This is my first Drake and Josh story, so reviews are much appreciated!

Title inspired by a line from the great Himura Kenshin from 'Rurouni Kenshin.'

I do not own Drake and Josh.


Megan Parker didn't make mistakes.

She couldn't afford to. Every ounce, every grain, every tiny millimeter must be set down just right. Not a dot could ever be allowed out of place. A single dot could change ten dollars to one hundred, one hundred to one thousand. Did you ever notice that? It's one miniscule fleck of dust that starts the first drop of rain in a mighty flood. It's one simple cell that presses the switch for the creation of a life.

Megan Parker noticed. She understood, and she loved every tiny bit of it. She trained herself to notice every fleeting detail, finding every speck of sand covering the entire mosaic that was the world around her.

She was young when she found out that she could begin to use details to her advantage. Because what she saw, most others missed. And that was how the simple pranks began. Little experiments. How far could she push the unnoticeable, creating something out of nothing? How far could her illusions of normality hold up before the others discovered the trap laying just a paper-width away?

It was just a paper-width of difference. Making it one thick piece of paper.

And when she discovered how far she could push –

It was exhilarating.

It became almost an addiction. Courting with danger on an everyday scale. Just slipping by here, a breeze of wind there, and entire earthquakes could be formed. It was a type of thrill nothing else could offer her. Some people jumped out of planes. Other jumped off mountains. Still others walked on a thin wire thousands of feet above ground. She didn't need that. She had this.

"Megan? What are you doing in our room?"

"Nothing, boob. What's it to you? I was just leaving, anyway."

They would never know. They couldn't see the details she saw. They couldn't see the nuts and bolts, the teeth of the gears sliding past each other in seamless harmony. They saw only the engine, the machine, the final product of her genius.

"Megan, have you seen Drake?"

"What am I, my brother's keeper? Find him yourself."

The moment the machine kicked into motion was always the best. The climax, when she saw her painstakingly crafted creation spring into life. That was the fuel that kept her always striving to improve.

"Oh, God what was that noise? Sounds like something exploded!"

"Relax. Probably just Drake getting into more trouble."

"Aw, what did you do this time?"

She smirked as her brother ran up the stairs. She would follow a little later – just hearing the sounds and imagining his expression was priceless.

Funny though…she hadn't thought it'd make such a loud noise…or that it would create so much smoke…perhaps a little error in calculation?


"Drake? Dra – DRAKE!!! Oh God, oh – Megan, call an ambulance! Megan! Hurry! I don't…oh God, Drake, open your eyes…Megan, are you calling? I don't think he's breathing…oh God, oh God…!"

Megan only stared dumbly towards the stairs, towards the sound of her brother's panicked voice.

Megan Parker didn't make mistakes. She couldn't afford to.

Because when one tiny rock was misplaced in just the right manner, a whole mountain was liable to come crashing down.