around, she would instinctively blame herself, and then find something complicated to memorize for a test that was over two weeks away.

Finally, one afternoon, she had coincidentally been passing the doorway, when she saw a large yellow envelope slide under her doorway. She immediately turned her path towards it and crouched down to pick it up. The only person she knew who preferred communicating through letters than anything else was none other than Ohtori Kyoya. This is it, she thought, here comes the break up letter.

She slid a large white piece of paper out to find a picture of herself in a wedding dress, undoubtedly drawn by Kyoya, staring back at her. She swallowed and turned it around.

Dearest Haruhi,

Your answer is probably going to be no, but I thought I should ask anyway. Will you marry me?

Love always,


PS: Feel free to return the ring anytime.

Haruhi spent a long two seconds in shock, before noticing the postscript. She thrust her hand into the envelope, and sure enough, felt something cold and round touch her fingers. It slid perfectly into her ring finger and she pulled her hand out to find a diamond sparkling up at her. The first thought that crossed her head was, what a freaking rock! The second was, what a freaking idiot!!

She jumped up and threw her door open, to see Kyoya starting the ignition on his car just below. She raced down the stairs, nearly tripping twice, just as Kyoya began driving away.

Kyoya looked straight ahead at the empty suburban road sighing. He was just waiting for the call or letter with Haruhi wondering when she should drop by to return the ring. His eyes flashed to his rearview mirror momentarily and he thought he saw a flash of pink. His eyes immediately returned and he saw Haruhi yelling and running after the car. Kyoya braked instantly, thankful that he had been driving slowly, or else he may not have noticed. She must have been really opposed to the idea if she had run after him just for that. He stepped out of the car, bracing himself for the stream of apologies that he would soon be faced with. Of course, it was worse than he had thought.

Haruhi panted up to him, and slapped him across the face with all her might. "What kind of a person proposes through a note?? I knew you were unromantic, but this is ridiculous!! Is this what you'd been trying to tell me the other day?"

Kyoya nodded sheepishly, suddenly feeling ashamed of himself. She always gave him the feeling of a child being chided by his mother.

"And what are all these assumptions you're making about my answer?" She yelled in exasperation.

"Well… I was right wasn't I?" He looked down, feeling her eyes glaring at him.

"Are you stupid? The answer is yes." Haruhi replied, shaking him.

There was a long pause in which one could hear the wind blowing and a dog howling in the distance. It was broken by a rather ungraceful "Eh?"

"What do you mean 'eh'?" Haruhi narrowed her eyes and placed her hands on her hips.

"Well, I thought for sure I mean… you never act like you… and I mean we don't even hug… and well… you seemed so… indifferent." He concluded with a blush.

Haruhi's face colored as well, and her eyes wandered downwards. "I was…embarrassed okay? I mean… sure sometimes I wanted to hold hands or something but… I don't know, something about you kind of discouraged it…"

Kyoya stared at Haruhi, who stood shifting her weight and avoiding his gaze. He was baffled at the fact that, lo and behold, Fuyumi was right. And the irony of it all made him want to laugh out loud. But he refrained and instead, grabbed her left hand and yanked the ring off. He took a breath before saying curtly "I think I should do this properly." He lowered himself to one knee, took her hand, and slid the ring into he finger. "Fujioka Haruhi, will you marry me?"

Haruhi laughed. "Of course I will, idiot." She pulled him up and finally, with no further awkwardness involved, kissed him long and hard on the lips, not caring about the elderly neighbor who had been clutching his gardening hose and watching them the entire time.

"One more thing Kyoya." She said as they broke off. "Did you have to make it such a freaking rock?"

"What, can't I be a little showy sometimes? I am a billionaire, you know." Kyoya teased, kissing her left hand.

"Well, yes, but, it's going to be so embarrassing, walking into class with this."



"Pretty please?"


And thus, a new addition was made to the Ohtori family. And oh, what an addition she was.