A Mind Killing Chat

Yay! This is like the fourth of the Hyoutei "chat" series?

"This is so boring." Shishido said.

Atobe coughed.


"You're supposed to listen to Ore-sama, not interrupt him when he's talking."

Shishido drank the last of his soda. He spit it out at Atobe's face. "You have bad taste in drinks."

Atobe grumbled something that Shishido couldn't understand. He ordered someone to bring him a towel.

Five minutes later Atobe came back dried off and changed into new clothes.

"Ore-sama isn't happy, Shishido. You managed to stain one of his best clothes with soda." Atobe said.

"Pth, like I care."

"So, Ore-sama has called you here today because no one wanted to talk to Ore-sama. Hiyoshi is at his dojo training (or so he said) and everyone else didn't want to speak to Ore-sama... Ore-sama wonders why?" (This doesn't include Kabaji and Jiroh)

Shishido secretly cursed Hiyoshi for being lucky enough to avoid talking to ATOBE.

Somewhere out there, Hiyoshi felt kind of sad... but he just didn't know why.

"So... how are you, Shishido?" Atobe asked.

"Since when did YOU care?" Shishido cried. "You always hated me."

Atobe twitched. "Listen you; Ore-sama is just trying to be considerate!"

"You? Considerate? Yeah right."

Atobe silently chanted, "Better than Gakuto, better than Gakuto." Remember Gakuto? Yes, Atobe banned him for even coming near his house.

"Shishido, I rather be talking to Oshitari, but he decided not to talk to Ore-sama."

Shishido laughed. "He decided NOT to talk to you? He hates you now! You practically jabbed his ear off." He said.

Atobe frowned. He knew inviting Shishido wasn't a good thing.

"And Choutaro said that he was sorry that he ditched you, but you were boring him."

"Ore-sama is NOT boring." Atobe said.

"You're right. You're NOT boring. You're SUPER LAME. See? There's a difference!"

Super lame... those words got Atobe hard.

"Ore-sama is NOT super lame or boring!" Atobe shouted. "How dare you!"

"Super lame. Super lame. Super lame." Shishido repeated.

"Ore-sama is NOT super lame!"



Let's skip a half hour later.

"You're lame, Atobe, very lame."

"Stop saying that. Ore-sama doesn't appreciate it." Atobe said.

"I don't care. You're lame." Shishido said, "Gakuto said that you were boring too, and now he hates you for banning him."

Atobe sighed. He was getting a headache.

"Can I get a drink now?" Shishido asked.

"You said Ore-sama has bad taste in drink (which he doesn't), but you still ask for a drink?"

"I'm bored. Drinking water seems fun now."

"You're probably going to ditch Ore-sama if I tell you to go yourself." Atobe said. "So Ore-sama will go."

"Sure, sure."

Atobe went away to the kitchen.

"Pssst! Shishido!" Mukahi cried from behind the fence near Atobe's house. Why did Atobe have a fence there? Who knows.

"About time!" Shishido whispered.

"Hey! About time that you decided to tell Atobe to get!" Gakuto whispered back.

"Just let me out. I got my things." Shishido pointed to the bag on his back.

Gakuto threw a rope and Shishido climbed his way out.

"For once Gakuto, I'm thanking you."

"So you'll sneak me in Atobe's parties?" Gakuto cried.

Shishido sweat dropped. "We'll see when the time comes."

"Let's get before Atobe gets back." Gakuto whispered.

Shishido and Gakuto ran for it.

"You still owe me twenty dollars for last time."

"I'll pay you back later."

"That's what you ALWAYS say, Shishido."

"Shut up Gakuto."