Warning: I do not own these characters. I did create a few characters in this story but Carlos, Trent, Butch, Kim and a few others to appear later belong to CBS and Chuck Norris and whoever else i forgot to mention. Sorry. I write these stories because I truly enjoy writing. Its for pleasure.

Alison was watching her brother Trent and best friend Carlos play a game of pool. She was sitting with Kim, her best fiend Erin and Trent's girlfriend Samantha. Kim looks at her and smiles as she catches her staring at him. You should just tell him you like him. She turns and looks at Kim. What are you talking about? Kim shakes her head. You know what I'm talking about Ali. You like him. Just tell him. Alison looks up at him again. He's my best friend. That's it. Erin looks at her. Listen we know that's a lie. How do you know it's a lie? Kim and Erin look at each other. Finally Erin responds. Trust us we know how you feel. You're the only one that doesn't seem to know how you feel. They sit there in silence until the boys join them. Carlos smiling. I told you I'd beat you. You never learn. Yeah yeah I'm a sucker for punishment. We laugh at them.